Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Your Ex

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When nature wants to call your attention to something, it gives you various signs. One of them is that it begins to show you the signs that the universe wants you to be with your ex.

It may be through your dreams, angelic signs, your instincts, or simply happenings around you.

Whichever way, the most profitable thing is to pick these signs and make proper use of them.

You’ve been seeing some signs from the universe but you don’t know if to you should be sure about it or not.

Whether you should take them back or not, is entirely up to you. You can also manifest your ex back into your life as well!

Although, you should have it in mind that even if you still want your ex back and the universe wants you both to be. If your ex doesn’t want it then it may never happen.

This is because they have their free will.

In this article, I’ll be showing you a few obvious signs that the universe wants you to be with your ex.

Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Your Ex

1. You’ll Begin To Dream About Them

This is one of the obvious and straightforward signs that the universe wants you to be with your ex.

Dreams are often our subconscious thoughts coming to the surface.

So this is also a clear indication that you’re still thinking about them even when you’re not consciously doing so. 

Sometimes, they may appear in your dream and you’ll see them take certain actions or beg you to come back to them.

Once you continually have these dreams, it’s a sign that the universe wants you and your ex to be together once again.

2. You Keep Running Into Them

Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Your Ex

Another sign that the universe wants you to be back to your ex is when you keep running into them.

You may begin to see it as a coincidence. But when it happens regularly this might just be a sign.

Whether you keep running into them at the same place or you meet in the same social circles.

This is a clear indication that you’re meant to be in each other’s life.

3. They Reach Out To You

Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Your Ex

When your ex continually reaches out to you then this may be a sign that they want to be friends back with you.

It may be through a text or by sending you a D.M.

But whichever way they do; they are trying to keep the relationship back with you.

So, even if you can’t pick the signs from them it’s the universe trying to tell you something about the both of you.

4. They Start Dating Someone Real Quick

Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Your Ex

One of the ways that a lot of people try to move on after a breakup is by starting a new relationship within a short period of time.

This is because; they feel like doing this to make it easy for them to move on.

So if you find out that your ex rushed into another relationship a few moments after you both went pathways.

Then they probably haven’t gotten over you yet and they are using that medium to get over you.

5. They Talk About You To Others

If your ex is talking about you to their friends or family, it’s a clear sign that they’re still thinking about you.

If your friends tell you that your ex was asking about you or reminiscing about when you two were together, take that as a sign they want you back in their life.

6. They Reach Out To Your Friends

Of course, your ex shouldn’t be enemies with your friends after a breakup.

But if they still linger around your friends consistently then you both might be meant for each other.

7. You Constantly Find Their Belongings In Your Space

Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Your Ex

Another sign that the universe wants you to be with your ex, is when you constantly still find their belongings around you even after the breakup.

It may be their picture, wears, or the random flowers they gave you.

It isn’t just a coincidence if it happens all the time; the universe is trying to tell you something, pay attention.

8. You’re Still Connected After The Breakup

If you still feel a connection even after breaking up with your ex.

Then this is the universe giving you signs that you both are meant to be together.

You can still predict their mood after the breakup.

And if you know how exactly to fix their mini problems then this may be a sign.

Another thing to note when you still feel connected to your ex is, does your ex return the same energy, do they portray that they are still connected to you?

If yes then this is a sign that you are meant to be together.

9. They Text You When You’re About To Text Them

Another sign that the universe wants you to be with your ex is when you receive their text just when you’re about to text them.

This is a sign that you both have the same thing in mind and you’re as well thinking of each other.


You may have just gotten out of a breakup and you’re still trying to wonder if you and your ex may eventually get back together.

These few signs stated above will reveal to you if truly you both are meant to be.

All you need to do is to be sensitive enough to pick the signs.

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2 thoughts on “Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Your Ex”

  1. This blog post offers an interesting perspective on interpreting signs from the universe regarding a past relationship. It’s intriguing to consider how dreams, chance encounters, and even the actions of an ex can be perceived as signals from the universe. The idea that dreaming about an ex or repeatedly running into them could be more than mere coincidence is thought-provoking.

    I appreciate the balanced approach in acknowledging that while these signs might indicate a possible reunion, the free will of both parties plays a crucial role. It’s important to remember, as you’ve pointed out, that just because one might feel a certain way or notice these signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean the other person feels the same.

    The list of signs, such as receiving texts at coincidental times or finding old belongings, adds a personal touch to the idea of the universe sending messages. However, it’s also crucial to approach such interpretations with a degree of skepticism and self-awareness. Emotional decisions, especially when it comes to relationships, should be made with careful consideration of both parties’ feelings and situations.

    Your conclusion about being sensitive to these signs is a gentle reminder that while the universe might be sending us messages, it’s ultimately up to us to decide how to interpret and act on them. This article certainly opens up a conversation about the interplay between fate, personal intuition, and decision-making in relationships.

    • Thanks for your contribution Jasmine, relationship is a big deal and one has to be extra ordinary careful when dealing with a thing of the heart. Our decisions can make us or mar us for the rest of our lives.


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