14 Things Your Teenager Needs To Know

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Life can be full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises and that’s why there are a lot of things your teenager needs to know in order to be prepared for the life ahead of them.

Childhood passes by quickly and before you know it, the little ones around grow up quickly to face life and the challenges that come with it.

And that’s why if you have the opportunity, do all you can within your reach to feed your teen with the right knowledge that they will need ahead of time.

Although, education may give teenagers a large level of knowledge that they need in some part of their life.

But it doesn’t really equip them with the whole skill they will need to leverage in life.

Here are a few things that your teenager needs to know in order to equip them for a better future.

Things Your Teenager Needs To Know

1. Earn Their Money

Things Your Teenager Needs To Know

No teen is too young to learn about financial literacy.

Doing this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll stop taking financial responsibility for them.

It only means teaching them how to be financially independent irrespective of whatever may come their way.

So, you may need them to learn a skill that will fetch them a little money or engage in a part-time job.

Doing this helps them manage their finances with caution because they have a feeling of what it means to work for money.

2. Be In A Healthy Relationship

Things Your Teenager Needs To Know

Whatever relationship decision a teenager takes during their teenage years can make or mar them.

This is basically the friends in their cycle, the type of friends they keep.

There is a saying that bad companies corrupt good manners.

Therefore, no teenager shouldn’t go through the stress and trauma of being in an unhealthy relationship.

 So it’s best to let them know the benefits of being in a healthy relationship.

And that is why as a teenage caregiver or parent you must be able to guide them as regards relationships because they must not fully grasp some things at that age.

3. Avoid Sex And Pregnancy

As much as the world is quick to accept a lot of alarming norms.

One thing that every teenager needs to know is that at that point in time of their lives, avoiding pre-marital sex and pregnancy will save them from a lot of stress and sexually transmitted diseases.

You should have the proper sex education conversation with your teenager and make sure that they are vulnerable to open up to you concerning their sexual life too.

4. Mind Their Manners

Things Your Teenager Needs To Know

Having etiquette and manner is a habit that every teen needs.

Minding their manners helps them to be courteous and polite when dealing with people.

Teach your teen to mind their manner around people, engage the five magical words, and be very courteous of the type of language that they use around people.

Because, sometimes, a teen may have all the necessary skills that they need to go far in life but when they lack manners it may be difficult to build a circle of good people around them.

So, the earlier you teach your teen to know these things, the easier it becomes for them to relate with people.

5. Ask For Help When They Need It

If you have a teen that is full of themselves, they may find it difficult to speak up when it comes to asking for help.

Although, that single action may make them independent in making decisions and taking actions.

Nevertheless, a teen may get into a situation that they cannot handle and need the support of others.

And that is why every teen needs to speak out and ask for help whenever they need it.

It could be physical, mental, financial, or emotional.

6. Learn How To Cook

Knowing how to cook is one of the basic skills of life.

So, teaching your teenager how to cook equips them to be able to survive wheresoever they find themselves.

7. Personal Grooming

Personal grooming helps your teenager to stay healthy and also gives them a good social life.

It is also one of the key things that every teenager should imbibe.

8. Cleanliness And Hygiene

Things Your Teenager Needs To Know

When a teenager knows the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness, it helps them to maintain a healthy lifestyle which in turn gives them the perfect lifestyle they desire.

9. Driving And Auto Maintenance Skills

Driving is part of an important skill that every teenager needs to know before they grow into adults.

Knowing how to drive makes them mobile and gives them the ability to reach everywhere at their convenient time.

Although knowing how to drive is not enough.

Another thing that every teenager should know is car care itself, road safety, and also what to do when a car develops a problem. 

10. Communication Skill

Things Your Teenager Needs To Know

Communication is another skill that every teenager needs to learn because communication itself is a skill.

Your teenager would need to communicate with others subsequently.

Teaching them how to table their opinion in a nonoffensive and mature manner is something that will be of great value to them sooner or later.

Because they will meet a lot of people out there whom they’ll have to have reasonable conversations with.

11. Goal setting

Teaching your teen goal-setting makes them more responsible in life.

It also gives them an idea of want they want in life at an early stage so, they seek to start chasing it.

It necessarily doesn’t have to be very big goals, you may start by teaching them how to plan their day and write out the goals they want to achieve for every given day.

Doing this will gradually make them more consistent in setting bigger goals for themselves.

12. Time Management

We all have 24 hours in a day yet some teenagers still complain that the time isn’t enough for them.

Knowing how to manage time irrespective of the activities you want to engage in is a skill that every teenager needs to learn.

This makes them multitask and manage any short time given to them.

13. Decision-Making Skill

Every teenager would have to make an important decision at a season in their life.

Thus, when they are trained to make the independent and right decisions beforehand, they won’t find that season of decision-making difficult to navigate.

And it could be as significant as the career path to follow, the person to marry, or how to manage their finances.

14. Coping With Emotions

A lot of teenagers find themselves in a lot of emotional entanglement because that’s the season when they get a lot of emotional infatuation and desires.

But when a teenager knows how to deal with their emotions irrespective of the circumstances surrounding them, it allows them not to be ruled by their desires and feelings.


These are only a few of the so many things that your teenagers need to know.

Knowing these things helps them to start the journey of being an adult with little or no stress.

If your teen can familiarize themselves with these skills and habits then trust me, their adulthood will be filled with a lot of positivity.

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