5 Top Fruits That Helped To Boost My Breast milk supply.

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If you choose to breastfeed your baby as a new mom, then boosting your milk supply will definitely be top on your list. 

While some women have it easy with lactation, some have to work extra hard to achieve the same. If you’re in the second category, don’t beat yourself up about it. 

I know it’s a frustrating position to be in because a hungry baby is a cranky baby. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

There are things you can do to get your milk flowing for your baby, and one of them is eating balanced nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

During my first pregnancy; my mom would always call to find out about my diet. She had a great interest in my nutrition.

She would advise me to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy not only to stay healthy in pregnancy but also to help my milk supply after delivery.

I didn’t take her seriously until l gave birth and my baby couldn’t feed well due to a shortage of milk supply.

This frustrated me because my baby was hungry and would cry all night.
I felt a pinch of guilt. I wish I’d done better. 

But then, all hope wasn’t lost as my mom came to my rescue again. 
She suggested that I introduce certain fruits into my diet and I did. 

I also thought in my heart that if it didn’t work, I’d commence my baby on formula. 

But I sincerely hoped it’d work because I wanted to breastfeed my baby exclusively. Thankfully, it worked because my milk supply took a new turn and l started producing in excess.

I’m not a health worker, so this is not a medical advice. I’m only sharing my experience with you. 

These are the five fruits to boost breast milk supply :

1. Orange

fruits to boost milk supply

Orange is an amazing fruit. It doesn’t only help in boosting milk supply, it also makes the skin glow.You can start taking them as soon as possible in pregnancy.

I didn’t realize it early in my first pregnancy but in my second and third pregnancies, I wouldn’t go a day without taking at least two oranges, despite the nausea I was experiencing. 

Orange contains vitamin c which is beneficial for both mother and child.

But remember that moderation is the key. Don’t take them in excess.

2. Banana

fruit to boost milk supply

Banana is also a great option to consider when trying to boost your milk supply. You can eat it or consume it in smoothies. 

My breakfast usually contained banana when breastfeeding. I’d make a banana-veggie smoothie or incorporate it into my early morning oatmeal.

Banana contains vitamin B6 which is highly recommended during breastfeeding and several other nutrients.


fruits to boost milk supply

Watermelon is not just delicious and refreshing, it has a high water content (about 92%) which helps the new mom to stay hydrated and also helps in boosting the milk production.

It also has several vitamins and minerals which are recommended for breastfeeding moms. 


Fruits to boost milk supply

This is one of the best fruits out there for breastfeeding moms. It’s juicy and contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to both mother and child.

It can be included in your diet in different ways. I normally consume mine in their raw state and in smoothies.


fruits to boost milk supply

There’s an argument on whether avocado should be classified as fruit or vegetable. Whatever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that avocado is a great source of nutrients. 

One of the ways to enjoy avocados in order to increase your milk production is to make avocado smoothies. Add some green vegetables like spinach, add a cup of milk and blend everything together.

Enjoy these fruits to boost breast milk supply first thing in the morning to experience a maximum increase in your milk production.


Like I earlier wrote, this is not a medical advice. 

If you’re allergic to any of these fruits or you have any doubts, please consult your doctor before you consume them.

Have you experienced difficulty in establishing lactation? What did you do? 

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