15 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Respect You Enough

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Respect is reciprocal but there are a lot of guys who never reciprocate the respect their partner gives them.

They crave so much respect from others but do not have much respect for their partner.

Respect is a vital part of every relationship.

It is one of those virtues that makes a relationship stand the test of time.

Reciprocating respect is the foundation of every healthy and fulfilling relationship.

So, when there is a lack of respect in a relationship, that relationship is susceptible to problems because no loving relationship can’t exist without mutual respect.

Additionally, when there’s no respect, love fades off

Respect in a relationship is reflected in how you treat each other daily.

When a man doesn’t respect you, he will treat you like an afterthought.

Are you dating a guy who seems to have no respect for you? In case you are unsure, these are the signs to watch out for to know he doesn’t respect you.

Signs He Doesn’t Respect You

1. He Doesn’t Hold Or Value Your Opinions

One obvious sign that he doesn’t respect you is that he takes your opinion for granted.

 Look at how he responds when you give your suggestion on a matter.

It’s expected that partners have different perceptions of issues but how your partner values your opinions shows if he respects you.

If he sidelines your opinions autocratically without letting you understand why he did that shows he doesn’t respect you.

When you respect your partner, you’ll care about how they feel.

A man who respects you won’t be autocratic in all matters but values your words and brings a balance between your opinion and his.

2. He Raises His Voice/Talks Back At You

When a man has no respect for you, he finds it easy to yell at you, raise his voice, and talk back at you.

He would get angry and express his fury in its highest degree on you.

When things go wrong in communication and you mistakenly step on each other’s toes, a man who respects you is expected to talk things out with you and not shout at you.

If you notice these negative signs in your partner, it shows that he doesn’t respect you

3. He Doesn’t Listen To You

Communication is a vital part of a relationship which involves speaking and listening.

Everyone wants to be listened to, but no one enjoys not being listened to.

A man who loves, respects, and doesn’t want you to feel less of yourself will allow you to speak as he pays rapt attention to listen to every detail of your words.

If he respects you, he’ll listen to you

4. He Constantly Lies To You

Signs he doesn't respect you

One of the signs that he doesn’t respect you is that he constantly lies to you.

Everyone feels bad when they get to know they’ve been lied to. A man who respects you will think twice before doing anything that’ll hurt you in any way.

He would not lie to you because he respects you.

If he respects you, he will make a lifetime commitment to be a man of integrity and never to toy with your emotions.

5. He Gives Sexual Or Romantic Attention To Other Ladies

You have become so insignificant before him that he can give sexual or romantic attention to others while you are standing before him or very close to me.

This is one of the signs that he doesn’t respect you.

When a man respects you, he will not share the love he has for you with someone else. He’d rather keep that love

6. He Treats You Shabbily In Public

Everyone feels bad when they are ill-treated but even worse when they are treated shabbily in public.

It’s a psychology thing, no one loves that there are still partners who address their partners with no manner of respect or responsibility in their approach.

If a man does that to you, he obviously does not respect you.

7. He Doesn’t Care About Your Value System

 We all have different value systems.

This is a result of different backgrounds and societal, cultural, and religious upbringing.

A man who respects you will not despise your value systems or try to act against them.

But rather all he has to do is show that he cares about you, the things you hold in high esteem, the things you love, and the things you hate.

8. He Doesn’t Care About Your Opinions And Feelings

Signs he doesn't respect you

When a man doesn’t respect you, he will treat you like trash, not just you but even your words.

Respecting him doesn’t mean that he will naturally respect you in the same manner.

That’s the truth.

Look at how he does things

without seeking your consent and forces you to abide by whatever he brings to the table even if you are not pleased with it.

Every responsible man will care about the opinion and feelings of those they respect, especially if it’s a woman they are interested in.

If he always takes your words and opinions as trash or doesn’t value any of your opinions at all then, he doesn’t respect you.

9. He Makes Unpleasant Comment About Your Loved Ones

When a man loves and honors a woman, he cares so much about those around her too, and extends his arm of love and affection to them.

If you notice that your partner constantly speaks ill of your family and friends, it means that he doesn’t respect you.

He doesn’t care about what you feel when he makes such comments about your loved ones.

And this is because he doesn’t respect and value the important people in your life.

10. He Feels Attracted To Other Ladies Rather Than You

It’s expected of a responsible man who respects the woman he’s in a relationship with to do all he can to remain attracted to her alone.

If he respects you and cares about how you feel, he’ll care about how his behavior with other girls affects you.

But when a man doesn’t care how you feel, he’ll most likely begin to get attracted to other ladies even when you’re around him.

He might begin to compare you to other women.

You don’t have to keep coping with this.

The longer you stay with a guy who does this, the worse you will feel about yourself.

11. He Constantly Compares You To His Ex

It’s not a bad thing if your partner once had an ex.

In as much as you both can get along with each other, then there will be no issues.

But once your partner begins to compare you with his ex, that’s a wrong signal.

No partner will enjoy such a comparison.

If he does that to you, he doesn’t care about how you feel.

A man who respects you would celebrate your uniqueness, abilities, and strength rather than complain about your weaknesses and compare your weakness with his ex’s strength.

12. Doesn’t Spend Time With You

Have you ever seen a man who seems to really love and respect his partner?

He’d always spend the currency of time with her anytime she needed it.

Once you notice that your partner doesn’t spend quality time with you.

And is always giving excuses for not having time for you, this shows that he doesn’t love and respect you.

13. He Doesn’t Seek Your Opinion Your Issues

You are meant to be partners, so you ought to share things in common.

Once the opinion and suggestion come from just one person, that shows one person is overriding the other.

If a man respects you, he’ll always seek your opinion on issues.

14. He Embarrasses You

Throwing off a filthy rag with disgust is the same as a man embarrassing his partner in public.

To embarrass someone is to let open their weaknesses in public.

A man who respects you will cover up for your weakness in public and not embarrass you.

If he does that, then he doesn’t in any way respect you.

15. He Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries

You tell him no, you don’t want him to touch you anyhow, move close to you in a way you’re uncomfortable with, or use sexually harassing words with you.

But he takes it all for granted and forces himself on you by breaking your boundaries, intruding on your privacy

A man who sees you as a woman of honor will hold you in high esteem and dignity, he’ll respect your boundaries and fight against anyone who wants to break those boundary.

If he doesn’t care about all of these, he doesn’t respect you.


There are a lot of obvious signs that a man doesn’t respect you and as a lady, you can’t be ignorant about the signs if you pay rapt attention.

As much as relationships are full of ups and downs which may warrant tolerating and forgiveness, disrespect isn’t part of the vices you should overlook in your relationship.

Once you’ve observed the obvious signs that he doesn’t respect you, decide to respect him by drawing his attention to it, and if he persists then you know what to do next.

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