The List of Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

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All fruits and vegetables are healthy for consumption but if you’re looking at having a smooth journey of a healthy pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby, then you should avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy.

I know you would ask why? I asked a similar question during my pregnancy stages when my doctor told me to stay off them.

How I love fresh fruits and vegetables but I had to pay the sacrifice of motherhood by avoiding these fruits. And you know what? I have no regrets.

When you avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy, you need to understand why and that is exactly what I would be sharing with you.

It is not just enough to avoid eating them, but also knowing the particular fruits to stay off during pregnancy.

So, I guess your next question would be what are the fruits I should avoid eating during pregnancy? They are right here below:

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy:

1). Pineapple

As much as pineapple is known for its nutrients, it is one of the most ranked fruits that you should avoid eating during your pregnancy, especially in your first trimester.

This fruit contains bromelain which is an enzyme that breaks down protein, softens the cervix, and could lead to miscarriage. More so, it causes diarrhea and could make you very uncomfortable.

2). Papaya

This is another fruit you must avoid eating during pregnancy, especially the unripe and semi-ripe ones.

Similar to pineapple, raw or semi-ripe papaya contains latex which provokes premature contractions which could be dangerous for your unborn child.

Unripe and semi-ripe papaya can also lead to the disruption of the fetus and damage its growth.

You may want to ask about eating the ripe ones, yes, they are good for consumption but must be eaten minimally.

3). Tamarind

As a pregnant woman, it is totally natural to crave all kinds of things. Oh! You don’t want to imagine or know the kinds of odd foods and fruit combinations I craved during my pregnancy… 😉

My cravings were out of this world and thankfully, my husband was good enough to satisfy my cravings. But one thing I ensured was that my cravings were right and healthy.

One of the fruits I craved during my second pregnancy, yes, that especially, was tamarind. I had eaten it one day before I realized its effects on pregnancy.

As much as tamarind contains natural sweetness and other nutrients, it can be harmful to you and your baby.

Some people use this fruit as an antidote to morning sickness and nausea, but controlled consumption is crucial.

Tamarind is high in vitamin C which makes it on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. As a result of its high amount of vitamin C, if you consume it in excess, it can prevent the supply of progesterone in your body, leading to miscarriage, early birth, and worse, damage to the cells in the fetus.

4). Bananas

I remember my mother telling me about how much I loved eating a banana while growing up, and I still do. But there are times when circumstances will change your appetite and you’ve no choice but to comply.

The case was my love for bananas during pregnancy. Of course, it’s rich in carbohydrates, prevents anemia, and helps maintain colon health, however, it must be consumed based on the doctor’s recommendation.

Some women suffer from allergies, so you need to avoid eating bananas. Similarly, if you have diabetes or gestational diabetes, you should also avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy.

Bananas have chitinase which is a latex-like substance known as an allergen. This substance increases body heat, which is one major reason pregnant women with such allergies should avoid eating it.

5). Grapes

Grapes are not medically recommended for consumption during the final trimester. They also generate heat in the body which can be harmful to both the mother and baby.

Most grapes are sprayed with pesticides that are difficult to wash away; these pesticides are dangerous to the health of the fetus and can cause complications.

Another effect of eating grapes during pregnancy is that it causes constipation as well because the skin is difficult to digest.

6). Watermelon

Are you surprised? I was too! Watermelon is one of the major fruits many people consume daily. However, it falls under the category of fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

This fruit flushes out some toxins in the body which is the major reason you should avoid eating it.

Eating watermelon during pregnancy can expose the baby to various toxins flushed out by the consumption of the fruit. The fruit is generally healthy except for pregnant women. Excess intake can also increase blood glucose levels.

7). Dates

Sincerely, I have my reservations about this…this is because dates are natural sweeteners used for multiple purposes. But as a pregnant woman, you need to avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy, or else the blame may be ours. Right? Thanks!

Dates are naturally filled with vitamins and essential nutrients needed for the development of the immune system, but pregnant women are advised to steer clear of it.

From the findings, one of the major reasons is the level at which it increases body heat and also causes uterine contractions. But if you have a strong craving for it, eating one or two dates daily is recommended.

8). Canned Tomatoes

Sometimes, you may feel tired and not in the mood to stay so long in the kitchen. I understand. But the option of eating canned food or fruits is not a good choice for you.

Your weakness should not lead you to this unhealthy option. Remember it is not all about you, but your unborn child.

Most canned foods and fruits contain a high amount of artificial preservatives that can be harmful to you and your baby.

These preservatives can also be toxic, leading to health complications. The best option is to totally avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy.

When you are advised to avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy, it may not be an easy and smooth journey into motherhood, but I can assure you, that it is worth the abstinence.

Then remember to consult your doctor and Gynecologist before you take any decision regarding yourself and that of your child.

Happy Motherhood Journey!

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