21 Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

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A lot of us have a list of really romantic and sweet things we say to our partners that will make them head over heels for us.

But sometimes, we do not know the words, statements, and manner of approach we aren’t meant to speak with our partner.

In building a healthy relationship, there are certain things you shouldn’t say or do to your partner and vice versa.

When you say this it could trigger a negative reaction in them which could in turn affect the relationship.

Knowing that our words and the way we use them are as important as our actions, there are certain words that we shouldn’t condone when our partners say them to us.

In this article, we will be showing you the things your partner should never say to you irrespective of the circumstances around it.

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

1. This Is All Your Fault

As much as no one is perfect and we are all liable to make mistakes, your partner shouldn’t always paint your fault or mistake to your face all the time.

Sometimes you’ll make mistakes or go against what they initially told you to do but it won’t be right to blame you if things eventually don’t work out well.

Remember that in a relationship you’re meant to solve mistakes together and not blame each other all the time.

2. I Don’t Have Time For This

When your partner uses the aforementioned phrase for you then it means they don’t have time for your needs, concern, or opinion in that relationship, so they tell it to your face.

Your partner may say this to defend themselves from being pressured.

You should have an open conversation with them to tackle the issue.

3. What’s Wrong With You?

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

When your partner asks what’s wrong with you it shows how rude they are.

Meanwhile, this is exceptional if they ask in a way to show concern.

But if they suddenly ask what’s wrong with you during an argument or misunderstanding then it can negatively affect your self-confidence.

Doing this may mean that they doubt your abilities and qualities remember that partners are meant to hold the back of each other, and not pull it down.

You should tell them how much your self-esteem is tempered whenever they use that word on you.

4. What Do You Even Do All Day?

When your partner says this to you it’s a means to belittle what you do. Your career should not be an excuse for your partner to make a mockery of you.

“What did you even do today?” is not a right question, in as much as you’re happy with what you do then they shouldn’t question your actions or make you feel bad for doing what you do.

5. Why Are Your Overreacting

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

A lot of time, partners may get into situations that will warrant that they react beyond how they are supposed to.

Nevertheless, your partner shouldn’t tell you stuff like, “You’re overacting, you’re too sensitive, or don’t get so defensive”.

They may be trying to calm you down, but they should understand that dismissing your emotions can make you feel invalid.

Your partner should let you express how you feel and not make you bottle up your motions.

6. Stop Being So Needy

A statement like “Stop being too needy” or “You’re too needy” is not the best way to resolve conflict within the couple.

Although you may act overly or want so much time, attention, and resources from them trust me your behavior is normal.

But if they feel like they cannot stand or deliver the amount of your needs then they should have a sincere conversation with you and not attack you with critical remarks.

7. You Always/ You Never

Your Partner Should not speak exaggeratedly just to prove a point to you.

Statements like “you always come late to events” or “you never listen to me” shouldn’t be said to you.

As much as your partner is trying to correct or draw your attention to something, using words like “always” and “never” is merely attacking you and not the issue at hand.

8. You’re Lying

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

Trust is one of the integral things that spice up every relationship.

If your partner distrusts you and even tells it to your face that they don’t trust you, then such a relationship is not healthy.

Having trust issues in a relationship is one way to pull off the beauty, even if they suspect you, there are other constructive ways to table the matter to you.

9. I Don’t Care

Having a nonchalant partner is the worst nightmare anyone can ever go through. As loving partners, you should care for each other needs at every point in time.

When your partner uses words like “whatever” or “I don’t care”, it shows that they are not interested in whatever action you take.

So, irrespective of their anger or range they shouldn’t make you feel insecure with words like that.

10. Are You That Dumb?

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

This is one of the most annoying things that your partner can ever tell you.

Even if you act like you don’t know it all at times, it doesn’t warrant your partner to call you dumb.

11. That’s The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

Hearing words like this discourage you from speaking up whenever you want to.

This simply shows that your partner doesn’t validate your opinion.

Irrespective of how silly you sound; they shouldn’t say to your face that you sound silly rather confront it in a more approached manner.

12. This Is Probably Why Your Ex Left You

Emotional intimacy is one of the things that every relationship should enjoy.

But when your partner makes mockery or takes advantage of your insecurity, past relationship, and worries then your partner isn’t helping matters.

Once your partner refers to your past or uses what you’ve told them about yourself to mock you then you should speak up about not liking it.

13. You Complete Me

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

As much as the relationship is meant for companionship and friendship it isn’t right if your partner tells you that you complete them.

Statements like this may actually sound romantic but the truth is, no human can feel a void we fail to fill in our lives.

When your partner says stuff like this it simply means that they expect you to fill them which is an unrealistic expectation.

You could reply by telling them that you don’t complete them rather you can also contribute to their growth.

14. Grow Up

If your partner tries to attack you when having a conversation rather than attacking the issues then it’s a big deal.

On no account should your partner tell you to grow up they are simply telling you that you act childish, and you should stop thinking like a toddler

15. I Don’t Have Time For This

If they don’t have time for any issue or action that you’re bringing on then there are a million other ways to put it.

But telling you to your face that they don’t have time for that only makes you feel neglected.

16. I Can’t Stand You

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

When your partner cannot stand your excesses there are better ways to tell you.

As a matter of fact, if your partner continues with you in this way then they are mean.

17. I Wish You Were Like…

Comparing does no good in any relationship.

If your partner doesn’t appreciate your personality or the little things that you do then they’ll begin to compare you to others which isn’t so right.

It doesn’t matter if the person your partner is comparing you with is better than you, the issue is that they measure your worth with that of someone else.

18. You’re Making A Big Deal Out Of Nothing

Statements like this are meant to keep you shut and not express your feelings as you want to

19. Your Friend Really Looked Hot Today

In a relationship, it’s normal to admire other people even when you’re entangled with someone else.

But it’s a form of disrespect when your partner expresses their desires for your friend or acquaintance.

This is the highest form of disrespect

20. You’ve Always Been Like This

Yes, you’ve always been like that but why didn’t they tell you all this while?

That means they were waiting for the perfect time to say it to your face. Statements like this don’t show your partner’s value.

21. That’s Just The Way I Am

Things Your Partner Should Never Say To You

Compromise is the key to a good relationship.

So, when you tell your partner that you’re not so cool with their recent actions or behavior and they reply “That’s just the way I am” then it shows they aren’t ready to change for the good of the relationship.

Wrap Up

Words have a way of sending signals to our emotions in romantic relationships and marriages.

So, certain statements or words shouldn’t be said to each other.

If your partner uses any of the aforementioned phrases to you frequently then you shouldn’t be quiet about it rather speak up and tell them how it damages your emotions and self-esteem.

And you should make sure that you’re not the one using these phrases to them as well.

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