9 Undeniable Signs He Loves His Ex More Than You

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Knowing the state of your current relationship is very easy to decipher if you can apprehend the few signs that he loves his ex more than you.

If you begin to notice the signs that he loves his ex more than you, then you should be on the look for the major red flags that will prove to you that he indeed is still more attracted to his ex than he is to you.

Trust me, it can be very heartbreaking when you find out that the man you love loves his ex-girlfriend more than he loves you.

Nevertheless, you should try to have a sincere conversation with him before you give a conclusion.

And that’s why in this article we’ve highlighted a few signs to prove to you that your boyfriend loves his ex more than you.

Signs He Loves His Ex More Than You

1. He Always Talks About Them

There is no other way to prove to you that your boyfriend or partner is still in love with his ex when he makes mention of them during conversations.

He may just chip it through or unconsciously find himself talking about them to you.

This is a sign that he has a great feeling for them and he still long for them.

Sometimes, he may even compare her actions to yours.

Either negatively or positively if your boyfriend always compares your actions to that of his ex then this may be a sign that he is still in love with her.

2. He Still Has Her Picture

signs he loves his ex more than you

When your boyfriend still has the pictures of his ex on his phone then something may be up to it.

After a breakup, a lot of people move on with their ex by trying to do away with things that remind them of the relationship.

This includes deleting their pictures on their phone or deleting the pictures they posted on social media about them.

But if you still find your boyfriend’s ex’s picture on his phone then he just maybe hasn’t gotten over her.

3. He Still Follows Her Update On Social Media

Signs He Loves His Ex More Than You

Breaking up with an ex doesn’t automatically turn them into your enemy; you can still connect with them.

But most time, people block and unfollow their ex on social media because they don’t want to have anything to do with them again.

In a case where you find out that your boyfriend is constantly stalking or following his ex’s updates on social media then he definitely still has a thing for her.

He is doing this just to get more information from her social media update about her life and things around her.

For example, he may get jealous or angry when he finds out that she’s in a new relationship which he found out about online.

This is because he still loves her.

4. He Still Communicates With Her

Signs He Loves His Ex More Than You

It may not be totally right to cut off all forms of communication with your ex after a breakup.

Nevertheless, if your boyfriend constantly communicates with his ex then he still loves her.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re stalking him or reading his chat.

If you notice that he is always moving out to make certain conversations or he has an outdoor event that he refuses to tell you about.

Then, this may be a sign that he is still communicating with his ex.

Any guy who still stays in touch with his ex irrespective of the fact that you both are still together may just love her more than you.

5. He Doesn’t Prove Or Express His Love To You

Signs He Loves His Ex More Than You

A guy who is still in love with his ex-girlfriend may find it difficult to express his love to his new girlfriend.

If your boyfriend finds it difficult to express love to you in a little way then he probably is still thinking of his ex even with the fact that he’s in a new relationship.

Although, you can try expressing your displease to him about the fact that he doesn’t value your friendship.

6. He Is Happy When He Sees Her

You shouldn’t have a bitter feeling whenever you come across your ex.

But if at the same time, your boyfriend is always delighted to see his ex then he just may be harboring some sort of flirt for her.

If he has truly moved on after the breakup then her presence should not bring up a stir between him.

 It just may be the case that he still loves her and he’s excited to be around her presence.

7. He Tries To Get Her Attention

Although it’s possible to still want to build ties of friendship with your ex after a breakup.

But if your boyfriend is always trying to reach out to his ex in order to get her attention then he’s still in love with her.

He may try to stalk her on social media or go to the places he assumes that she may be.

This is because he still wants her to remember him and the times they spent together.

He may even try to always do things in her favor just to remain in contact with her.

So he tries to bring up more reasons for them to have conversations as a means to rebound with each other.

When your boyfriend is always seeking the attention of his ex then he hasn’t gotten over her yet.

8. You Both Don’t Feel Like You’re In A New Relationship

Being in a new relationship comes with a lot of excitement.

But if your boyfriend doesn’t feel the excitement that comes with being in a new relationship.

If the feelings between both of you don’t last for long then he may still have a connection with his ex.

When you cannot feel loved in your new relationship because your boyfriend always acts unbothered and this is a definite sign that he still loves his ex and cannot see any love between you.

9. He Still  Talks About His Relationship With Her

It’s actually fun to talk about the past that was filled with so many beautiful memories.

But if your boyfriend still has a thing for his ex and he’s likely to unconsciously always bring up conversation that revolves around her.

For instance, he may say things like, oh, my ex used to do things in a particular way as different from how you do yours, this was my ex’s favorite.

When your boyfriend constantly talks about his ex then he probably hasn’t gotten over her and the old relationship.


With these few signs, you can decipher if your partner still has some clingy feelings for his ex.

Now the ball is in your court to make the best decision when you find out.

You may choose to have a sincere conversation with them or ask for a break until they are able to get over their ex.

Whichever action you want to take always remember to love yourself nevertheless.

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