15 Things Guys Say When They Are Truly In Love

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Are you curious to find out what guys say when they are in love? If yes, then make sure you read this article to the end.

Being in love is wonderful. It’s a feeling of warmth, security, and happiness that comes from knowing that you are loved by someone who cares deeply for you.

It’s no secret that men and women communicate differently. We have different love languages, and we tend to express ourselves in different ways.

But when it comes to love, there are certain things that men say (and do) that let you know they’re head over heels for you.

But how can you tell if the man you’re with is really in love with you? From “I love you” to “You’re my everything,”

If you’re wondering whether your guy is really ready to take the relationship to the next level, keep an ear out for these 15 telling phrases.

Things Guys Say When They Are In Love

1. “I’m not going anywhere.”

When a man says this, he’s letting you know that he’s in it for the long haul. He’s not going to get bored or wander off after a few months; he wants to build a future with you.

This is one of the things men say when they mean it—when they’re really in love with you, they’ll do everything they can to show you that they’re here to stay.

2. “I’ve never been happier.”

Things Guys Say When They Are Truly In Love

Happiness is contagious, and if he’s truly happy when he’s around you, it’s a good indication that he’s fallen head-over-heels in love and probably can’t live without you.

Guys who are just trying to get into your pants will often say they’re happy without meaning it—but if he says it and genuinely seems happy, he’s definitely feeling the love.

3. “You’re my best friend.”

Of all the things guys say when they are in love, this one is perhaps the most telling.

After all, being in love with someone means being fully comfortable with them, warts and all.

So, if he’s comfortable enough to let you see him at his worst, and still loves you despite it. It’s a good sign he’s in it for the long haul.

4. “I can’t imagine my life without you.”

This phrase might seem a little intense, but if he says it and mean it, it’s a sign that he’s deeply in love with you and sees a future with you by his side.

If he didn’t see a future with you, chances are he wouldn’t bother trying to imagine one. So, this phrase is a definite indicator of his true feelings.

5. “You’re Beautiful

We all like to hear compliments from our partners, but if your man regularly tells you how beautiful you are, it’s a sign that he’s deeply in love with you.

He sees beauty in everything about you, even the things that you may think are flaws. To him, they’re perfect because they’re part of who you are.

6. “I really miss you when we are not together”

Another one of the things guys say when they are truly in love is that he loves you if he tells you how much he misses you when you’re not together.

This shows that he values your time together and wishes you were with him more often. It’s a sweet way of showing how much he cares.

You may feel like the only thing that’s going on in your relationship is the two of you being together, but there are times when it’s not always possible.

In these situations, many women find themselves questioning whether or not their partner truly loves them.

I appreciate all the little things you do for me.

7. “Thank you.”

Things Guys Say When They Are Truly In Love

A man who is truly in love with you will always be grateful for everything you do for him, no matter how small.

He knows that your time and effort are valuable and appreciated. Even if it’s just making him dinner or doing his laundry, he will never take your efforts for granted.

It might not seem like much, but saying “thank you” shows that your partner is paying attention to all the little things you do for him—and that he appreciates them.

Whether you made him breakfast this morning or did something special for him last week, he wants you to know that he’s grateful for everything you do.

8. “I need you.”

This might sound like a weird thing to say, but it’s actually one of the most romantic things a man can say to a woman.

When he tells you he needs you, he’s letting you know that he can’t imagine his life without you by his side.

He relies on your strength, your support, and your love to get him through tough times—and he knows that he couldn’t do it without you.

9. “I Love You”

Of course, this is the most obvious sign that he loves you. But it’s not just the words that count, it’s also the way he says them. Does he say “I love you” often?

Does he look into your eyes when he says it? Does he say it in a gentle and caring voice? If so, then chances are he really does love you.

10. “Can I Help You With That?”

Things Guys Say When They Are Truly In Love

A man who loves you will always want to help out whenever he can, even if it’s just carrying groceries or taking out the trash.

He knows that even the little things can make your life easier and will gladly do them for you.

11. “I enjoy sharing important things with you”

Sharing something with your partner is a sign of intimacy, trust, and respect. It’s also a sign of love. That’s why men say “I enjoy sharing important things with you.”

It doesn’t mean that he always shares everything about himself.

But it does mean that he feels comfortable enough to share some parts of himself with you, like his feelings or fears or interests or hobbies, or dreams for the future.

Anything that might be important to him and make him vulnerable.

12. “I always feel comfortable with you”

You both feel comfortable and secure with each other. You know that if you’re feeling down, you can share your feelings with your partner, who will listen sympathetically and support you.

And when things are going well in your relationship, it’s nice to know that there is someone who will celebrate with you.

If your man tells you often how comfortable he is around you, it shows he really loves you dearly.

13. “If there is one person I want to spend my free time with it’s you”

If a man is truly in love with you, he will want to spend all of his free time with you.

He’ll tell you that he likes being with you because he wants to spend as much time as possible with the woman he loves.

14. “You make me feel special like I am wanted and needed by someone who really cares about me”

We all know that men are not complicated, they don’t even try to be. They are not a mystery, and they are definitely not hard to understand.

Men are easy to communicate with, and it’s also pretty simple to love them once you get past the fact that they sometimes act like little boys (and sometimes don’t).

If you’re wondering how your man feels about you, look at what he says!

He will tell you in no uncertain terms how much he cares for you when he says “You make me feel special,” or “I am wanted and needed by someone who really cares about me.”

Men say these things when they care about someone more than anything else in the world, so if your guy says this often enough, take notice!

15. “Meet my family”

A man who truly loves you would want you to meet his family and not only his family, but also his friends.

So, one of the first things guys say when they’re in love is you have to meet my family. If he’s going to introduce you to his parents, then things are certainly serious.

One thing that is sure or common with men is that they won’t let you meet their family if they’re not ready to take the relationship to the next level.

If you’re going to his home, then he’s not pretending to be in love. It simply means he’s madly in love with you. He may not have said those three little words, but his feelings are clear.


Men might not always be the best at expressing their emotions, but these are some of the certain things guys say when they are in love with someone.

If your man is saying any of these things to you on a regular basis, then there’s no doubt about it, he’s deeply in love with you!

And that’s something to cherish and be thankful for. Enjoy this special time in your relationship and savor every moment!

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