How To Keep The Spark In Your Relationship Alive

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Knowing how to keep the spark in your relationship alive is the best way to maintain a healthy relationship.

Asking your partner out and receiving a “yes” is not all as there are a lot more things to do to maintain and enjoy a relationship.

There is a place for constantly making an effort to keep the spark in your relationship alive.

As a gun won’t shoot itself, it needs a man to pull the trigger before it fires up, the same as any relationship.

Many relationships started healthy and ended up with a lot of issues because of the inadequacy of the right knowledge to keep the spark alive.

You might be asking yourself questions like; “How am I supposed to make this happen?”

And that is why I’ll be listing a few ways you can keep the sparkle in your relationship alive.

How To Keep The Spark In Your Relationship Alive

1. Communicate Frequently


This can be regarded as the fuel of any relationship. It ignites the fire of the relationship and keeps it burning.

Anyone who wants to keep the spark in their relationship alive must learn how to communicate effectively with their partner.

However, sometimes communicating with your partner may get boring as you may have exhausted everything to talk about.

Nevertheless, keeping the spark in your relationship alive warrants that you come up with something new all the time.

Talk about your choices, preferences, trending topics, how your day went, or just random topics.

Doing this helps you both know each other more thus giving you a healthy relationship.

  2. Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

What makes communication effective is when the two sides understand each other’s language.

Communicating in your partner’s love language makes the relationship ride smoothly.

So even on the days when you both are not in the mood to keep the relationship going, all you need to do is speak to them in their love language and spice it up.

Know which of the love languages your partner wants to be spoken with.

This is how couples keep the sparkle alive.

3. Spend Time Alone With Your Partner


Make it a habit to spend enough time with your partner.

 Go to a solitary place, maybe a beach, and have a nice time together.

Tell them beautiful things and as you do this make them realize that they’re one of the best things that has ever happened to you.

4. Plan Surprises


There is something about surprises in a relationship.

It increases the love you have towards your partner.

And in spicing up your relationship it is expected that you surprise your partner every once in a while.

Put them in suspense and shock them with something that they least expect.

5. Don’t Ignore Self Development

The world keeps evolving every day and this will open your partner to see new things and sometimes even meet people better and exposed than you are.

So, you’ll be doing yourself more harm if you fail to be intentional about your personal development.

It’s expedient to work more on yourself physically, intellectually, socially, financially, and even in your culinary skills to keep the spark in your relationship alive.

Read more books, take courses, meet new people, and expand your horizons.

6. Be Adventurous

You’ll definitely have a boring relationship if you aren’t adventurous with your love life.

And this starts by doing something new and trying out beautiful things.

Exploring and getting to know your partner more isn’t a day job so you’ll need to give all it takes to be adventurous and spectacular in your love life.

7. Spend Time Alone

In every relationship, the place of individuality cannot be overemphasized.

This is because, to pull the spark in your relationship, you’ll need to discover yourself first by knowing what you love and dislike.

Doing the things that give you joy and satisfaction as well.

When you stay apart from your partner for a little while, you’ll appreciate their presence more.

8. Go Out On Date Regularly

Going on a date with your partner is another beautiful way to spice up your relationship.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive or cozy one.

It could be a coffee night or relaxing in a nearby garden.

Doing this often makes you spend more time together.

9. Be Open With Each Other

No relationship will survive if both of them aren’t open to each other.

To keep the spark in your relationship alive, you’ll need to be vulnerable to your partner by allowing yourselves to know each other more.

Don’t be secretive and let your partner know the level of information that you want them to know from you.

10. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Maintaining a healthy relationship is hard work, no doubt about that.

So, if you’re seeking to keep the spark in your relationship alive you must learn not to be too comfortable when it comes to staying in your comfort zone.

This is because your partner may intrude your space, there are times when you’ll have to go out of your way or do things out of your way just to make the relationship work.

11. Travel together


Exploring the world with your partner is another way to keep the spark in your relationship alive.

Doing this helps you see nature together and also spend quality time with each other.

12. Talk About Sex

Sex is a big deal in every relationship or marriage and its importance is enormous.

So, to keep the spark alive you shouldn’t shy away from such conversations. If you’re in a sex-inclusive relationship then let your partner know how best you want to enjoy sex.

Explore new things and try out new styles.

And if your relationship is not sex inclusive make plans towards how best you’ll enjoy yourself.

Talk about your sexual fantasies and let your partner know how you feel about sex.

14. Play Games Together

Playing games together with your partner is another fun way to keep the spark in your relationship alive.

There are a lot of enjoyable games you both can play together.

Check them out and make the best out of it.

15. Visit Family And Friends

If you are with a partner that places a high level of respect and dignity on their family and friend then you’ll be doing yourself a great favor if you can as well value their family and friends.

Make out them to visit your family and friends together with your partner.

16. Work Out Together

A healthy relationship starts by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and one of the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by working out.

So, why don’t you make working out more fun-filled by trying it out with your partner?

You can also use this moment to bond even while you shred some cholesterol.

All you need to do is to register for gym classes together or do your morning exercise together.

17. Be Open With Your Feelings

The first step to being open with your feelings is communicating on a deeper level with your partner.

That is, your communication has to go beyond the routine conversation you have.

Make them understand you through your emotional state and be open to telling them how exactly you feel.

Doing this brings some sort of closure between the both of you and helps you both to decipher when something is wrong.

18. Cook Together


Your partner may not be the cooking type or vice versa.

But spicing up your relationship will require that you try something new.

So instead of eating out, why don’t for search for recipes online and try out new dishes with your partner.

Trust me; doing this would be much fun.

19. Love Them In A Way That They Don’t Expect

What this simply means is that sometimes, you should compromise in other to do your partner a favour.

There are several things that your partner loves that you don’t so, the differences become evident between both of you.

This is what you should do to keep the spark alive, do those things that you’ll normally not do with your partner.

In other words, choose the things that they like for no other reason than to make them happy.

Instead of always complaining, try to give the person you love their way without them asking.

Everyone desires something new after a while. Let your spouse see a new version of you every time as you take time to work more on yourself and keep the sparkle in your relationship alive.

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