19 Signs He Pretends To Love You

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When you know the signs that he pretends to love you, you’ll save yourself from an unexpected heartbreak.

The worst realization ever is discovering that the person who claims to love you all these while has just been putting you on an edge and doesn’t love you.

Sometimes, a guy may decide to confess love and even begin a romantic relationship with you because of a certain selfish purpose that he wants to gain.

If you’re sensitive enough you’ll realize that staying in a relationship with someone who only pretends to love you can even be worse than breaking up with someone you love.

This is because it’s more painful to find out that all your time and energy has been wasted and he only made a waste of your emotions especially if you were deeply emotionally entangled with him.

Why Do Guys Pretend To Love A Lady?

There are a lot of reasons why a guy will pretend to love you.

Sometimes, it may be out of insecurity, the fear of being alone, and not being in any relationship.

So, to get into one, he just picks any girl and pretends he’s really into her.

And sometimes, he may have the intention that the love will grow with time but what happens if he eventually doesn’t fall in love with you? Trust me; such a relationship might be a living hell.

Signs He Pretends To Love You

You may have been wondering if your man truly loves you.

As a matter of fact, identifying if someone is pretending to love you can be quite difficult because some guys are pros when it comes to pretending to love a girl.

Nevertheless, there are evidential signs you should watch out for.

That is why you should read this article till the end as we’ve listed out some glaring signs that he pretends to love you.

1. He Doesn’t Consider You As A Priority

If you are the one always initiating how you both should spend time together, always contacting him or planning date night then this may be one of the signs that he is not really into you.

When your boyfriend always complains about his time schedule and tells you how busy he is then I think you should ask yourself if you’re truly a priority in his life.

A guy who is willing to spend the rest of his life with you will always make time for you despite his busy schedule.

And one way he will do that perfectly is by making you one of the top of his priorities.

2. He Wants A Secret Relationship

No other signs do you need to know than this.

Mind you, a secret relationship is not where he doesn’t want you to flaunt him on social media.

A secret relationship is when he tells you not to tell anyone else about the both of you.

This may be because he isn’t ready for a commitment with you or he is hiding something from you.

If he truly loves you then he shouldn’t stop you from telling the people that matters about the both of you.

3. Too Much PDA

I know that a lot of ladies love public displays of affection, that’s not bad.

However, does he give you the same level of affection he gives you when you both are not in public or does he totally ignore you when you’re inside together?

If he only shows you love when he is with you but ceases to be sweet and affectionate in private then this may be one of the signs that he pretends to love you.

4. You Don’t Know Your Place In His Life

Today he tells you that he loves you and he can’t do anything without you, the next day you’re wondering why he doesn’t pay much attention to you if he truly loves you.

All these are evidence to cross the line.

If you begin to doubt his love because he doesn’t seem to carry you along with his recent update or life then you might just be dating yourself.

5.  He Doesn’t Think Of You In His Spare Time

When a guy is truly in love with you he’ll ruminate over you when he is less busy and in doing that he may randomly send you a text or reach out to you.

But if the only time he reaches out is when you reach out to him first then he probably doesn’t love you.

6. He Doesn’t Want To Talk About The Future With You

Another sign that your boyfriend might just be pretending to love is that he doesn’t want to have a discussion about the future with you.

If he always acts uncomfortable or avoids the subject of the future then he has no plans to settle down with you eventually.

7. He Demands Sex All The Time

Physical intimacy with you becomes his top priority when a guy is pretending to love you.

He can be lovely and all-doting when he wants you to be intimate with you but seems to be distinct and uninterested in you once he’s done.

This is because he wants you for only what you have to offer and not because he’s emotionally attracted to you.

8. Your Family And Friend Don’t Approve Of The Relationship

This may sound like it’s out of context but if a large percentage of your family and friends disapprove of you and your partner’s relationship then; I think it’s best to listen to them.

There might just be an iota of truth in the reasons why they don’t want you to be with him.

9. He Hides Things From You

When a guy truly loves and respects you, transparency shouldn’t be a big deal.

But, if your boyfriend always hides a certain level of information or updates about his life from you then he probably doesn’t love you.

10. He Doesn’t Want You To Meet His Family And Friends

Does your boyfriend always come up with various excuses whenever you want to meet people that matter to him?

If he always comes up with reasons why you can’t meet them or why he prefers a private relationship then you should watch out and be careful.

11. He’s Always Unavailable

As much as life can get busy with various activities and schedules we always find a way around making time out for those who matter to us.

When your boyfriend pretends to love you, he’ll always be unavailable to communicate or spend quality time with you.

12. Her Blames You For Everything

Adulthood is the call to responsibility and owing up your fault.

But your boyfriend rarely ever accepts that he is wrong rather he blames you for everything and acts like the innocent one.

If he also has a problem with saying sorry whenever he is wrong then this is a sign of a manipulative boyfriend who’s only pretending to love you.

13. He Doesn’t Want To Grow With You

When you both are together, what do you talk about? What are the issues that he brings up?

Is he interested in your growth or encourages you to become the best version of yourself?

If he always looks down on you or care less about your personal growth and development then he may not be sincere with his feeling for you.

14. He Doesn’t Want To Have Difficult Conversations

When a man pretends to love you, he’ll avoid having deep or sensitive conversations with you.

This is because; answering questions like this puts him on a tight edge.

He wouldn’t want to have a conversation about meeting family and friends, investing in the future together, building a family, or taking the relationship to the next level.

This is a pointer that he doesn’t love you.

15. He Seems Bored When He’s With You

One of the few signs that he pretends to love you is that he won’t find your presence attractive.

When you’re truly in love with someone, you’ll always want to spend time with such a person.

But what happens when your boyfriend watches a movie or plays games rather than start a conversation with you when you’re together?

This might be a difficult pill to swallow because he probably doesn’t love you.

16. He Cheats On You

Should I say further? When a man loves you, even if he’s faced with a thousand reasons why he needs to cheat on you, he’ll never take them.

If cheating seems like a normal thing to your partner then he doesn’t love you. And if he does, he doesn’t respect your feelings enough.

Thus, such a relationship where partners don’t respect the feelings of each other would never work.

17. There Is No Future Vision

He doesn’t tell you where the relationship is heading and whenever you bring up the issue of a long time commitment he tells you that you both still have enough time and he’s working things out.

Hey sis, he only whiling away your time, you should know this.

18. He’s Sweeter To Other Girls

Is he always cold to you but seems to be bright when he comes across other ladies? Then this is a sign.

It’s one thing for partners not to be expressive to their significant other; however, if he showers other girls with his attention more than he does to you then you should be aware that he doesn’t love you.

19. He Is Not Generous To You

Every relationship and friendship is built on the platter of giving but when you’re boyfriend is never ready to make sacrifices in any form towards you then you should know that he doesn’t love you.

It could be in a monetary form, time, action, or other resources.

What matters is that he is a generous giver because generosity shouldn’t be a big deal towards the ones we claim to love.

You Deserve Better

Girlfriend, I’m sure you must have seen a few signs that he pretends to love you.

If this sign aligns with what your boyfriend is currently doing then you shouldn’t linger with him.

Every relationship that works is built on love so what happens when love becomes one-sided? Of course, such a relationship would be malnourished of affection.

Instead of straying where you’re not loved and respected find the strength to walk away.

 Remember you’re worth more than you think.

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