14 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Is Coming Back

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The universe might be constantly sending spiritual signs that your ex is coming back to you.

Experiencing a breakup may come with a lot of emotional and mental trauma.

After going through this emotional period, it is normal to have an afterthought irrespective of who caused the breakup.

You may miss your ex deeply and want them to come back to your life while sometimes; they may be the one who wants you back.

So, you may be wondering if they miss and want you back as much as you do. Don’t lose hope, dear, because the universe might just bring them back to you when you least expect it.

Here are some powerful obvious spiritual signs that your ex is coming back to you.

Spiritual Signs That Your Ex Is Coming Back

1. Your Ex Keeps On Communicating With You

spiritual signs that your ex is coming back

One of the most obvious signs that your ex will definitely come back to you is when they keep communicating with you even after the breakup.

And you know what I mean by this.

This isn’t just the usual communication between random friends but they try to keep in touch with you as much as they can.

As a matter of fact, a breakup comes with a lot of anger and frustration and one of the ways partner try to recover from the breakup is to reduce or stop any form of communication between them and their ex.

But, if the opposite is the case between you and your ex then there is a possibility that they still want you in their lives.

2. The Breakup Was Because Of Factors Beyond Your Control

Sometimes, the cause of a breakup may come suddenly, unplanned and no cause or reason can be traced to why it happened.

And some other time the break up may come as a result of some certain changes and timing in life.

For instance, two lovers may break up because they have different dreams and passions.

But along the line, if the both of them separately find interest in the same thing then the universe sure has a way of bringing them together.

3. They Are Constantly In Touch With You

Your ex wants to know what’s up with you and the major things that have been going on in your life ever since they left.

They are still catching up with you on all social media handles and it even feels like they never left you.

This may be a sign that you both are meant to be together in the first place and the breakup was accidental.

4. They Text You Right After You’re Thinking Of Them

spiritual signs that your ex is coming back

It happens that even after a breakup, you still retain a strong connection with your ex and sometimes it feels like you both can read each other mind.

For instance, you both haven’t spoken for some days and just when you’re about to message them they text you.

And this looks like they know the exact thing that was going on in your mind or your next move.

This clearly shows that your ex misses you and they want you back in their life.

5. You Feel Their Energy Around You

Have you ever been in a close place and all of a sudden you felt like your ex is around you?

It could be their smell or just their vibe.

Each person has a unique vibe and spirit; you can also tell when someone you’re acquainted with is around you.

If you always feel the energy of your ex around you then the universe is simply showing you the signs that your ex is coming back to you.

6. You Find Yourself Thinking About Them

spiritual signs that your ex is coming back

One of the spiritual signs that your ex is coming back to you is that you constantly find yourself thinking about them or the memories that you both share together.

And to top it up they come in contact with you whenever you ruminate over these thoughts.

You and your ex might reunite sooner than you think.

7. You Begin To Get Hiccup

So many cultures around the world believe that when you get a hiccup, someone is definitely thinking about you.

Do you find yourself hiccupping a lot of time even without eating a spicy meal, I mean, you just hiccup out of the blue moon.

If this happens to you constantly then your ex might just be thinking of you and this is a spiritual sign from the universe that they are coming back to you.

8. They Stalk You On Social Media

spiritual signs that your ex is coming back

Social media is the easiest way to stalk people without them knowing.

If after a breakup, you notice that your ex is still following you on every social media platform, and not just that but they also like, comment or even share your post then trust me, they’re up to something.

This isn’t an act to show that they are still angry with you, they still have an interest in you so they are waiting for your next life update.

9. They Continue To Honour Your Commitment

This is another spiritual sign that your ex wants you to be back to them

They still make mention of the plans that you both made while still together and not only this they also take action on executing them.

If your ex is still keen on carrying out the commitment that you both had together then they might just come back to you.

10. They Talk About Remembering You All The Time

Whenever your ex has news to share, they always remember you.

They are quick to share their success and sad stories with you as well.

This is because; they have found a confidence and friendship in you and it’s quite difficult for them to create that friendship with someone else.

And because of this, they always make mention of still missing and remembering all the moments that you both had together.

Maybe they’re reconsidering their decision to remain with you.

11. They Get Into Relationships Real Quick

Sometimes, people get into another relationship really quickly after a breakup because they see it as a means to move on with their ex and not remember them again.

So, check it out, he may be seeking asylum with another person and this may mean that he hasn’t moved on.

If he continues to go into different new relationships from time to time then maybe you both are just meant to be together and someday, they’ll retrace their steps to you.

12. They Never Came Back For Their Belonging

If your ex has no plans of returning to you after a breakup then they will do away with all their stuff in your space.

But if they leave them there this might just be a clear signal.

Maybe they are trying to figure out something going on in their life and they’ll come back soon.

In case you also left some of your belongings in your ex’s place and they haven’t sent you a text or called you to come to pick them up then they are really anticipating your return to their life.

With this, there is hope that you both may eventually get back together someday.

13. They Want To Know About Your Dating Life

After a breakup, the next stage is to move on and create a new life after your ex.

But most time, if your ex is still asking about your dating life then they may just be curious to know if they still have a place in your life.

They may even go as far as approaching those close to you and asking them about your relationship status.

Whether or not your ex has a secret intention for doing this, the fact still remains that they may still be interested in you.

14. They Still Mingle With Your Family And Friends

No one is saying exes should turn enemies with their partner family or friends.

Nevertheless, the signals will always be there if your ex still tries their best to remain in touch with your family and close friends.

Because what made them close to your family and friends in the first place was you if you both aren’t together any longer then communing with those around you should reduce as well.

But if they still go around keeping in touch with them or sending them gifts then they see you as part of the future and for that reason, he is trying to protect their reputation with your family and friends.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of spiritual signs that your ex will come back to you and these are just a few to mention.

If you’re reading this then you probably still want them to come back.

So, if they begin to show the aforementioned signs it is left to you to decide if they will be coming back or you aren’t giving them a chance anymore.

Depending on the reason for the breakup, you can always make a choice,

Remember that your safety and serenity come first in whatever choice you decide to make.

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