15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut: Meat, Oil And Its Water

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Have you ever wondered why the palm tree is called the people’s tree of life? It sure has multiple functions which include the amazing health benefits of coconut – our sweet crunchy fruit.

Some people ask if coconut is a fruit or nut? It can be confusing but it is a combination of both – so we might refer to it as a fruit-nut. Or even seed. What do you think?

We shall be looking at the amazing health benefits of coconut, its meat, water, oil, and other great uses you can generate from just this fruit. This fruit-nut-like consists of some nutrients that are essential for boosting your immune system.

From where I come from in Nigeria, our mother would share some pieces of broken coconut among us when we arrived from school, and a bowl of cassava flakes known as Garri, some cubes of sugar, and mild chilled water. This meal served as our lunch and we enjoyed it. It’s crunchy, sweet, and of course, healthy.

Even without our knowledge of the nutritional values it contained, we loved it, I did. Now, I understand why my mother included it in our lunch meals. There are now various ways you can enjoy your coconut.

In this post, I’ll focus on just the numerous amazing health benefits of coconut. Let us start with the meat.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Meat:

1). Coconut Meat is consumable

Coconut meat is the crunchy white lining we see and find after removing the green coating of the fruit. It’s the part that is consumable, raw in its form and requires no cooking before eating. With its firm flesh, you can enjoy the nutrients in its raw form.

2). It helps reduces excess fat

Coconut meat contains Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which help to reduce excess fat in the body. It also provides some nutrients such as carbs and protein along with many important minerals, which include manganese, copper, iron, and selenium.

3). It improves cholesterol levels

One of the amazing health benefits of coconut meat is the potential of improving your cholesterol levels and helps to promote belly fat loss.

4). Contains low carbs

Coconut meat is minimal in carbs and rich in amino acids. It also contains fat but it’s healthy and fiber which is a good source for blood sugar levels management.

5). Prevents cell damage

Its meat contains polyphenol antioxidants that prevent the cells from damage and a higher risk of diseases.

6). Boosts Immunity

It has the potential to improve immunity as a result of the antioxidants and manganese contained in it. The meat also reduces inflammation, contains antiviral and antifungal properties.

7). Aids brain function

The human brain requires a lot of nutrients to function effectively. The MCTs contained in coconut, especially the oil will enable the production of glucose to the brain, restore any impaired memory and ensure the brain is active.

Now, let us move on to the health benefits of coconut oil which you can produce from the fruit.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil:

8). Coconut Oil contains natural healing wonders

Coconut oil has its natural healing wonders. I use it for many purposes – hair, body, and cooking. But the unprocessed, unrefined virgin coconut oil is the safest to consume. It contains a blend of saturated fatty acids, but, relax, some don’t adversely affect cholesterol levels.

9). Balances metabolism

Its oil is saturated fat, no doubt but it is not high in calories and cholesterol. Its richness in fatty acids helps balance metabolism and reduce excess fat in the body. This is how it works: the oil metabolites faster and gets burned off as energy when you apply it around your belly.

The oil also aids detoxification and gives a balance to your digestive tract. Enjoy it with your cooking and compare the difference with other oils.

10). Healthy for skin and hair

This is another amazing benefit of coconut – its oil used on the skin and hair. If you are looking for ways to moisturize your skin, look no further – coconut oil will do the magic! Yeah! So, instead of using other products that are lotions and creams, try coconut oil. It will nourish your skin, scalp, and hair; and also leave them moisturized. Isn’t that lovely?!

And lastly, the amazing health benefits of coconut is the nutritious water it has. There is a place called Badagry Coconut Beach in Nigeria, people visit there often to sip coconut water. Research has it that the water has varieties of nutrients which I’ll share with you.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water:

11). Natural water

Coconut water is considered a natural sports drink because of its natural sweetening substance, ability to keep you hydrated, and restore lost energy after a workout. So, I will advise that athletes or gymnastics should enjoy this natural energy-giving water.

12). Contains less sodium

Coconut water has less sodium which is the major electrolyte you exhaust with sweat. It also keeps you hydrated for a period of time but not compared to zero-calorie water.

13). Low in calories

You might want to consider coconut water if you are looking at substituting your higher-calorie drinks. It contains only 45 calories per cup. According to research, coconut water has less sugar and carbs compared to other juices. More so, it contains minerals, potassium, and less sodium.

14). Repairs tissues

When the tissues are damaged, amino acids are essential for its repair. This can be found in coconut water. Beyond this nutrient, it contains alanine, arginine, cysteine, and serine. Amino Acids will help you to effectively respond to stress after a long workout while arginine will help maintain a healthy heart.

15). Contains Antioxidants

Coconut water has antioxidant properties that help to balance any form of oxidative stress and free radicals. You need to look for fresh coconut water in order to enjoy the highest levels of these antioxidant properties.

Coconut as a fruit, nut, or seed has amazing health benefits by consuming them in various ways you are comfortable with. Don’t forget that coconut milk is produced from a mixture of coconut meat and water.

The production of this coconut milk in its undiluted form contains about 70 calories per cup and a great source for smoothies and cereals.

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