12 Painful Signs You Have Missed A Good Man

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Maybe you once had a good man who stood by you but, you didn’t value him, or you failed to recognize how much he was worth. After this, you begin to see the painful signs that you have missed a good man.

And He may have left you now. Even if he hasn’t, you have a feeling deep within your heart he’s on his way out of your life.

While it’s easy to identify a good man, it’s not easy to know when he’s slowly exiting your life.

In this article, you’ll see the painful signs that you’ve missed a good man.

Painful Signs You Have Missed A Good Man

1. He Doesn’t Make You A Priority

Normally, a good man makes the woman he loves a priority. He always puts her first and gives her his all.

However, if you’ll notice he has relegated you to the background, he has probably lost interest in you.

He’ll stop prioritizing you and begin to put his needs first. And this is unlike him.

If he acts like it, you probably aren’t that important to him anymore.

2. He Begins To Ignore You

Painful Signs You Have Missed A Good Man

Also, one of the painful signs you have missed a good man is when he begins to ignore you.

Even when a good man is not on perfect terms with his woman, he still finds time to spend quality time with his woman.

If he begins to ignore you, he’s fed up with you and doesn’t want to deal with anything that concerns you anymore.

It is his subtle way of sending a message to you. You don’t have his full, undivided attention anymore.

Generally, a good man puts in the work to pay maximum attention to his woman whenever necessary, whether it’s conducive or not.

He adores his woman too.

If he no longer gives you attention or focuses on you, it might be that someone else has his attention now or that he has decided to focus on his life rather than anyone else.

3. Everything You Do Seem To Upset Him

Observe the way he reacts to you. If he’s angry and upset most of the time he’s around you, it’s a sign that his feelings have been tampered with.

 Your relationship with him is not safe either since you’re already bearing the brunt of whatever hurt his feelings.

One of the attributes of a good woman is that she doesn’t hide her feelings from her loved ones.

4. He’s Holding Back His Feelings Around You

Instead, he chooses to share them with the special people in his life.

 One of the signs you lost a good man is if he no longer expresses and shares her feelings with you.

It can either be his own way of telling you that he needs a different woman in his life or that your time with him is up.

5. He’s Giving You A Cold Shoulder

Painful Signs You Have Missed A Good Man

Another sign that you’ve lost a good man is if he starts giving you the cold shoulder and finding reasons to act up around you.

 Your relationship may be heading for the rocks. If he keeps acting cold towards you despite your effort to cheer him up, the chances are high that you already lost him, and your relationship is over even without your knowledge.

6. He Doesn’t Want To Make Compromises Or Listen To You Anymore

Painful Signs You Have Missed A Good Man

Every good man tries to reach a compromise for his loved one at some point. He is also a good listener.

The chances you’ve lost him are high if he stops listening to you and meets you somewhere in the middle over important decisions.

He must have tried to speak with you about the issue on so many occasions, but you weren’t just listening.

You made it look like he wasn’t serious enough.

If he doesn’t want to reach any compromises with you or listen to you anymore, it is a sign that he has lost interest in all that concerns you.

7. He Now Loves To Spend Time Away From You

Painful Signs You Have Missed A Good Man

If a man stops hanging out with you or begins to go out more often with his friends, he may be trying to avoid being around you.

The reason may be that he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. It is one of the signs you lost a good man.

8. You Have A Feeling That He Does Not Need You Anymore

One of a man’s needs is to feel needed. So, if your man alienates you, it can be heartbreaking.

Is your instinct telling you that he does not need you anymore?

Your instinct might be right this time. Not needing you anymore is a sign that he has detached himself from you.

But do not make the mistake of interchanging being independent with being detached.

9. He Doesn’t Allow You to Come Close To Him Any Longer

Painful Signs You Have Missed A Good Man

One of the most obvious signs you lost a good man is he doesn’t allow you to come close to him any longer.

He is probably pushing you away because of something you did or said.

No matter the reasons for his behavior, it still emphasizes the fact that he may not see you in the same light anymore.

10. There’s No One Who Loves You The Way He Did

Heartbreaks are tough, but in the long run, they teach us valuable lessons. There will come a point in your life when you’ll start longing for him.

Everything around you will start reminding you of him. You’ll miss the way you laughed at his jokes.

You’ll start to miss his presence because you felt like he had your back at all times.

11. When You See That People With A Kind Heart Are Very Rare

Unconditional love is so hard to find. And that’s what he gave you thinking you’ll reciprocate. But you never did, and now you’re paying the price.

Instead of fulfilling your every need and listening to you every time he needed you, you took him for granted.

 Eventually, you’ll realize that people with his kind heart are very rare and unique. He had that, yet you threw it all away for some fling.

12. You Discover Life Isn’t Worth Much If You Don’t Have Someone To Love

The sadness will overwhelm you and you won’t be able to decipher the source of it.

Your heart will feel empty and hollow, but you won’t know what to do to fulfill it.

Those materialistic things all mean nothing if you don’t have someone to love. That’s when you’ll realize you’ve lost a good man.

He was the one who filled your heart with genuine love. But it will be too late.

You’ll be long gone because you know how unhappy you were in your relationship.


Losing a good man may be hard to bear because it comes with a lot of disadvantages.

And if you currently have a good man whom you find it difficult to maintain, try all within your reach to see it happen because, as the famous saying, you don’t know the value of a thing before losing it.

You don’t need to lose a good man before you know his value.

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