8 Powerful Steps To Change Your Life In The New Year

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Congratulations! You’re about to embark on an adventure of powerful steps to change your life forever in this new year.

Even if the last year was fulfilling for you, there are things you can do to step up your game and make this new year even better than the previous year.

Every New Year comes with an aura of change. It gives an opportunity to people with a vision to step up their game in order to achieve another blast year ahead.

In the lively preparation for a new calendar year, most people engage in things like setting a goal for the year and also making new year’s resolutions.

Making restitution, writing out habits they want to drop, and a quite number of positive actions.

However, whichever the case may be what matters is that you are able to embrace a powerful and positive step to aid the change you desire in your life.

You will agree with me that success is made or marred by every little and big step you make in life. So, every little and intentional step you take in life matters.

This article will be for two types of individuals, firstly, the ones that had a tremendous previous year and are looking forward to having a better year ahead.

The other set is for those who perceived that they were not able to live up to satisfaction this year, and are looking forward to having the best in the coming year.

Whichever individual you happen to be, kindly relax your mind and read through on how to make this new a beautiful year ahead.


1. Have A Positive View Towards The Year

Sometimes, life is beyond what you do physically, its starts from a mental view of how you see your world in itself.

It doesn’t always have to be the New Year that makes things automatically work out perfectly well. Having a positive view of life is what keeps you going at every point in time.

Because of the fact that the launch of the New Year doesn’t guarantee automatic success, you’ll have to make a positive change in your actions.

You can do this in simple steps like this;

Reflex on every positive thing about life that you are grateful for.

Write down the things about life that haven’t been fair to you.

Make it a habit to always see the positive side and not the negative side.

Doing this will help you discover that there are actually a lot of positive sides to life.

So, as you enter the year feeling relaxed and happy try as much as possible to retain the energy, happiness, and joy that you walked into the year with because it gives you a mental relaxation of each day ahead of you.  

2. Set Realistic Goals For The Coming Year.

Making a goal is sure one beautiful thing that can change your life positively. You definitely don’t want to go into the year without having a mind about what you plan to achieve for that year,

However, a number of times, having your goals in mind may not always be enough, but writing them down is one ideal step to smashing your goals.

One powerful step that will help you in 2023 is penning down your goals for the year. You can create a personal development plan even if you don’t know where to begin

At the beginning of the year, you should start by writing out what you want to achieve for that given year, how you want to achieve them, and the steps you intend to take in achieving them.

It may be starting a new business, changing your job, topping up your fashion skills, and many other things, just pen them down.

If you are really serious about making the best out of 2023 then make your goals SMART. This is what I call the SMART goals;

SPECIFIC– you must be specific about what you want, if you want to change your job, what type of job are you changing into?

If your goal is to step up your finances during the course of the year, how much do you intend to save per month? Don’t just have a goal about achieving something, be specific about them!

MEASURABLE– your goals for the year must be measurable this means, using smaller goals to achieve your big goals. This start as little as having a goal for each day in 2023,

By doing this you’re making a step forward to achieving your long-term goals for 2023. Making measurable goals will consistently and gradually help you achieve your yearly expectations.

ACHIEVABLE-You must set achievable goals for the year.

REALISTIC– setting unrealistic goals will only lead to you playing a game on yourself and not being serious about the year. Your goals must be reasonable and realistic.

TIMELY- Every of your goal for the year should have a time limit. making time-conscious goals gives you a sense of seriousness about it.

3. Cut Out Negative People And Friends

Moreover, before you continue reading, I would like you to take a snap back at the people that positively influenced your life in 2022. Then go ahead to examine those that did hurtful things to you in 2022.

Now, look at it, do you want to keep the negative people in your life in 2023?

People around us can either make or mar us, although, this is dependent on the level of accessibility to give them into your life.

If you are surrounded by people that talk down on what you do, portray toxic traits towards you, or don’t appreciate your efforts please do away with them before you welcome yourself into another year.

You know, you can’t change others. But you can change yourself. And if you surround yourself with good people, it’ll be easier for you to become the person that you want to be.

Doing away with whatever thing or person doesn’t add positive value to your life is a major step to building a great year ahead for yourself.

Your circle should consist of people who look out for you, speak positively about your life, believe in your dreams, and even sacrifice for your well-being.

If you have people around you that do vice versa of this then please do away with them.

