Things Guys Hate In A Relationship That Women Do

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Knowing the things guys hate in a relationship that women do will help you maintain a more loving and beautiful relationship.

Maybe you’re currently in a relationship and for some moments everything was going on fine and smoothly.

But suddenly you feel like he is pulling away from you gradually.

You may not be the cause of the problem and this doesn’t mean that you are bad or unlovable.

It only means that you’ve been portraying some actions unconsciously that get him on his nerves and makes him angry.

These behaviors are great to turn off some guys and that’s why you have to know which of the behavior can turn your guy off.

Things Guys Hate In A Relationship That Women Do

1. Not Knowing What You Want

When it comes to a relationship, a lot of guys will appreciate it if you know what you want in terms of values, morals, and expectations.

This is because, he expects that as a grown-up woman, you should be able to figure out what you want and go for it at the same time.

Even if this means dissatisfying his desires at some time or going against what he wants for you, he’ll appreciate it nevertheless.

Don’t just settle for anything that he asks you to do in order to satisfy his desires or intent towards you.

Only if such a guy is toxic, he expects you to always know what you want and not just follow whatever the crowd says.

2. Being Too Needy

What do you also have to bring to the table?

A guy hates it when a lady is always on the receiving end and never on the giving side.

This makes him bear your responsibility and cater for all your needs.

Although, this may not only concern finances as its touches so many areas as well.

You may be too needy for care, attention, or love and you find it difficult to give such kind of energy to him as well.

These are part of the things that men hate in relationships.

3. Not Having  A Life Outside Your Relationship

The best relationship is one in which both partners have a life outside their relationship.

Some men don’t like it when their women don’t have an independent life.

They expect you to create your own worldview and pattern.

Even with the fact that love can be sometimes intoxicating, create a life outside your partner.

Make new friends, pursue your passion, and do what makes you happy.

Remember that being in a relationship is the icing on the cake and shouldn’t be the cake itself.

4. Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

Things Guys Hate In A Relationship That Women Do

It sucks when a guy is with his girlfriend and she is busy with her phone thus paying little or no attention to him.

Doing this turns a guy off and makes him think that you don’t care about his presence with you.

5. Exhibiting Selfishness

A relationship is a place where you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of things even at your own inconvenience.

When a guy sees that you’re becoming selfish and you no longer want to do things that will affect you then he’ll begin to hate this action.

And that’s why you must be able to be selfless because that’s what a beautiful relationship is all about.

6. Always Complaining

Things Guys Hate In A Relationship That Women Do

As much as speaking up your mind and expressing your concerns in a relationship.

It’s important when you constantly complain about everything or anything that happens in your life. Your partner may begin to suck at it.

Rather than always complaining about stuff to your partner you can try to solve some of the problems yourself and give him an update about how you were able to scale through.

Because the truth is even your partner may be going through some difficulties too as well.

7. Playing The Pity Card

Things Guys Hate In A Relationship That Women Do

Another thing that guys hate that ladies do is always playing the pity card whenever there is a disagreement or misunderstanding between them.

Most guys want to have a mature conversation when there is a misunderstanding.

And sometimes, a lot of women would rather carry a pitiful face thus making the guy feel guilty instead of settling their differences.

8. Always Trying To Control Him

Things Guys Hate In A Relationship That Women Do

No doubt about this, guys are egoistic in nature and because of that, they hate to be controlled.

So, no matter how much you try to be in charge of your relationship, controlling your partner will only cultivate the habits that will constantly turn him off.

A healthy relationship will require that you let your guy be himself and not always try to manipulate him by controlling him.

9. Trying To Make Him Feel Jealous

A lot of ladies can be so guilty for this, they engage in a lot of actions that trigger the jealousy of their guy.

For instance, they hang around their male friends and play like a love bird around them when in the presence of their boyfriends.

Or, they intentionally do what they know that their boyfriend doesn’t like in other to trigger their jealousy.

10. Not Appreciating Him Enough

Sometimes we get used to the courteousness of people that we forget to compliment them on what they do for us.

Yes, he takes you out on a date; gets you the nice stuff, and assists you with a lot of things.

Even if you assume that it’s his responsibility appreciating him will make him do more for you.

Don’t get too used to your boyfriend that you fail to appreciate him for the little things he does for you.

11. Talking To Your Friends About Everything

It’s actually normal for girls to have a conversation that revolves around the events and activities going on in their lives. This is actually not bad.

But a guy hates it when you begin to share every single detail about your relationship with your friends.

This is because; they expect some level of privacy about their relationship

12. Not Giving Them Personal Space

Being too clingy is another thing that a lot of men hate in a relationship.

Try to give them some space and let them be in charge, don’t always choke them with too much attention or try to invade their personal space.

Let them have an individual life aside from the one both of you have.

13. Being Too Dramatic

Woman think they are cute whenever they act dramatic or childish, but sometimes its turn out to be a major turn-off for the guy.

Stop being the drama queen in your relationship and try not to make a fuss out of every issue that you face.

This is one of the things guys hate in a relationship that women do.

14. Bringing Up Old Issues Whenever You Have A Misunderstanding

We may all hold grudges but it’s a mature thing to do away with it once the case has been settled and never talk about it again.

But some women derive satisfaction by bringing up issues that have happened before whenever they find themselves in a new disagreement with their partner.

And a lot of guys find this so annoying.

Once there is a settled issue or matter try to bury it immediately and don’t bring up the issues or make reference to it in subsequent times


Surprisingly, there are a lot of things guys hate in a relationship that women do.

When you don’t know what or not your partner likes then you find out that you’re constantly having misunderstandings in your relationship.

Now that you’ve known the things that a lot of ladies do unconsciously which in turn the partner hates, try not to indulge in any of them.

Do this and watch your relationship gloom into a beautiful one.

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