What Every Daughter Needs To Hear From Her Mother

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So what does every daughter need from her mother?

Being a mother is way beyond the physical responsibility of taking care of your home and children.

A mother is defined by her ability to raise strong and confident children who believe in themselves.

A mother-to-daughter relationship is one of the most cogent relationships in the world.

This is because every daughter wants her mom to be her greatest cheerleader by supporting her in every way that she can.

What Does Every Daughter Need From Her Mother?

Our current social world is currently a place of different actions, moral systems, and societal challenges.

Therefore, some daughters are exposed to a lot of societal norms very early in life.

Girls like this find it difficult to pull through if they don’t have a strong support system which is their mom.

While a girl expects her mother to care and be affectionate towards her she needs beyond that.

What every daughter needs from her mom is a best friend, confidence, and mentor.

She needs a mom that will guide, encourage, challenge, and accept her just the way she is.

And that’s why in this article, we’ve made a few lists of the things that every daughter wants to her from her mother.

What Every Daughter Needs To Hear From Her Mother

1. Tell that she is beautiful

As a mother, when you frequently tell your daughter that she’s beautiful, it increases her-self worth and confidence.

You don’t need to wait until she is a teenager or grown-up before you tell her these words, tell her as soon as she understands words.

You should also make her understand that she isn’t beautiful only because her physical appearance is alluring but also because she has an awesome personality like the way she smiles and relates with people.

2. That you believe in her

As a mother, you are your daughter’s first cheerleader and you need to let her know not only through your actions but by your words as well.

Show up for her when she needs it and let her see that you believe in her.

Irrespective of the things she goes though learn to call her by your side and tell to her ears that you so much believe in her.

Tell her how is brilliant, intelligent, and smart she is.

3. That her worth comes from within

Another thing that every daughter wants to hear from her mother is that her worth comes from within her and she is not defined only by her physical attributes but by who she is personally.

Especially in this era of social media, a lot of people set unrealistic standards just to impress others.

Therefore, your daughter needs to understand that her worth comes from within her and not from the expectations of people.

This is one of the things you should tell your daughter especially if she battling with low self-confidence or depression.

Make her understand that the things that people say to her don’t define her because her worth comes from within her.

4. That she’s a queen

Your daughter is a queen and she needs to hear that from you first.

Tell her that she is a royalty so she should carry herself with self respect, dignity, and pedigree.

And when you do this, also treat her like the queen that she is by respecting and cherishing her.

5. That you love her

What Every Daughter Needs From Her Mother

This may look like a common thing that a lot of parents tell their wards.

But, don’t get familiar with it that you don’t get to tell your daughter.

Make it a habit to tell her every day and also list out the things that you love about her as well.

It’s important that your daughter knows without a doubt that she’s loved.

6. That’s It’s okay to cry and be emotional

What Every Daughter Needs From Her Mother

Your daughter needs to understand that it’s okay to cry and be emotional.

Although, you should also make her know that she shouldn’t get overwhelmed by her emotional so she should learn to control them.

Because, taking charge of her emotions gives her control over her mental health as well.

7. Tell her that she’s so talented

Every girl has their gifts and talents.

All you need to do is to let her discovers her gifts and hold her hands through it all.

You shouldn’t look down on her talent no matter how silly it looks.

Praising her passion and interest may eventually direct her to a career path in the future.

What Your Daughter Needs You To Show To Her

1. She needs you to spend time with her

What Every Daughter Needs From Her Mother

Motherhood can be very tasking especially when you have other activities that take your time.

Nevertheless, your daughter needs you to spend more time with her.

Time is the most valuable asset anyone can have, so make beautiful memories with your daughter now that you can.

Go on daughter and mother dates, ask her questions, teach her some life skills, and spend time listening to her.

2. She needs you to teach her to be gentle

Your daughter needs you to teach her to be kind, gentle and compassionate with people.

Also, show her feminine kindness through the actions that you portray in front of her.

3. She needs you to give her space

At every point in time, no mother would want to see their child treading on a dangerous path.

Therefore, they seem to be overprotective of them.

But sometimes, as a mother, you really can’t control the actions of your daughter, you can only guide her.

Let her enjoy her own space.

Leave her to learn some experiences and move on.

4. You need to be a model to her first

What Every Daughter Needs From Her Mother

Every mother is their daughter’s first role model and showing her good value systems and actions cannot be overemphasized.

In doing this, you’ll need to verbalize your emotions and actions in other for her to know you better.

You can start by telling her how your day went, what you like and what you dislike, and having a mom-to-daughter conversation with her as well.

Once you do all these to her, she takes you as her first role model and mentor.


The best thing you can do as a mother is to be your daughter’s mentor and best friend.

And all these starts with building and sustaining a healthy relationship with her by telling her what she needs to hear and showing her what she needs to see from you.

Try telling your daughter these things and see how the bond between you two will take a new turn.

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