Prioritize building a positive circle of influence around yourself in 2023. This is what I realized early in life and has been guiding my life principles.

4. Be Intentional About Your Finances

Why a lot of people complain about the year not being fulfilling enough for them is probably because of how their finances turned out to be at the end of the year.

Therefore, In 2023, you should be more intentional about building a stable financial income stream.

This will require that you diversify your means of income in 2023.

To do this, you can take up extra jobs which may not even require your physical attention. For instance; take up an online job like writing, web design, you-tubing, and a quite number of other jobs.

This is what has been keeping me going for so many years. I have a regular job that brings a stable income every month and I’m also a content creator on different online platforms.

Becoming financially independent and capable makes you always have something to fall back on.

In other words, it’s not what we gain but what we save and invest that makes us rich so, even as you aim to top up your finances in 2023 you should as well learn the art of saving up.

Saving gives you the full financial independence you desire.

5. Say Positive Things To Yourself

Also, saying positive affirmative words to yourself is important if you want a soul-lifting day. It’s one of the paramount steps to change your life forever.

It makes you confident in yourself and you carry the aura of positivity around.

If you’ve been saying negative words to yourself in the previous year, this year, replace them with affirmative words that reflect your value system.

 Here are some positive affirmative words you can say to yourself.

I am beautiful

I radiate positivity

My hands are blessed

No matter what I face, I’ll remain confident in myself

I am enough

Fruitful I am!

I am not moved by the past or present, as I look forward to a positive future.

All these and other words are the kinds of stuff you could say to yourself every day in order to have a beautiful year ahead.

6. De-Clutter And Garbage Out Unnecessary Stuff

For some people, The beginning of every new year starts with new ideas, new innovations, new habits, and a quite number of other things.

Becoming creative with your life and space can be difficult if you have too many necessary items around you.

Because creativity comes out of a mental image and to put your mind to work you should have a beautiful and less occupied space around you.

One step to de-clutter your mind is to first, de-clutter the physical things around you, this is one of the practical steps to change your life forever.

In the year 2023 make it a goal to do away with things you don’t use any longer, it could be appliances, clothes, materials, or any other thing.

Doing this gives you a clear space and even a clear mind.

Sometimes, de-clutter may even be necessary for some of your social media accounts. If you find out that you are involved too much in some sort of social media groups that are not of priority to you then kindly exit them.

I recently found out that I was in over 150 Whatsapp groups in which I wasn’t even actively involved, coming online, I meet thousands of messages which sometimes makes me uncomfortable.

The best thing I did in that season was to exit from over 100 of them because it made me feel better.

You can as well de-clutter so many things that you find out are not necessary in order to give yourself breathing space and a clear mind.

7. Pursue Your Dreams

Furthermore, 2023 should be a year where you get to pursue all of your dreams.

Many people have been limited because of so many factors like procrastination, lack of time, busy life schedules, and a number of other things.

But trust me, now is the time to take the bull by the horn and get to work.

Find out what you are passionate about and work towards achieving your dream with it.

Yours may be returning back to high school to pursue your dream course, building a career in your field of interest, starting up a project, or many other things.  

You definitely can start now, in 2023 you should fiercely pursue your goals, so that at the end of the year, you gain a sense of fulfillment.

8. Cultivate A Healthy Habit

Last but not least of the powerful steps to change your life forever is by cultivating healthy habits warrants doing away with some unhealthy life patterns.

Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle may be quite difficult but trust me, it makes you a better version of yourself.

Inculcating a healthy lifestyle makes your life crystal clear, void of negativity, and makes you more creative and productive.

If you want 2023 to be the year of your dream then do away with some habits like

Spending too much time on social media

Sleeping late and waking up late

Not eating healthy

Gossiping about people

Being lazy with duties

And so many other habits you can think of. Cultivating a healthy habit and lifestyle will surely put your year on a big and positive side.


A new year comes with every possibility you could think of as a lot of people make positive plans and you too just have to take proper steps to change your life and lifestyle.

You have the power to change your life, and it starts with small steps and decisions every day. You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes or get a makeover.

Simply noticing yourself and getting uncomfortable can be enough to make you feel great about yourself.

You shouldn’t be left out as well. Kindly make use of the practical steps above and see 2023 becoming the best of your years.

You might not see immediate results from these actions, but over time they will add up until one day you wake up feeling like a new person.

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