18 Signs You Have Captured His Heart Forever

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You may be wondering whether or not you’ve captured your lover’s heart, don’t worry, in this article, you’ll see a few signs you have actually captured his heart.

What are those signs that he’s in love with you? How do you know if he has your heart?

Knowing if a man loves you can be a hard nut to crack at times.

Just like a lot of ladies, most guys have their love languages as well.

In other, for you to know you have captured his heart, you need to know how to interpret his love language.

This may take a long process for most guys to show their true feelings and emotions.

So if you really want to know if you’ve captured his heart, here are a few signs that signal that.

Signs That You’ve Captured His Heart

1. He Shows You, Unconditional Love

Love is the ultimate expression of care and understanding, but unconditional love is completely another level entirely.

This kind of love can only develop over time and when it occurs, it turns out to be magical.

When a guy loves you unconditionally, he won’t judge you for your shortcomings or mistakes; he will accept you with open arms and support your decision.

If he always expresses his devotion to you, know that he has given his heart to you completely.

2. He Does Whatever You Ask Of Him

Most guys will lead their own life when they first meet you because they have their own priorities.

However, once a guy is in love with you everything changes and you become his first priority. This will make him do anything you ask of him.

For example, if you want to go to the mall or cinema he takes you there just because he wants you to be happy.

He will also assist you in anything else because he is in love with you.

This is a great sign that you’ve captured his heart and that he’s not pretending to love.

3. He Stares At You

Signs You Have Captured His Heart

This is a weird sign that you have won his heart.

Most of the time you will catch him staring at you and that’s because he can’t help but behold your beauty.

 Even though he’s actively communicating with other people around, he would still find a chance to gaze at you and thereby acknowledge your presence with his eyes.

4. He Wants To Be With You At All Times

When a guy loves you he will always want to spend most of his time with you.

He’ll spend quality time with you when he is available and would even try to stay longer.

In his busy time, he’ll put in the effort to draft out time to have quality time with you just because he’s in love with you.

When you notice this sign from him just know that he’s really into you and you’ve finally captured his heart.

5. He Stays By Your Side During Tough Times

Signs You Have Captured His Heart

When a guy is in love with you, he’ll always be there for you no matter the situation.

He’ll always be the first to rush to your side when you are in trouble.

One of the signs that you’ve captured his heart is that, whenever you’re facing difficult times, he’ll support you and make you feel that you’re not alone.

He’ll make it known to you that you can count on him and he’ll never leave your side.

When a man shows these things know that he’s intentional about you.

6. He Always Confesses His Feelings To You

Signs You Have Captured His Heart

This is a very strong sign that you’ve captured your guy’s heart because he always lets you know how he feels about you.

He seizes every opportunity to show affection towards you.

Men are not really outspoken when it comes to revealing their true feelings but if they do that means you are special and precious to their life.

When a guy whispers sweet words into your ears when you are together then he’s deeply in love with you.

7. He Hardly Criticizes Anything You Do

If you make a mistake, he’ll overlook it because he is in love with you.

You may be hard on yourself but he’ll be the one trying to calm you down to take it easy on yourself and to let it go.

This is also another sign that you’re in a healthy relationship.

A man in love compliments you and does not even consider insulting you for any reason.

8. He’s Always Reaching Out To Hold Your Hand

Signs You Have Captured His Heart

This is one of the obvious signs that you’ve captured his heart.

He’ll constantly hold hands with you because it makes him feel closest to you especially when he is too scared to open up fully to you about his feelings.

Therefore, if a guy holds hands with you randomly but he hasn’t informed you about his feelings in detail, it is a sign you’ve captured his heart.

9. He Knows A Lot About You

Another way to know you’ve captured his heart is when he makes it his duty to know all about you.

He may even go as far as finding out about your family background, your favorite things, events, friends, etc.

When you have won a man’s heart he will do all these things without asking you. This shows the length he’s willing to go to know you more.

10. He Encourages You

A man that loves you encourages you the most.

And because of that, everything that concerns you concerns him.

He’ll constantly encourage you with great ideas to try new things, accomplish new goals, and even be a source of motivation to you when you’re about to give up.

Even when your plan fails he won’t give up but will continue to encourage you.

11. He Compliments You

He tells you beautiful and lovely things about yourself even those you don’t know about yourself.

Aside from physical attributes like your lovely eyes, and physique, he’ll draw your attention to other details like your character, charisma, gestures, and dressing just for you to know how much he cherishes you.

This is a great sign that you’ve captured his heart

12. He Gives You Meaningful Gifts

Signs You Have Captured His Heart

Giving gifts is a way of showing appreciation to others.

Even if he’s tight on budget, he’ll never stop surprising you with some meaningful gift, and costly sometimes.

For example, he brings you lunch or gets you a nice piece of jewelry, etc.

 By so doing, he adores you.

Kindly have it in mind that you have captured his heart if he does all these to you.

13. He Starts To Mimic Your Voice

Most men are completely unaware of this. If you talk loud, he does the same. If you talk using a different accent, he will too.

For instance, there is a particular word you say anytime you are talking; he will cultivate the habit of using that word just to tease you at times.

14. He Makes Plans Of The Future With You

When he starts picturing life with you, it will be evident in his conversations and comments with you.

He’ll also feel a sense of assurance that it could be achievable, this is a sign that you’ve taken over his heart.

 If he is confident in introducing your name or likeness into conversations out in public, then this too can certify that you have captured his heart.

15. He Is Selfless And Compromises

When he loves you, he’ll always put your needs first, even if it means sacrificing something important in his life.

He’ll be willing to make compromises and adjustments to ensure the relationship is successful while still being true to you.

This does not only displays passion and commitment, but it also shows how much he cares about you and your happiness as well.

Having a man who is willing to put in hard work for a healthy relationship even when things get difficult is a sure sign you have his heart in your hands.

16. He Pays Attention To Details

When he takes the time and effort to notice your likes, dislikes, habits, and interests and shows consideration for how he affects you, this can warm your heart.

For instance, remembering important dates in your life like your birthday or anniversary, and paying attention means genuine care.

If he takes that interest in being thoughtful and caring, it can be one of the most beautiful signs that you have truly captured his heart.

17. He Supports And Understands You

All relationships need to be built on a foundation of understanding and support for them to thrive.

If he’s always there for you when you need him and willing to be a listening ear when things get tough then he cares a lot about you.

He’ll provide comfort in times of sadness or cheer you up in moments of success.

Whatever might be the case, having a man who understands what’s going through your head is invaluable and shows that he is devoted to you and your well-being.

This is a true sign his heart belongs to you.

18. He Protects You.

Wherever you go, he makes sure you feel secure and safe.

He makes great efforts to shield you from physical and emotional harm.

For instance, if you don’t stay together he drives you home or order a taxi for you just to ease your stress.

Also, he’ll try to protect you from daily problems by solving half of them himself.


Men can be very secretive about their true feelings than women in general.

Notwithstanding, there are certain signs you have captured his heart. If you can see some of the above signs in him, his heart belongs to you.

Congratulations! Try to always

work on your relationship to create a spark that makes him feel alive and enables him to do more great things.

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