How To Propose To A Guy You Love

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Why wait for a guy to propose to you when you are all sure that he’s the very one for you?

So many times, a lot of females think that it’s the job of the man to initiate a proposal. Sometimes, it may be the other way around.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter who initiates the proposal what matters is that you both are emotionally attracted to each other.

Taking a bold step by telling him how you feel about him isn’t a bad idea.

Although, this must be done in the right way so that you don’t lose the friendship you have with him already.

I’ll be sharing a few steps that will help you propose to a guy effectively and rightly.

How To Propose To A Guy

1. Get Yourself Ready

You must be able to get yourself ready for what you want to do. There is a readiness that helps you to be confident when you are communicating your thoughts to the guy you want to propose to.

Lack of readiness and lack of confidence even kills the energy.

Ask yourself a question,” Am I ready for what I’m about to do?” Once your answer is yes then the first mountain has been surmounted: you can begin to plan for the proposal.

Prepare to pop the big question to him but before then you should have a cogent reason and of course, he must have proven himself to love you as you can’t propose to someone less interested in you.

Make sure the energy is mutual.

2. Have A Deep Conversations With Him

You can’t just go straight into the proposal without laying the right foundation.

You must be able to bring up conversations leaning towards relationship and marriage.

Learn more about him, his interests, and his opinion about relationships and marriage.

Doing this will let you know if he is worth asking the question.

3. Be Sure He Is Ready For A Relationship

You need to be very sure that the guy you are about to propose to is also ready to start a lasting relationship just like you.

This will help you plan well.

You can only get to know this while communicating with him.

He may seem ready for a relationship but you need to find out by yourself.

Does he portray the action of someone ready to commit a life?

Is he currently responsible for his life and actions if yes then you can go ahead to pop the question.

4. Plan The Proposal

After getting enough positive signs through your conversation with him, you can begin to plan the proposal.

Check out for nice ideas that’ll fully portray your intention to your partner in the best way.

Plan the venue, the strategy, if it’s going to be just you or you’ll invite his inner circle and yours too.

Write out your plans and begin to work on them immediately.

An idea remains an idea without an action so take action as soon as you can.

5. Keep The Proposal About Him

As you go about planning the proposal, keep the guy in question in mind.

There is a wrong way to plan for a proposal and that is when you plan a proposal based on what you’d like and not what he likes.

Make sure you use his hobbies and interests.

The moment of inquiry you had before the planning of the proposal is for you to get to know what he would appreciate, and what he likes and dislikes.

Don’t let those details slip off your heart, prepare with him in mind so he’ll get to appreciate and value your proposal.

6. Stay In Check

How To Propose To A Guy

In this moment of preparation, don’t be so far that you lose the guy totally.

As you plan the proposal, keep the communication in check. Make sure you are still involved with each other, conversing, sharing values, etc

Planning a proposal is not an excuse to not show up in the picture at all until it’s time to propose.

Keep communicating with him, stay around home, and keep the conversation flame burning.

7. Be Creative!

In your preparations, let loose your creativity.

Plan something nice. You can give him a symbolic gift.

If he loves his work, you can decide to join him in his work and plan your proposal for his work.

Just do something out of the box but make sure it’s something he’d appreciate

8. Keep It Simple

There’s beauty in simplicity. As much as you want to plan the best for the guy, don’t let it be too extravagant.

Men don’t like things that are too extravagant, so keep it simple. It’s not about the extravagance; it’s about doing what he values.

9. Make Your Intentions Known

How To Propose To A Guy

After you must have done all that needs to be done, and all plans and preparations have been perfected, confidently make your intentions known to the guy.

Tell him how you feel about him and how you’d love to be in a committed relationship with him.

Make sure you boldly communicate your intentions with a confident smile and gesture.

Don’t be under pressure because he’s going to read it all over you. Your boldness, confidence, and the way you carry yourself while expressing yourself matter a lot.

10. Be Firm!

While making your intentions known, be firm. You must not portray your proposal in a way that makes the guy feel like you are begging for a relationship.

You shouldn’t look desperate or act like you need a relationship at the moment.

Let your self-esteem be in check as you express yourself, making your intention known.

11. Give Him Time

After you have made your intention known to him, you must give him time to give you a response.

If he doesn’t give you an immediate response don’t be all over him.

Be optimistic all through this time till he gives his response.

This does not mean you just stop communing with him, it means you should let him decide himself and don’t force an answer out of his mouth.

12. Deal With The Aftermath

There are many pictures that your mind would begin to bring to you as a response after your proposal.

It could be so negative and agitating but do not dance to the tune of those things.

Be at rest, and remain confident. Hope for the best and prepare your heart for the worst.

You’ll be safe that way.

Wrap Up

This might just be the big chance you have to propose to your man and you shouldn’t trivialize this opportunity.

Like I said earlier, proposing to a guy doesn’t mean you are desperate or so full of him, it only means taking the bull by the horns and going for what you want.

After reading this you can make a decision either to propose to him or not.

But trust me, I’ll advise you to do so especially if he has proven himself worthy of your love, time, and commitment.

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