How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

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There are few times when you might really feel overwhelmed or stressed in your relationship and all you want is your space.

Space in a relationship is adequately necessary for both of you to reflect on each other individual growth and as well recharge if you want to.

Taking a space will give you both the required time to refuel your energy and rekindle the emotions you have towards each other.

It’s so romantic to always be in your partner’s space, as it allows both of you to share romantic moments together and know each other more.

Nevertheless, you both must have individual space because it’ll bring about comfort eventually.

Here Are The Importance Of Space In Every Relationship

1. Space Helps You Know What You Want And Desire In Your Relationship

Sometimes, all you need is a moment to yourself to figure out what seems best for you in that relationship.

You and your partner shouldn’t always be in each other space as constantly doing this might take away the value of having your time to yourself.

2. Space Gives You The Luxury Of Time To Rewind And Build Energy That You Need For Growth.

Solitude is an important factor for every human.

When you decide to take a break from your partner you’ll figure out what you need personally and how to easily smash your goals.

 Am I saying your partner will hinder your growth if you both are together? Of course not.

All it means is that you might need some time alone to discover how best you want to embrace growth.

3. Space Gives You Constant Opportunity To Take Good Care Of Yourself

If you’re always in your partner’s space every single time then you might not want to focus on your personal needs because they are always in the picture.

If you’re not careful enough, it may lead to a feeling of sadness, loneliness, or insecurity.

4. Space Helps In Building Your Level Of Intimacy

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

Distance makes the heart grow fonder as usually said.

Nevertheless, distance is good in every relationship because it will help you both process your thoughts and actions without interruption.

And when this happens there’ll be some certain level of trust, kindness, and respect which will in turn help the overall growth of intimacy that you both share.

5. Space Makes You Value Every Single Time You Both Spend Together

Because of the fact that you both aren’t married yet, you shouldn’t always be in each other face.

This means that there should be few times when you should be working or living your life without necessarily seeing or being in contact with them.

It could be for some hours days or weeks.

Space in this context will give the relationship depth and meaning.

Your personal space in every relationship allows you to embrace your individuality without feeling like the other person is suffocating you all the time.

Doing this will help you both value the time you spend together.

When Do You Need To Take Space In Your Relationship Without Breaking Up?

Taking a break in a relationship is very paramount.

Some certain signs and indicators show that you’re not really in sync with your partner, so you both need some moments apart from each other.

  1. Their presence always pisses you  off
  2. You don’t include them in your plans
  3. You’re fighting and having misunderstandings beyond usual
  4. You no longer feel at ease around them
  5. You no longer value or respect their presence

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

1. Talk To Them About It

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

When you realize that you and your partner need some certain level of break you should try talking to them about it.

But do not do it when you seem to be angry or in the heat of the moment.

Pick a time when you both are calm and explain to them that you need some time to yourself.

So you’ll appreciate it if you both can give each other a break for the main time.

Although you will still be in communication with them, it might not be as frequent or regular as it used to be before.

In addition, tell them how the partial break will be beneficial to both of you and not just for you alone.

2. Do Something Alone

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by how your relationship is going or your partner’s reactions or actions towards you, doing something that you love alone will give you the time to think of a solution to the entire problem.

So you can start by engaging in the things that you love to do or taking your hobby more seriously than ever before.

3. Start Hanging Out With Those Around You

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

Sometimes, we get so carried away with what we and our partner share together that we forget those around us like our friends, colleagues, family, or acquaintances.

If you’re seeking ways to take space in your relationship without breaking up with your partner then spending more time with people that matter to you is a perfect way to achieve that.

4. Set Boundaries And Give Space

Setting and maintaining boundaries is one awesome way to give yourself the break that you need in your relationship.

Doing this will help you express each other needs and wants even while still maintaining your individuality.

So, tell them your boundaries and keep to them.

You’ll enjoy every single moment of it.

5. Reduce Your Expectations

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

If you’re seeking how to create space in your relationship, that isn’t the best time to have so much expectation of what you want from your partner.

Letting go of expectations will help you not focus too much on things that don’t matter rather fix your emotions on things that matter in the relationship.

6. Don’t Choke Each Other With Attention

You should understand that your partner is an adult who has a life of their own.

And if you’re looking forward to having space you should also give them space whenever they need it and most importantly because you need it as well.

7. Don’t Give Unsolicited Advice To Them

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

As much as it is good to share your two cents when in a relationship knowing when to keep your advice to yourself is beautiful.

Especially if your partner won’t really welcome the concept of advice that you’re about to give.

So, rather than causing problems that might lead to complicated or unresolved issues, kindly look away from the issue.

8. Do What You Love

Doing what you love is a beautiful way to take a break from a relationship.

It will bring so much fun and happiness to you because you probably haven’t had time to do it all this while.

It could be writing, drawing, swimming, art classes, or anything that captivates your interest.

9. Pay Attention To Your Work And Career

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

Trust me; there is more to life than a romantic relationship.

However, when you’re with the right person achieving major milestones in your work and career won’t be too difficult for you.

Nevertheless, you need to focus on your own goals and needs as well.

Too many people focus so much on how to have the best relationship and make little or no effort in their field of interest, work, or career.

You should always come first.

10. Go Off Social Media For  While

If you are in a long-distance relationship where you don’t get to see each other every day then this will work perfectly well for you.

If you’re always available online then it may be quite difficult to take the space that you require in your relationship,

You can try going off for some days or weeks with this, your level of communication with your partner will be reduced.

Wrapping Up

How To Take Space In A Relationship Without Breaking Up

Having your space in your relationship without breaking up is necessary for both of you to adequately enjoy the company of each other.

As too much of everything sometimes isn’t too good.

And in achieving this, the first step is to take a break and tell yourself that you mustn’t lose your individuality just because you’re in a relationship.

Knowing how to give space in a relationship without breaking up will help you balance your personal life, individuality, and relationship with your partner.

So knowing when to act and stop is a beautiful way to enjoy every glamorous thing in your relationship.

However, you should know when to put an end to the break and just enjoy the company of your partner.

Because if you give too much space in your relationship it may lead to problems.

I wish you bliss in your relationship.

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