Toxic Daughter Signs And How To Deal With Her Behaviour

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Having a toxic daughter is something that a lot of parents won’t like to deal with. This post will pinpoint the toxic daughter signs and how you can deal with it.

Does your adult or teenage daughter treats you bad or do they talk back at you in a harmful manner when having a conversation with them?

 If so then this is one of the signs that you and your daughter haven’t grown into having a healthy parent-to-daughter relationship and it is gradually leading to toxicity from her side.

Although, your daughter may sometimes act in a childish manner.

But any form of disrespect or toxicity coming from an adult child will definitely leave such a parent in more pain.

And that is why in this article we shortlisted some of the signs that you have a toxic daughter and gave practical steps to deal with her as well.

What You Should Know About A Toxic Daughter

  • So many reasons may be responsible for the reason why your daughter is toxic and that is why you should be patient enough to identify the source of her toxicity and immediately tackle it.
  • To deal with a toxic daughter, you’ll need to deal with your daughter on a more personal level than a parent-to-daughter level
  • If after trying to deal with her in overcoming her toxicity towards you then kindly let her be as there is little to what you can do in changing her. Maybe time and experience will.

A Toxic Daughter Signs

1. She Always Talks Down On You

Toxic Daughter Signs

One of the noticeable toxic daughter signs is that she seizes every opportunity to down on you whenever she’s angry.

A toxic daughter will always say things to get her on your nerves and she continues to be unapologetic about it after she is done.

She doesn’t appreciate you enough for everything you do for her rather; she makes unnecessary and awful comments about your life and things around you.

2. She Shouts At You

Another sign that you have a toxic daughter is that she always raises her voice at you at the slightest provocation then this is a sign of toxicity.

She doesn’t respect the fact that she is talking to her parent but instead she picks up a fight or disagreement at any point you don’t agree with her choices.

3. She Talks Back At You

Toxic Daughter Signs

It can be distressing when you have a daughter that talks back at you when you both are having a conversation.

She apparently picks at your words and openly disagrees with you in an unapologetic manner.

4. She Feels Entitled

Sometimes, a toxic daughter will always think that you should give her everything that she requests or requires from you and when you don’t, she begins to feel entitled to it.

This is because she thinks that the world should revolve around her alone and she just always gets want she wants.

5. She Abandons You After Marriage

While marriage itself can come with a lot of change like leaving your parent and cleaving to your partner, this is highly understandable if a daughter doesn’t make her parent a priority.

But one sign that you have a toxic daughter is that she totally abandons you after she gets married.

That is, she doesn’t care to call or check up on you nor does she wants to concern herself with the issues of her parents.

 This might just be a great sign of a toxic daughter.

6. She Makes You Feel Guilty

The toxic daughter will always wear the victim card by making you feel guilty.

She does this by blaming you for every problem that she encounters in life. 

Sometimes, she may tell you that you’re the reason why my life is like this, even when you obviously don’t have an influence over the choices that made her who is she.

She is doing all these to make you feel guilty all the time.

This is a great sign of a toxic daughter.

7. She Is Manipulative

If you’ve ever dealt with a manipulative person then you’ll know how it equally feels to have a manipulative daughter.

Another sign that your daughter is toxic is that she manipulates her ways or behaviors to get whatever thing that she desires.

And this may come in different ways;

she may begin to change her behavior towards you either positively or negatively just in order to get something from you.

8. She Doesn’t Apologize

When saying sorry becomes a big deal for your daughter, then you should be careful enough to identify it as one of her toxic traits.

This is because she believes that she knows everything and no one can correct her.

Therefore, she resolves to never say sorry whenever she is wrong.

9. She Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries

A daughter who doesn’t respect your boundary may not respect you personally.

This is because, she doesn’t believe in your personal space or boundaries so, she is most likely to disrespect this.

You’ll always catch her doing the exact things you’ve warned her not to do or taking stuff in your space without your permission.

How To Deal With A Toxic Daughter

Now that you have read some of the toxic daughter signs, It’s highly possible that you deal with the behavior steadily.

After you’ve figured out the things that bring up her toxic attitude towards you, you’ll have to create a system around her that will not promote her toxicity any longer or at least reduce it.

Here Are Few Ways To Deal With A Toxic Daughter

1. Identify What Triggers Her And Deal With It

Having a beautiful parent-to-daughter relationship will require that you identify the things that trigger your daughter’s toxic behavior and deal with it afterward.

For instance, if she always gets angry after you have a conversation with her in public then try limiting the way you talk to her publicly and make all your conversations with her private.

Because, sometimes, your daughter’s toxic behavior doesn’t necessarily make you the cause.

It may be situations around her that trigger it so, try to pay keen interest on it and properly deal with them.

2. Don’t Always Pick On Her

It will be more difficult if you’re dealing with a toxic daughter and at the same time you try to pick at her during every instance.

Doing this will increase the rate of her toxicity.

So first try to turn every argument she makes with you into a mature conversation.

Don’t amplify the argument to whatever issues you both are dragging.

Another way not to pick on her is to respect her boundaries, don’t just barge into her room without knocking, or don’t go ahead yelling at her at the very slightest argument.

Respect her space and let her see that you aren’t just invading her privacy.

Doing this may help her open up to you more.

3. Maintain Realistic Expectations About Her

Sometimes, a lot of parents may have a lot of expectations about how they want their daughters to be just so they can be proud of them.

But at the same time, your daughter may be toxic because of the unrealistic expectations you try to play on her.

Don’t force your intentions, opinions, or thoughts on her.

Even as much as you try to mold her into what you think is perfect for her.

Maintain realistic expectations as well so she doesn’t grow up into becoming the person you’ve always wanted her to be but the person she wants to be.

4. Limit Your Physical Contact If You Can

If your daughter is always being toxic towards you then you can try to reduce the way you both see physically.

Doing this is a means of setting healthy boundaries between both of you.

Of course, she wouldn’t pick at your mistakes, insult you or talk back at you if you both are not in a confined way.

And even if it will happen it may be when you get to see physically.

So, give her that space of her time and things.

And if you can’t limit the physical time you spend with your daughter you can limit the emotional energy you spend on her.

Doing this will prevent you from her negative energy.

It will also give you more time to focus on your life instead of always worrying about your daughter because sometimes you may not be able to change a toxic daughter.

5. Be Patient With Her

Being patient with your daughter is another thing that will help you deal with her toxicity.

Don’t be too hard on her, always give her the support she needs from you either physically, emotionally, financially, or in any aspect she needs it.


Having a toxic daughter is every parent’s nightmare, but when you have one you can always try your best to deal with them.

And when you feel that it’s becoming overwhelming for you, you can decide to take a break especially if their behavior is beginning to affect you.

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