11 Easy Habits That Make People More Resilient

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Resilience isn’t an act that is built in a day, little and big actions consciously make one strong and persistent.

Being resilient is the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties and toughness.

It makes it easy for you to control your actions and reactions to certain circumstances.

For instance, no matter the level of emotion you feel like anger, pain, or grief it doesn’t have a huge toll on you either physically or psychologically.

Everything points to knowing what to do when you’re overwhelmed with many things.

Being resilient will help you go through difficult and tough situations and also build your emotional strength.

A lot of discouragement and difficulty may come with life.

But resilient people understand that as much as they do not have control over what life and nature bring, they have the ability you control how they react to situations around them.

One beautiful thing about the trait of resilience is that it is not inherited or an inborn personality.

Resilience is a trait that can be developed, cultured, and nurtured in other to help you produce the best result you want.

However, developing the trait of resilience comes with a lot of determination, self-control, and persistence.

Nevertheless, your significant and insignificant actions will help you build resilience.

In this article, we will be stating a few habits that make people more resilient.

Easy Little Habits That Make People More Resilient

1. Focusing On The Positive Moment

Easy Little Habits That Make People More Resilient

Every emotion we think of as positive has the power to model our lifestyle and our view towards life generally.

Our Emotions have a positive role to play in our lives if we can channel it into the right thing.

One constant habit of resilient people is that they do not wait for the right time or right circumstances before they make a lot of positive moments.

They try to make every moment count.

They do this by engaging in the things they love and creating beautiful memories that they can always hold on to.

2. Exercising Patience

Patience is one virtue that many people who have grown in resilience have cultivated over the years.

Trust me; there are a lot of things that you might encounter in your day-to-day activities and life generally that will require your patience.

Not knowing how to control it will put you in a really big mess and as well make you vulnerable to accept the actions of people around you.

3. Having Self Control

Easy Little Habits That Make People More Resilient

One thing about self-control is that irrespective of the things people say or the circumstances surrounding the things you do, you have the power, mind, will and choice either to make it happen or not.

Self-control gives people the ability to control their actions and reactions.

When you encounter a resilient person, such a person has grown to learn that resilience is one great virtue.

So, one of the ways to acquire it is by being able to control themselves over the things that matter most to them.

4. Having A Play Time

All work no play makes you a dull person.

One of the easy little habits that make people more resilient is that they understand that sometimes, it’s absolutely fine to take time out to play.

As much as we can all have a list of things to do, loads of work, and deadlines to meet, resilient people understand that their brain needs some time to rest and to stop worrying about the things around them.

So, they’ll resort to spending time alone.

Doing this fuels their productivity and problem-solving capacity which in turn makes them more fruitful and productive in the other things they do.

5. Laughing Out Loud

Easy Little Habits That Make People More Resilient

Laughing out loud has a way of releasing the toxins you have in your body.

Irrespective of how difficult any situation or circumstance may be, when you laugh it out you reduce the tension in your body.

 So, instead of watching or listening to things that make you tense, you can try watching comedy skits or movies that will bring out a smile on your face or make you laugh really hard.

Resilience people also understand that some circumstances can’t be changed irrespective of the level of seriousness they put into it.

So, they rather just laugh it out to reduce the tension in their bodies.

6. Practicing Gratitude

When you make it a habit to give thanks for the little things you have or have achieved so far, it makes you anticipate the bigger things ahead.

Gratitude is one habit that resilient people cultivate.

So, you can start by looking back at those little things you’re grateful for even if you still desire more.

Write them down in your journal and be sensitive to pick every one of them.

Doing this will help you realize that you really have a lot to be grateful for and it’s just a matter of time between where you desire to be and where you are now.

7. Spending Time Alone

Easy Little Habits That Make People More Resilient

The power of ME time can never be overestimated.

Spending time alone gives you the privilege to rewind not minding the many distractions and noise that comes with the world.

Resilient people have a strong relationship with themselves.

For you to be more productive and achieve your desired result then you should learn to always spend quality time with yourself,

Enjoy the company of yourself by doing the personal things that make you happy.

8. Talking To Yourself

This isn’t soliloquizing, it simply means letting your emotions out and expressing them to yourself through words.

Constantly remind yourself of the things you believe in and you aren’t ready to compromise on.

You can start with words of affirmation and encouragement to yourself daily.

9. Accepting Your Emotions

Easy Little Habits That Make People More Resilient

Facing or accepting your emotions helps you know how best to handle them whenever they surface.

You shouldn’t ignore your emotions whenever you’re faced with them rather acknowledge them and handle them in the best way.

Sidelining your emotions will only put you in a vulnerable state and make things worse.

If you’re angry tell yourself that you’re angry whenever you’re frustrated acknowledge it and if you find out that you’re gradually being emotionally attracted to someone, fix it.

Doing this will make you head over heels for your actions.

10. Setting Boundaries

Resilient people know when exactly to say no or put an end to something.

Boundaries may come in by saying no to the situations of life, people around you, or circumstances generally.

Step back to access those things that you aren’t really comfortable with and tell yourself that you’ll be putting a limit or end to it hence it will continually affect you.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple no.

As a resilient person putting boundaries in check helps people know their place in your life and vice versa.

11. Asking For Help

Easy Little Habits That Make People More Resilient

Another few habits that make people more resilient is asking for help.

No one should be too proud to speak out whenever they need help whatsoever.

Even the already-made people still reach out to others to seek help.

Resilient people understand that they can’t move mountains or make a difference alone, all by themselves,

Asking for help doesn’t showcase your weakness neither does it make you vulnerable.

So make that call to your family member, friend, or colleague stating how you need their help in a particular way.

Doing this makes it easier for resilient people to navigate certain situations in life.

Wrapping Up

The ability to stay calm or undisturbed during a tough or not-so-good circumstance is a result of being resilient.

And this doesn’t happen suddenly. Certain habits must have been cultivated over time.

If you aim to grow in resilience then put the aforementioned tips to proper and practical action.

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