11 Signs Your Husband Loves You Deeply Without Him Saying It

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According to “Stan Tatkin” who is a psychologist and author, the evolution of long-term marriage can lead to more subtle expressions of love compared to the passionate courting stage.

These signs may be seen in subtle and little things like the way they speak to you, manner of approach, or body language.

Being bothered if your man loves you can be a result of the inconsistency that comes with love.

The question of whether your spouse loves you is a very delicate one.

Sometimes you might not be able to decipher if the love you started your marriage with is still what is keeping it going.

From time to time, marriage may come with a lot of uncertainty.

That’s why it’s important to pick the signals and pay attention to the signs whether your man still loves you or not.

Does Your Husband Truly Love You?                            

Love is beyond feelings and emotions; it’s a show of action.

So, even if emotions cannot be seen or touched, the actions that come with emotions can be felt by the other party.

If your husband still loves you deeply then you’ll definitely see it, he won’t hide it.

But how do you know that your husband loves you deeply?

In this article, you’ll see a few signs that your husband is still in love with you.

Signs That Your Husband Loves You

1. He Consistently Affirms His Love To You

One of the greatest signs that your husband still loves you deeply irrespective of whatever has happened in your marriage is that he constantly proclaims his love to you.

As much as some guys may not be honest enough to be true to their words.

Nevertheless, when your husband always tells you that he loves you, this might just be a sign that he truly loves you.

2. He Makes Effort To See You Grow

One of the various signs your husband loves you deeply is that he makes an effort to see you grow.

When a man truly loves you, your growth and self-development become his priority as well.

So, if your husband makes a constant effort to see you grow or if he is intentional about your growth then he definitely loves you.

He does things like; investing in you, opening you up to life-changing opportunities, and becoming your first cheerleader.

A man who truly loves you will invest in your growth and will go the extra mile just to make you happy.

This shows he loves you more than you think.

3. He Gets You Gifts

Another sign that your husband is still deeply in love with you is that he makes it a habit to get you gifts occasionally.

Doing this is a sign of appreciation and proof of his love towards you.

So if your husband hasn’t relented in getting you the gifts you desire then, the fire of your love is still ignited.

You have nothing to be bothered about!

4. He Goes The Extra Mile Just To Make You Happy

One of the facts about marriage is that it is full of sacrifices.

Sometimes, these sacrifices will make you go out of your way just to please your partner.

So, one of the glaring signs to know if your husband still loves you deeply is that he constantly goes out of his way just to satisfy you.

He would do anything just to make you happy even if it means discomforting himself.

This is love, trust me, he loves you deeply and can’t imagine his life without you.

5. He Makes You Feel Secured

signs your husband is deeply in love with you

The kind of security you feel around the people that love you is heavenly.

Therefore, if your husband makes you feel secure around him then this is a sign that he loves you.

If you can be yourself around him and express yourself to the maximum without restrictions from him then he deeply loves you.

6. He Carries You Along With His Decision

Another obvious sign that your husband is still deeply in love with you is that, he makes his decisions and actions known to you without hiding anything.

When a man loves a woman, he makes her his solace and confides deeply in her.

Hence, if your husband still confides deeply in you, tell you about his next move.

His vulnerable and accountable for all his actions then he still loves you deeply.

7. He Celebrates You

A man that celebrates you is your greatest cheerleader.

In as much as marriage can come with a lot of trying times and challenges.

If your husband still celebrates you as his wife then this is a sign that despite all the hurdles your husband still loves you.

If he takes his time to acknowledge and celebrate your big and small wins you definitely have a special place in his heart.

And when he does this even in front of family and friends he obviously respects you more than you ever think.

8. He Always Avoid Disagreement With You

signs your husband is deeply in love with you

Marriage can be full of a lot of agreement and disagreements.

Any man who loves his wife deeply will always try to avoid any form of disagreement.

And also prevent whatever thing that may lead to misunderstanding.

This is because he doesn’t want anything to come in between the beautiful love atmosphere that you both share.

Therefore, he would do everything within his jurisdiction to avoid disagreement from occurring between you both.

9. He Is Open Minded With You

A lot of husbands hide their vulnerability from their wives and this is because they don’t want to be seen as weak so they try to conceal their feelings.

Nevertheless, when a man is with a woman whom he truly loves he becomes quite vulnerable around her.

Consequently, if your husband is open-minded with you, doesn’t hide secrets, and tells you things the exact way they are.

Then he definitely loves you even more than you think.

10. He Helps You With Little Things

Being a wife isn’t an easy task.

Occasionally, it can be draining as you have a lot of expectations to meet, the house to tidy up and your personal self to take care of.

Having all these in consideration, a man who loves you will always want to help out in the little way that he can.

He wouldn’t watch you drain yourself with so much activity and just fold his hands watching you.

He would be actively involved in duties and always urge you to ask for help when you need it.

In view of this fact, your husband understands that marriage is a dual responsibility.

And to achieve a common goal in love he’ll have to be actively involved in the activities of the home as well.

Hence, when your husband is concerned about helping out with little things that matter, he deeply loves you and the family at large

11. He Communicates And Listens To You

signs your husband is deeply in love with you

A good husband is a good communicator.

And communication is one great strategy that strengthens the love between partners.

If your husband loves you then he’ll communicate with you frequently and not only will he do this, but he will also listen to you with rapt attention and remember the important details of your conversation.


You may find yourself constantly wondering if your husband loves you or not and this is absolutely normal.

Irrespective of your speculations, if your husband shows all these aforementioned signs, then know that your relationship with him is still very much intact and he loves you deeply.

Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about and if you think otherwise, take time out to communicate with your husband and find out what the problem may seem to be.

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