17 Body Language Of Unhappy Couples

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It’s pretty easy to notice the body language of couples who are unhappy in their marriage.

Body language is how your body reacts to situations this includes your facial expressions, gestures, and body response. These reactions convey the way you feel about any given situation at hand.

For instance, when you come across a happy couple, you’ll notice that they constantly look into the eyes of one another, smile at each other, and understand themselves even with non-verbal expression.

This is the opposite when it comes to unhappy couples, their body language speaks volumes about how they’ve lost connection with each other.

If you’re interested in knowing the body language of unmarried couples, then read this article to the end.

Body Language Of Couples Who Are Unhappy In Their Marriage

1. They No Longer Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is one easy way in which people communicate with their loved ones, this makes them understand their feelings concerning a subject matter.

If you begin to see the signs that your partner avoids eye contact with you then something may be wrong along the line.

2. They Don’t Express Love To Each Other

Another way to know the body language of couples who are unhappy in their marriage is that they don’t express love to each other again.

And this may start as little as not noticing the slightest changes in their significant other, they no longer care about the other person.

You can see all over them that they no longer feel the excitement they felt when they were still in love with their partner.

When you notice these signs, you might just be unhappy about the marriage.

3. Sighing While Talking To Their Partner

The body language between happy couples can be seen with a lot of smiles and happy comments during conversations.

But the case is different with unhappy couples, they get tired of conversing with their partner such that they begin to sigh even while at it.

This shows that the conversation no longer interests them, and they are bored.

If your partner possesses this sign, then you should investigate.

4. They Keep Physical Distance From Each Other

Couples who are happy with each other always want to be physically connected with their partners, the reason being that they want to feel close to them.

And that’s because physical touch shows that someone is attracted to you.

But, when a couple is unhappy in their marriage, they’ll begin to keep physical distance from each other.

So, if you find that your partner keeps their distance and doesn’t want to touch or be intimate with you then this indication that they are emotionally drawn from you.

5. They Ignore Each Other

Body Language Of Couples Who Are Unhappy In Their Marriage

Another sign of couples who are not happy in their marriage is that they feel ignored.

They begin to hang the call on each other or not pay attention to the things that matter to them.

They are unhappy about the marriage, so nothing interests them again.

6. Kissing Without Tongue Passion

Another sign that a couple is unhappy in their marriage is that they don’t take time to kiss each other.

Instead, they give each other a quick peck on the cheek.

Meanwhile, in the early days of their marriage, there was love and passion, they would kiss intimately and even express their love for each other as they did.

Although, giving your partner a peck isn’t a bad idea when the couples begin to shy away from having an intimate kiss then this might just be a sign.

7. They Are Distracted When With Each Other

Couples who are unhappy with each other pay no attention to each other presence.

As much as one of the parties wants to connect with each other the other party seems to have a lot of distraction going on through them such that they can’t wait to leave their presence.

This is a sign that their presence is no longer significant, happy couples always want to spend time with each other and they pay rapt attention to every conversation that they have.

But when your partner always wants to leave you in the middle of the conversation or stay engrossed with their phones then the marriage happiness must be questioned.

8. Not Walking In Sync

As funny as this may sound, couples who are happy with each other have a track record of walking in sync.

When they are in love, they walk together, hold hands and even smile at each other while at it.

In a marriage where the body language says otherwise, the lady always walks feet ahead of the man and they don’t care to work side by side with him.

This body language indicates that you should do your thing while they do theirs too.

9. They Touch Their Neck During A Conversation

Our body language speaks volumes of our physical and emotional state.

Women particularly are known to always touch their necks or throats when in a conversation with someone in whom they are not interested.

This is because the throat is the gateway for words and constantly touching is a means of restricting words.

If a partner is constantly touching their throat during a conversation this may just be an indication that they are no longer interested in you or what you have to say.

10. Their Pupil Becomes Small

Body Language Of Couples Who Are Unhappy In Their Marriage

The eye is one way to dictate the emotional state of couples.

When partners are attracted to each other their pupils will dilate in a moment of intimacy.

This will happen subconsciously, and this is a good indicator that their partner is interested in them.

So, the eye indicator speaks volumes of how an unhappy couple is in their marriage.

11. They Constantly Use Their Hands To Communicate

As much as hand gesture is a pretty normal way of communication sometimes too much of it when communicating to your significant other may be an indicator of expressing displease over a situation.

And if not handled properly partners may begin to interpret it as a form of disrespect and disregard.

So, hand, body, and facial reaction is something couples should watch out for.

Other Minor Body Language Of Unhappy Couples

12. They lean away from each other

13. They interrupt each other during conversations

14. They cross their arms a lot

15. They stand with their hands on their hips

16. Their facial expression doesn’t align

17. They mimic one another in a bad way

Why You Should Be Happy In Your Marriage

Body Language Of Couples Who Are Unhappy In Their Marriage

It is absolutely normal for couples to at some point feel unhappy in their marriage, this is because a lot of factors are involved.

They might have fallen out of love or had a sudden character flaw which in turn affected the marriage.

By the way, marriage is work so it takes constant effort to remain in love.

Nevertheless, you must understand that being happy is a matter of choice.

So you should choose to build an atmosphere of happiness in your marriage.

Because the state of your marriage will eventually rub off on the remaining events your life revolves around.

And that’s why being unhappy in your marriage shouldn’t be something to settle for.

If it means having a sincere conversation with your spouse or making a deliberate effort to see that things work out then do it because eventually, having a good and happy marriage will take a good toll on both of you.


Body language spills a lot of information about the current love life of a lot of couples.

And that’s why if you’re observant enough to pick the signs, you’ll know where your marriage falls.

With these signs, it is best to know the best way to fix such a marriage.

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