12 Powerful Health Benefits Of Tomatoes And Its Juice

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Tomatoes are nutritious food plant that consists of numerous powerful health benefits to your body, skin, and general well-being. Tomatoes have nutritional content beyond the general usage of using it for cooking.

You can decide to include this red or orange cherry ball-like vegetable into your daily diet, either as juice or side dish dressing.

Apart from its major use by most women, this super-food vegetable contains some nutrients needed in the body to fight some ailments such as cancer, stroke, and high blood pressure among others. With its low amount of calories, you can rest assured of no additional weight.

Tomatoes Juice

Let us talk about tomato juice. Are you surprised that you can make tomato juice? In fact, the very first time I made tomato juice, I was as skeptical as you are right now. I know that feeling. Smiles! But worry less, this kind of juice is different from the fruit juice you make.

I have talked about carrot juice in one of my recent articles, you should read it up.

Making tomato juice is more like making veggies liquid, but you should not be discouraged by its taste. When I made my tomato juice, I stored it for a few hours before I blended it.

I ensured it was chilled to some degrees before I blended it. I made it chilled to avoid an unwanted taste on my tongue. My thought was to enjoy the chillness if my curiosity about making tomato juice did not turn out as well as imagined.

But, the tomato juice was lovely and tasty. It did not have the regular sweet taste of a smoothie; rather, it left me with no choice but to make more afterward. Sooner, my husband began to notice some changes in my skin.

I told him I had not changed my skincare products, but this was due to twice in a week’s consumption of tomato juice.  Guess what? He joined me in this and we are both enjoying the numerous powerful health benefits of tomatoes and their Juice.

Health benefits of tomatoes
Health benefits of Tomatoes

The health benefits of tomatoes and making juice with it are filled with many vitamins and nutritional values you do not want to miss. Let us check out these powerful health benefits of tomatoes and their juice embedded in this fruit-like vegetable.

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes And Its Juice

1. Tomatoes contain vitamins.

This food plant contains many vitamins that can be useful for the body. Some of the nutrients are Vitamin A, C, and K. It is well known that vitamin A boosts the immune system and restores healthy eyesight; vitamin K is a great source of healthy bones.

Other nutrients that tomatoes produce are potassium which makes the heart active and function effectively, causes the muscles to contract, gives balanced fluid in the body, and helps maintain healthy circulation of the blood, especially the blood pressure.

2. Tomatoes improve healthy vision.

I talked about tomatoes containing vitamin A which helps in the improvement of eyesight. You can also get more of this when you make tomato juice. It helps prevent some eye defects such as glaucoma and night blindness.

3. It reduces allergies.

Tomatoes help in reducing allergies, such as Asthma. This is a good source of immune boosters for asthmatic patients or those with certain allergies. According to research, when you take tomato juice, it reduces lung inflammation.

4. Protection of the heart.

The antioxidant found in tomatoes known as lycopene helps protect the heart against related diseases, such as diabetes and stroke. More so, because Vitamin B and potassium, help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

5. Tomatoes help manage diabetes.

Persons with type 2 diabetes should include tomatoes in their diets because of the nutritional contents contained in this fruit-like veggie. A study shows that diabetic patients who included cooked tomatoes for one month experienced a reduction in their lipid peroxidation.

This is in the form of a reaction in their body systems which over time, leads to health hazards such as stroke or heart attack, while those with other underlying medical conditions may lead to death.

6. Restores healthy skin.

Because of vitamin K that is contained in tomatoes, it serves as a good source of skin health, restoration, and protection from any form of skin damage. The presence of the vitamin would boost the creation of collagen needed to protect the skin from sun damage, and make it appear firm, smooth, and glowing.

When I started drinking tomato juice, my husband was the first person to bring my attention to my skin improvement, it was obvious that something new and beneficial was included in my diet – this was the secret.

7. Tomatoes aid digestion.

The fiber content in tomatoes is an aided factor in any kind of digestive challenges faced by anyone. Daily intake of the juice would promote easy digestion, and regularity, and help maintain smooth colorectal issues. Some people find it challenging to excrete even after drinking the required liters of water.

You can give tomato juice a choice. You will definitely see the positive results in hours or even minutes.

8. It prevents cancer.

Studies have shown in recent times that tomatoes and lycopene can help prevent the development of cancer. Daily consumption of tomatoes and their juice can help reduce the risks as well as cancers such as prostate, breast, colon, and others.

9. It prevents stroke.

The lycopene found in the tomatoes can help prevent stroke. Study shows that most middle-aged men who had more lycopene in their blood had a lower tendency to develop stroke and also blood clots.

10. Tomatoes boost healthy bones.

Another nutritional value of tomatoes is the ability to strengthen bones with the calcium and vitamin K found in it. Both nutrients are very important for healthy bones and can also repair damaged bone tissue in the body.

11. Hair-boosting nutrients.

Tomatoes can help boost the hair with the amount of Vitamin A contained in it. To maintain healthy and beautiful hair growth, you should include tomatoes and their juice in your diet or hair growth ingredients.

12. Nutritional value of folate for Pregnancy

Pregnant women are required to take adequate folate before and during pregnancy to protect against neural tube defects in infants.

During pregnancy, medical experts recommend supplements that contain folic acid which is the synthetic form of folate. In as much as this is good and healthy, I strongly advise that the consumption of raw tomatoes or their juice should be taken under a medical guide or doctor’s prescription.

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