9 Amazing health benefits of Beetroot

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Beetroot has gained popularity in recent years due to its high nutritional value and potential health benefits.

They have been enjoyed as a root vegetable for centuries and are also used in many countries around the world to make various food products like beet kvass or pickled beets.

Both the leaves, root and seeds are edible. Each part provides nutrients to the body in their own way.

The roots of the beet have been responsible for providing humankind with many health benefits, that range from blood purification to treating anemia and increasing semen volume as well.

They’re a good source of betaine. This is a substance that protects internal organs and plays an important role in metabolism.

So in this blog post, we’ll be looking at different parts of beetroot and its health benefits.

Should you eat beetroot or not? If you are asking this question, I would suggest you to stop listening to anyone and study the health benefits of beetroots first.

And only then make a decision. Who knows, it could be the best decision ever in your life.

Let’s move on to see what these 9 amazing health benefits of beetroot are, shall we?

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1) They can lower your blood pressure

Beetroots are delicious and healthy. They can be prepared in a variety of ways, and most of them are tasty! But did you know that beetroots can help lower blood pressure?

That’s right — drinking beetroot juice or eating them as part of a meal can help lower your blood pressure, which means you could see lower numbers when you check your blood pressure at home.

Scientifically speaking, they lower your blood pressure by dilating (enlarging) the arteries and the veins which allows better flow of blood through the vessels.

This is great news when improving general health and removing blockages from the arteries in your heart.

However, it is important to note that no more than 1L per day should be consumed, as this could cause problems with electrolyte balance.

2) They help you detoxify and purify your liver

Beetroot helps you detoxify and purify your liver – If you want to lose weight, supercharge your immune system, combat cancer and prevent diabetes — then a liver detox is what you need.

The liver is one of the most vital organs in the body. It performs many functions responsibilities; it is the body’s workhorse.

It produces enzymes that convert protein, fat, and carbohydrates into energy. It also plays an important role in the body’s blood glucose level maintenance.

3. They’re full of powerful antioxidants

Beetroots contain powerful antioxidants that prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

The root vegetable has high levels of vitamin C, folate and manganese. It also contains significant amounts of potassium and iron.

4. They can increase your stamina

One of the major health benefits of beetroot is that it can increase your stamina.

Recent studies have focused on their ability to improve endurance in runners, increase red blood cell and oxygen levels – the list goes on.

Did you also know that notable people like the footballer Ryan Giggs and world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver sing praises for beetroot?

Simply because it belongs to the amaranth family and sugar beet group. This makes the root so special.

5. They can boost your brainpower

In fact, this is one of the interesting science behind the power of beetroot and its ability to boost your brainpower and build healthier memory.

The liver breaks down choline into a helpful chemical called acetylcholine which is essential for memory and other functions.

When beetroot pills are taken with choline, the results are even better than taking choline alone..

6. They can help reduce the risk of certain cancers

Beetroots, scientifically known as betalains, are approximately 50 times richer in antioxidant properties than most of the fruits and vegetables and rank very high among foods that help fight cancer.

It is highly effective in fighting cancer, especially colon. A study from New Zealand found that consuming beetroot can help prevent colon cancer.

That’s because the rich antioxidants like betanin in Beetroots and betacyanin which are natural pigments that give beets their reddish-purple pigment.

Doctors are encouraging people to eat more beetroot in order to protect themselves from cancer.

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7. They can help reduce the signs of aging

Some people may not know that beetroot also helps reduce the signs of aging as well and they are great for your skin.

There is a chemical in beetroot called betalain which is what helps prevent free radicals from causing damage.

Free radicals can lead to aging and lots of other problems. The betalain present in beetroots helps neutralize these free radicals so your skin can stay young, soft and healthy day after day.

It is also rich in natural nitrates that help the blood flow to all parts of the body, which gets rid of all the toxins. That can help you live an energetic, clear, and younger-looking life.

Beauty companies are making you believe that to prevent wrinkles and have glowing skin you need to buy their products. However, beetroot can do the same thing, but for free.

They are also great for body building and are a perfect supplement for pregnant women.

So, don’t let the way you look hold you back and try these amazing beetroot benefits for your skin.

8. They help with vision

Beetroots help with vision. They are a rich source of beta carotene which acts as a dietary supplement.

You may have also heard that beetroots have diuretic properties, and are thus helpful in fighting water retention.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your vision or ways to reduce water retention, eating more beets might be a good idea.

9. They help to relief costipation and aid indigestion.

Beetroots help to relieve constipation and aid indigestion. According to research, the high fibre content in beetroot can prevent constipation.

In addition, beetroots also have a laxative effect which helps to relieve constipation.

So, we can see that there are many health benefits from eating beets, but not all of them are backed by scientific evidence.

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