Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

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There are really simple things you can do to surprise your girlfriend as there are no specific days or times for surprises in a relationship.

Every Relationship needs surprising moments to keep the spark alive. These are moments you would both cherish forever.

Mind you, you always don’t need to break the bank all in the name of surprising your girlfriend.

There are really simple and exciting things you can do to her that will keep her amazed and even increase the bond between the both of you.     

If you’re looking for ways to make your girlfriend feel special, here are some ideas on how to surprise your girlfriend.

We have listed below simple but cute ways to surprise your girlfriend in this post.

20 Simple Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

1. Assist Her By Doing Some Of Her Chores

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

If you know that your girlfriend has been busy with school or work, surprise her by washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or maybe even cleaning the house.

She’ll definitely be very grateful, and you two can relax thereafter.

You can also run errands like picking up some groceries for her if she’s busy.

Doing this will make her know that you care a lot about her well-being and you’re truly in love with her.

2. Make Breakfast In Bed

If you are always the first to get up from bed in the morning, you could use it as an opportunity to surprise your girlfriend.

You can prepare something delicious like eggs with bread or pancakes. Pair the meal with a cup of tea or coffee to make it more special.

Present it in a tray to her on the bed so she can eat something yummy when she wakes up.

3. Bring Her Lunch At Work

If she didn’t bring food to work, bring her something delicious.

Make sure to text or call her ahead of time to confirm if it’s okay to show up with her favorite food.

If she’s her workload is not much, you could even sit and eat together while she’s on lunch break.

Ensure to pack an easy lunch option that she loves.

4. Prepare Her Dinner

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

If you are a good cook, show off some of your cooking skills to make your girlfriend happy.

You could go shopping to get the necessary ingredients to prepare something delicious that she would love.

Surprise her by cooking her favorite meal and remember to clean the kitchen when you’re done.

5. Give Her A Body Massage

Lay your girlfriend down and slowly massage her legs, her feet, her shoulders, and her back.

You could light a few candles and play a soothing song to make things cozy.

This would relieve her stress and make her feel relaxed.

6. Leave Cute Notes Around For Her

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

If you are opportune to access her bag or workspace for a few moments when she’s not around, leave her some cute notes to brighten her day.

These notes can also contain some of your favorite love quotes for her.

Hide them where she could easily see the notes.

Seeing these notes will make her happy and relaxed.

7. Take Her On A Picnic

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

If the weather is favorable and you have a nice spot in mind, grab some snacks and drinks and go on a picnic with her.

It should be surprising and romantic at the same time.

8. Look After Her When She’s Unwell

Go the extra mile to take care of her when she’s not feeling too well.

Take some time off from work, fix her something to eat or order some food, help take her medication, and keep her company until she fully recovers.

Show your girlfriend she’s your priority at that very moment.

9. Perform A PDA

PDA means ”Public display of affection”.

If you’re not the type that normally holds her hand or kisses her in public, try doing this and see how surprised she would be.

10. Run Her A Bath

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

If she had a hectic day, run a warm bath with a dash of bubble bath and light a scented candle.

Ensure to give her a few hours of undisturbed peace and even sleep if necessary.

11. Compliment On Changes To Her Appearance

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

Did she braid her hair? Fix her nails? Got a piercing?

Wore a new dress?

Ensure to compliment her whenever she’s looking different especially beautiful so that she knows you look at her.

12. Plan A Holiday, But Keep The Location Discreet

You’ll need to let her know you’re taking her somewhere so she can take some time off.

If you want her to be more surprised don’t disclose the destination to her, just make sure to let her know the right clothes to pack.

13. Surprise Her With A Bouquet Of Flowers

Gifting your girlfriend flowers on special days can be romantic but just giving her flowers on a regular day can make her feel extra special.

Surprise her with the most beautiful bouquet when she gets home after a long day at work or have it delivered to her at work if possible.

14. Take Her To Watch Movies At Night

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

It is more romantic to watch her favorite movie together, and take her to watch something she’d love.

You can even take in a romantic comedy or just see an old movie together.

15. Change Your Social Media Profile Picture

Declaring your love in public with affection is a better way to say I love you.

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whichever social media handle, try making a statement to your girlfriend by uploading a picture you both took together and saying how much you love each other.

This would melt her heart and she would be left with no other option than to drop a lovely emoji or comment.

16. Offer To Do Her Hair

Simple Things To Do To Surprise Your Girlfriend

It doesn’t matter if you know how to plait her or not, you could just offer to wash her hair, dry it with a hand dryer or assist her to comb it.

This simple gesture goes a long way in making her feel special.

17. Buy Her Pyjamas

You might not feel comfortable buying your girlfriend underwear yet or maybe because you don’t know her size.

 You can definitely get her some cute pyjamas instead to make her sleep comfortably at night.

18. Have A No-Phone Date

You can actually do this on any date but it’s mentally difficult for guys because they are attached to their phones.

 This can impact the fact that she matters more than work, football games, friends, and updates.

19. Take Her On An Impromptu Date

Surprising her with a date doesn’t always have to be creative; the power of the date is in the surprise.

You could pick her up from work to go get ice cream or even to have dinner.

It doesn’t matter what the surprise is but the fact that you made effort to surprise her is incredibly romantic.

20. Change Your Wallpaper On Your Mobile Phone To Her

Most ladies these days actually force their boyfriends to do this, but it’s much better if you choose to do this willingly.

Pick out her beautiful picture and you’ll be reminded of her all day. It’s more surprising when she sees it at a random time because she’d be caught off guard.


Life is short and we won’t always have the chance to do all these things with our special ones.

This is why you should use any little opportunity you get to surprise your girlfriend by making her feel special and loved.

In the long run, creating surprises helps to fuel the love in your relationship and also creates beautiful memories you both can always hold on to.

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