18 Signs Your Partner Is Attracted To Another Person

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If you’re sensitive enough, you’ll see the signs that your partner is attracted to another person.

Relationships can be strenuous, no doubt about that.

But it is more strenuous when you can longer feel the love and energy in your relationship because your partner is attracted to someone else.

Both partners being fully committed doesn’t guarantee the fact that things will always be easy.

If you’re already feeling distant from your partner, then this may be a sign that they are attracted to another Person.

There are various signs that indicate your partner is attracted to someone else.

If this is something you’re interested in, then read this article to the end.

Signs Your Partner Is Attracted To Another Person

1. They’re Secretive

This is an obvious sign your partner is attracted to someone else. They start to hide things from you and keep to themselves more.

For instance, you used to have access to your partner’s phone all of a sudden they cease to let you gain access to it again.

Even going as far as putting passwords on it, or even making personal calls, they’re attracted to another person.

2. They Avoid You

Signs Your Partner Is Attracted To Another Person

This is also an obvious sign your partner is attracted to another person because they start to ignore your calls and messages.

They don’t make or spend more quality time with you as before.

Most of them even give excuses that it’s because they’ve been busy, but on the other side, no one gets too busy for their loved ones, they would always create time for them.

 If your partner showcases all these traits he’s definitely attracted to another person.

3. They’re Often Defensive

For example, if you ask your partner questions like where they’ve been or who they’re texting and they start answering with more questions, it might be a sign that they’re feeling guilty about being attracted to someone else.

4. They’ve Started Talking About Someone Else A Lot

Signs Your Partner Is Attracted To Another Person

If your partner is attracted to another person but hasn’t acted on it, they might not even get worried about hiding how much they talk about the person they’ve been crushing on.

They may think of this other person so much, that they cannot help talking about them in your presence.

5. They Become Emotionally Detached Gradually

Signs Your Partner Is Attracted To Another Person

Your partner may start feeling disturbed and confused if they’ve developed feelings of attraction to another person.

In some cases, this can come across if they exhibit cold behavior towards you.

 It’s a sign your partner is attracted to someone else once your partner seems distant and cold.

6. They’re Paying Attention To Someone Else Social Media

Signs Your Partner Is Attracted To Another Person

Even though it’s important to have social media boundaries in your relationship, it’s not always very hard to notice when your partner’s online attitude has changed.

If they have begun paying lots of attention to a particular person’s page that may be a sign there is another person they’re into.

7. Their Behavior Begins To Change

A change in character can be a sign that your partner has some internal conflict going on.

If you’ve noticed new behaviors in your partner, alongside other signs, it may be an indicator of a crush.

8. They Get Easily Irritated With You

 If your partner is attracted to someone else, spending time with you may start to feel like a task.

Because of that, they can lose their patience and get frustrated with you more easily or get mad about the smallest things.

9. Your Gut Is Telling You That Something Is Off

Unless you’re just a naturally suspicious person, you should always go with your gut. If you feel like they’re distracted or that something is off, you could be right.

10. He Starts Comparing You

Your partner might have never compared you with anybody but the moment they start to do so, he is already getting attracted to another person.

12. Lack Of Communication

If you find out that you and your partner don’t talk like you used to, it means that their attention might be going elsewhere.

Their texts could be dwindling, or they might not want to engage in deeper conversation like they normally do.

It could be because they’re thinking about someone else.

13. He Doesn’t Get Jealous Anymore

If you used to go out with your friends, they would act a little jealous.

They normally question you before and after about whom you’re going with, where you’re going, and if you talked to any opposite partner.

 If they don’t seem bothered or jealous like they used to, there could be a very good sign they are attracted to another person.

14. You Just Feel It

Every human has instincts. It’s that little voice in your head that tells you when something is wrong.

It’s the feeling you get in your stomach when you know someone isn’t being honest with you. That’s instinct, and it’s something you should put into consideration.

15. You Caught Them Lying

If you’ve caught your partner lying not once, not twice, but multiple times, then this is a great sign.

Though you haven’t been able to really put your finger on what’s going on, you’re no longer able to fully trust them.

If you can’t trust them, it’s a genuine issue. A healthy relationship is built on mutual trust.

16. They Don’t Show Excitement Anymore

Unlike before when you were around each other, there was this buzz of excitement between you.

There are moments when it seems like love fades between couples but you both should learn how to get back to each other in no long time.

 If it feels like they’re in pain because of having to spend another minute beside you, ask them what the matter is.

17. You Sense That They Want To Be Somewhere Else

It doesn’t feel right when you’re on a date with your partner. You feel that they want to be anywhere but next to you.

How your partner acts around you is a strong sign of how they feel about you.

18. They’re Trying To Find A Reason To End Things With You

One of the signs that your partner is attracted to someone else is that they always find reasons to break up with you.

Maybe you had a stupid fight that typically would have been resolved in a couple of minutes, but now they want to break up with you. The reason is really dumb, but you know that’s not the real reason.


Having a partner who is attracted to someone else even if they don’t act on it can be very difficult.

Being able to express your feelings about the situation is just as important as paying attention to signs of attraction.

If you talk to each other openly, you might be able to resolve the issues you have together before they get too bad.

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