57 Flirty Text Messages That Will Turn Him On Tonight

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Texting has become such a huge part of our lives, and it’s the perfect way to flirt with your man. Looking for flirty text messages that will turn him on tonight? Read on.

Yes, ladies! We all know that feeling when our man is just too darn cute for words. And we also know the feeling of wanting to keep him wrapped around our little fingers.

Send him something that will get his heart racing, and he’ll be counting down the minutes until he can see you again.

As we all know that words have a way of entering both the conscious and the subconscious mind, and carrying out tasks faster than action would do. 

These messages are sure to keep things hot and steamy between you two!

Here are some flirty text messages you can send to your man to get him high on you tonight, lose concentration, find it difficult to keep him off of you, and keep you forever:

Flirty Text Messages That Will Turn Him On Tonight

1.  You are the first beautiful idea that crossed my mind, and I’d like to see my idea personified.

2. Every time it crosses my mind that you are mine, I can feel other ladies dying of jealousy.

3. I really wish I could feel your warmth at this moment, I’m waiting.

4. I am gradually going crazy, all that is in my head and mind is you, nothing more.

5. How I wish we had met sooner, then my blissful life would have been longer, and my love stronger.

6. You are everything that I wished for.

7. I want you tonight as I want you forever.

8. Want your replica? Then I’m ready to give you one.

9. Thinking about when we first met…

10. Nothing in this world matches the lovely feeling of waking up next to you.

11. I love you and I love your gorgeousness.

12. Be here as soon as you can. I’m gradually running out of breath thinking about your absence.

13.  I’m looking forward to seeing the handsome you again tonight.

14. I’m losing focus thinking about you my dream man every minute.

15. Amongst the fine sand, you are the special salt. You stand out for me.

16. The thought of you sends a shiver down my spine and makes me cringe. 

17. I wish we could be together all day, having nothing else to do. I don’t seem to have enough of you.

18. Unexplainable joy and peace are all I feel knowing I have you as a treasure that I would never lose.

19. Loving you means a lot to me.

20. I can’t wait to hug you so much that you would feel breathless.

21. It makes me feel on top of the world when you whisper into my ear, I would like to reciprocate tonight.

22. Change isn’t the only constant thing, loving you is another.

23. No amount of words will describe how much you are making me feel right now.

24. I have your favorite smell on, you don’t want to miss that.

26. I remember our first … (add your first time of getting things like a date, kiss, and many more done).

27. The world would not have been complete without you loving me and me loving you. I love you and I can’t quantify or explain it. See you at home tonight.

28. After God you are the next. You being my crown is the best thing that has happened to me so far.

29. Let’s make babies tonight.

30 Your sweet smell lingers in my nose and I can’t even breathe in something else.

31. I have the candles set up, don’t be late.

32. I can’t wait to be cuddled by you and then end up cuddling your mini version.

33. I have a surprise for you… (Give a little suspense and then after a while sends another text message saying, “I am the surprise”).

34. I feel intoxicated with your love, and I can’t wait to see you again.

35. I now hear your voice in my head, babe. I guess I think about you so much.

36. My body feels cold without you being here, I need some warmth babe.

37. As the saying goes “two is a number, three is a crowd”. Just you and I tonight baby.

38. I love everything about you, your body inclusive. I can’t wait to see that again tonight.

39. What should I cook for you, I would like to have you after a nice meal.

40. I am so lucky to have you to myself, other ladies prayed, but my prayer got answered.

41. Come home as soon as you can, I want to get hypnotized.

42. Come rain, come sun, my love for you will always wax stronger. 

43. Let’s stay glued together tonight. I can’t seem to get that off my mind.

44. I learned a new dance style, do you want to see me do some moves for you tonight?

45. Just like whipped cream on cakes, I will like to be all over you tonight.

46. Don’t keep me waiting, a surprise is waiting for you at home. I won’t tell you what it is, come see it for yourself.

47. I bless the day that I met you, you make me complete.

48. I would do anything just to be with you tonight and forever.

49. Whenever I’m being told that I do nothing else asides from thinking about you and wanting to do anything for you, I tell them that I love it like that. You really mean a lot to me.

50. Not loving you would have been a great loss to me. Thank you for finding and choosing me.

51. You are the fire in my bone, one that will never quench.

52. I found a golden treasure and that is you.

53. I can feel my body on fire, only your touch can make things better.

54. I wish I could slurp you up like a bigger fish would do to a smaller fish right now, but I will wait till tonight.

55. I love you the way you are, just like you love me the way I am.

56. You are my life, without you, I will either be a walking corpse or a buried one.

57. I look forward to burying myself in your arms tonight.


Words have a way of creating unquenchable feelings, either in a positive or negative way.

Know that words only won’t create the more than-needed spice for your relationship, you need to back it up with some more flirty actions.

Be consistent with it and it will become you. Then you can rest assured of a spiced-up relationship as you continue into the forever.

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