Nutritional Value And Benefits of Eating Of Plantain

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Plantain has always been one of my favorite fiber foods. It is less starchy and sweet compared to banana. Unlike the banana, plantains are eaten when cooked. The benefits of Plantain are enormous for our bodies.

As a lover of healthy meals, I prefer boiled unripe plantains, garnished with vegetables to make a full plate of a nutritious meal. In this way, the body enjoys the full health benefits of plantain.

It contains some vitamins that are needed to live healthily. Although some people believe that the unripe type is mostly consumed by those managing their weight, people with diabetes, or controlling their blood pressure.

But, it is beyond that. The amount of fiber content it contains is enough for you to include it in your menu plan. Apart from this, it contains other nutrients that aid and promote a super healthy lifestyle. I would share these nutrients here which make it my go-to fiber meal.

Let us now talk about the health benefits of plantain and the nutritional values the body derives from the regular consumption of plantain.

benefits of plantain

1. Combination of Nutrients

If you are cutting down your carbs intake, then you should consider including plantain in your meals. The carbohydrate content in plantain is healthy for consumption at any time.

It retains its carb content while still in its unripe stage and less starchy, compared to its ripened stage when it contains more sugar and less fiber.

Another nutritional fact about plantain is the low fat content in it. You don’t have to be worried about extra calories if you are controlling your weight. Unlike the boiled plantain, it contains high fat when fried but you can minimize the oil content with high heat oil.

Plantain can also be a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals such as iron, potassium and sodium.

2. Great Source of Nutrients for Pregnancy

Pregnant women are medically advised to include necessary vitamins and minerals in their daily diets, such as iron and vitamin A. Plantain prevents the lack of vitamin A in a pregnant woman which is one of the risk factors of premature childbirth.

Plantain also provides folate which is a major nutrient in maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy stage. Boiled unripe plantain was one of my favorite meals during my pregnancy stages.

3. Blood Sugar Resistant

I had a friend whose mother’s favorite meal was boiled unripe plantain when I was much younger. I asked her mother one day why she loved plantain, then, she told me of her blood sugar health issue she had.

According to her, her nutritionist advised her to change her diet and include plantain in her meals. She said consuming plantain almost every day helped her to control her blood sugar.

Plantain resists starch and it contains high level of fiber which is one of the diet requirements for a type 2 diabetic patient. The resistant starch in it prevents the blood sugar to rise. In fact, it aids digestion and promotes healthy glycemic in the body.

4. Controls Blood Pressure

Plantain is a good source and promoter of regulated blood pressure. If you are looking for foods that help control or lower your blood pressure, unripe plantain is a go-to-go food. You’ll enjoy all the amazing health benefits of Plantain.

The potassium present in it allows a reduction of hypertension, and because it is minimal in sodium, it readily supports an achievable dietary plan for someone who is controlling his or her blood pressure. It is more effective when you don’t include salt during preparation.

5. It Aids Digestion

Plantain contains high amount of fiber that helps easy digestion and regularity. It also consists of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which make a good combination of nutrients and helps the digestive tract.

The fiber content promotes bowel regularity by softening your stool and causing it to look bulky and much easier to pass out. More so, due to the high-fiber content, it reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, increases digestive and helps control bad cholesterol level in the body.

6. It Increases Iron and Fights Oxidants

I had already talked about its mineral supplier of iron for pregnant women in tip #2 above. Plantain provides iron and vitamin C which are two great sources of preventing iron deficiency – anemia.

The micronutrients make it easy for absorption, boost the immune system, ease fatigue and maintain a healthy body temperature.

Furthermore, plantain is a good source of antioxidant, protecting your body against some chronic ailments such as cancer and heart-related diseases.

7. Promotes Healthy Heart Rate

Consumption of unripe plantain can help promote a healthy heart, improve the flow of blood and reduce high risks of coronary artery disease and possible stroke. The richness in it also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases by controlling the heart rate and pressure in the body.

8.Treatment for Anemia and Nerve Inflammation

Plantain is a great source for treating anemia and inflammation of the nerve known as Neuritis. This medical condition weakens the person due to its inadequate red blood cells in the blood, but with the content of vitamin B6 contained in plantain, it would boost the cells and aid strength.

9. Promotes Weight Loss

The resistant in starch contained in plantain is a good promoter of healthy weight. It is low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, and all these nutrients serve as a good menu plan for anyone looking into losing some calories. You can make your meal more nutritious like mine by adding some vegetables, prawns and dried fish.

10. Strengthens Bones

Calcium is one of the major sources for strengthening bones which is found in unripe plantain. It is an essential mineral among others. A regular consumption of plantain will help build healthy and strong bones, muscles and teeth.

It would also prevent fractures and weakness of the bones. Though most children prefer ripe fried plantain because of its sweetness, it is, however, pertinent to allow them to realize the health benefits of plantain especially when they consume the unripe ones.

11. Enhances Sexual Performance

Plantain helps to boost sexual performance in men. Banana too does, but this is more effective. A regular consumption of boiled unripe plantain will increase the libido, enhance fertility in men and also make their sperm thicker.

You can make a healthy and sumptuous meal of unripe plantain with some natural food ingredients such as ginger, garlic, onions, and stock fish. This makes it super nutritious and a complete healthy choice of meal.

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