26 Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

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In a world where people believe that being sexually active with someone equates to you being affectionate and caring toward them. Nevertheless, there are a lot of beautiful ways to show affection to your partner without being sexually active.

Being intimate and affectionate with whosoever you’re emotionally attracted to is actually really deeper than sex.

There are a lot of beautiful other ways you can build intimacy with your partner without necessarily being sexually active with them.

When you show them love and affection beyond sex, they get to love and appreciate you more.

This means you’re intentional about growing in love and affection with time rather than gaining sexual satisfaction from them.

Mind you, you can always enjoy true love without being sexually active. You just need to know your way around it

If sex is the only way you show love and affection in your relationship then this article is best for you.

Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

1. Support And Appreciate Them

Humans definitely need one another to grow and survive.

And if you are in love with someone one of the non-sexual things you can do to them is to constantly show up and support them.

What’s that particular thing that they love to do, show interest in it, and support them?

Let your kind words also do the magic; appreciate them by telling them how much you’re proud of them.

Trust me, this is sexier.

2. Look After Them When They Are Ill

What is your reaction to them whenever they are indisposed? Do you try to distance yourself from them or do you show them all the love, care, and support they need from you then?

Showing them how much you care when they are ill speaks a lot about how much you value them.

Because these are the times they need you the most.

Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

3. Respect Them For Who They Are

Nothing is more romantic than not judging your partner because of who they are.

One of the ways to show affection is to respect and love your partner irrespective of what they portray.

In as much as it isn’t a toxic trait then you should let them do what pleases them.

Don’t make them accept what you want for them rather than what they truly want for themselves.

4. Send Them A Romantic Message

A romantic message portrays some level of affection.

How about sending your partner a good morning romantic message?

Romantic messages or a random text expressing your unending love towards them is a great way to show them affection.

This will definitely bring out a smile on their face.

5. Be Honest With Them

Even if we accept that being sexually active is one of those very beautiful things that come with being in a relationship, we must also understand that beyond expressing your sexuality to your partner certain things happen when you’re not in the very sexy mood.

One of them is being honest with them.

Lies are major deal-breakers in every relationship.

So, beyond wanting to be sexual with them try your best to be honest even with the little things that matter to them.

This starts by being truthful and accountable to them.

Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

6. Give Them A Cuddle

Sometimes, what your partner wants is not just sex; they might just want a soft cuddle around them.

Knowing this will help you care for them in a really romantic way.

 So, learn to give them a cuddle and say sweet things into their ears.

7. Surprise Them

Your partner will definitely be thrilled if you surprise them once in a while.

It doesn’t have to be something too big just make sure that it is heartfelt and memorable.

8. Take Them Out For Dinner For Cook For Them

Everyone loves good food and knowing this will help you create a form of kindness with your partner.

You can take your time to prepare their best meal or order any type of food you feel they will love.

9. Give Them They Own Space

Being in a relationship will come with you sharing your personal space and time with someone else.

Nevertheless, one romantic thing you can do is to realize when your partner needs their personal space to themselves.

 Knowing when they need space and giving it to them will make them realize how much you value their personal time.

10. Share Your Feelings With Them

Another affectionate thing to do in a relationship without being sexually active is to be open about your feelings to your partner, and let them know how exactly you feel.

Hoarding your feelings either negative or positive will bring a huge gap within the both of you and intimacy cannot be built this way.

Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

11. Always Talk About How You Feel About Them

Telling them how you feel about them is another affectionate thing.

Don’t be shy to say you love them or how much you’re grateful to have them in your life.

If it means sending it to them through a text or saying it through words please do.

They will definitely appreciate and love you the more.

12. Stay In And Watch A Movie With Them

Going on a date night doesn’t always have to be in a cinema. Although, you both can plan to go watch a movie in a cinema.

If you want a little intimacy and privacy, you can both see the movie in the comfort of your room.

Just get a pack of popcorn and edibles while you watch the movie and enjoy the moments together.

13. Hold Their Hands

Holding the hands of your partner is affectionate.

Hold them when you both are walking down the road or when they least expect.

 Doing this will make them head over heels with you.

Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

14. Respect Their Decisions

Don’t be a pusher on the things you say you want.

 Also, learn to respect their choices and will; this is your little way of showing affection to them.

You can try to influence them by telling them how you feel about their choices but never try to force your will on them.

15. Be Understanding

An understanding partner is a romantic partner; you can be that understanding partner without being sexually active with them.

Understand them when they are in their own moments and do not try to be too hard on them.

16. Give Them A Back/Neck Massage

Giving your partner a massage when they need is a form of affection. Massage their backs when they are tired and try to say comforting words to their ear as well.

17. Talk About What Is Important

If you ask most couples who have spent most of their lives together, they may tell you that sex isn’t the major way in which they build intimacy, having random and serious conversations constantly is how they do.

So, if you’re currently in a relationship and you’re looking for ways to show affection to your partner without being sexually active, start by always having meaningful conversations with them.

Ask them how their day went, and what they were able to achieve that day as well.

You both can also discuss the things that matter like your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Doing these things will help you feel closer to your partner.

Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

18. Buy Them Flowers Or Chocolate

How about stopping at a shop to buy those flowers and sending it to them at work together with some nice chocolate.

They will definitely love and appreciate you the more.

19. Make Breakfast In Bed For Them

Surprise them by making their favorite breakfast in bed. But, don’t draw any suspension around it.

They will smile and be really grateful for what you both share.

20. Introduce Them To Your Family

Being sexually active with them doesn’t really mean that you love them. Have you introduced them to your family?

Let them know and meet the people that matter to you.

Doing this will in no little way show them how committed and intentional you are about the relationship.

21. Smile Whenever You See Them

Smiling when you see them makes them know that you’re happy to have them around and that you love them as well.

22. Show Up When They Need You

This starts with being emotionally available for them most of the time.

Don’t just confess your love to them through words let them see it play out when they need you the most.

23. Be Yourself Around Them

Don’t try to fake it or pretend whenever you’re around them.

 Just be yourself and let them accept you for who you are.

24. Say I Love You To Them Everyday

The three-letter words ‘I love you’ is a big deal in every relationship. You should show affection to them by saying that you love them all the time.

And don’t just say it; show it as well.

25. Spend Time With Them

Whether or not your partner’s love language is quality time, you must try to always spend a large amount of time with them.

This doesn’t matter if you both are physically present or not, you could take time to text them, video call or just be in their virtual space.

Ways To Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

26. Kiss Them A Kiss On Their Forehead

When you kiss them on the forehead, it shows how affectionate and gentle a lover you are.

So, randomly give them a kiss on their forehand and watch them love you the more for it.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of ways to show affection to your partner without being sexually active.

Engaging in them will help you build the bond you both share beyond sex.

You’ll definitely enjoy the intimacy and romantic part that comes with having a partner if you put all these into consideration and action.

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