11 Amazing Health Benefits of Kale You Should Know

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All fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the body, but Kale has more health benefits than they look.

The leaf cabbage look-alike contains super-rich antioxidants and phytonutrients that help fight and prevent terminal diseases.

Kale was a well-known vegetable in Europe some ages ago and has since been included in the list of healing vegetables. The vegetable has its varieties, not just in the taste but also the colors.

There are four types of kale I should tell you about before I proceed into its nutritional contents and health benefits.

The first is Curly kale which is the most common variety. It consists of a pepper flavour.

We have Lacinato kale. Its leaves are narrow and dark green.

Redbor kale has ruffled leaves ranging from deep red to purple.

While Russian kale has flat and fringed leaves and is the rarest to find.

More so, it is a cruciferous vegetable and belongs to the cabbage family such as broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens and Brussels sprouts.

Let’s take a look at the amazing health benefits of kale you should know if you are already considering including this vegetable in your regular plate of vegetables.

Amazing health benefits of Kale

1) Super-rich in Antioxidants

One of the distinct nutritional values of kale is its high richness in antioxidant properties. It also contains vitamins K, A, and C including other minerals such as iron.

These antioxidants and other kale phytonutrients make it effective and helpful in preventing deadly diseases such as heart disease, loss of vision, cancer, and so on. The presence of vitamin K helps protect the bones and make them stronger and healthy.

2). Aids Digestion

Kale is one of the fruits that enhances digestion and elimination. This is because of the high amount of fiber it contains.

Every part of kale is important which includes the stems that contain a rich source of prebiotics.

Apart from the fiber, it has some amount of water which is necessary for adequate digestion. The combination of these two helps prevent constipation.

3). Contains Anti-cancer Properties

One of the distinctive and amazing health benefits of kale you should know is the amount of anti-cancer properties contained in it.

Generally, chlorophyll is contained in green vegetables, which does not exclude our Queen of greens – Kale.

The chlorophyll in kale will help prevent the body from any form of compound absorption called heterocyclic amines.

These chemical substances have been revealed to be associated with cancer.

Naturally, the body can not consume much amount of chlorophyll, or else it damages it. But this cruciferous vegetable will help prevent such disease.

4). Prevents and Controls Diabetes

A Japanese study revealed that a regular intake of kale has the potential to reduce increased blood glucose levels that shoot up after a meal known as postprandial.

So, a cup of kale can help lower blood glucose levels in patients with type 1 diabetes because it amounts to 0.6 grams of fiber. Likewise, this nutritious vegetable improves the blood sugar levels in a type 2 diabetes patient.

5). Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Kale has substances that help lower cholesterol in the body. Some people use the leaf to make bile acids which are substances that promote fat digestion and breakdown in the body.

This is how it works – the liver turns the cholesterol in the body into bile acids, then releases it into the digestive system whenever you consume a meal that contains fats.

These bile acids are responsible for reducing cholesterol levels in the body.

6). High in Vitamin C

Kale has a high amount of vitamin C which fights aging and slow healing of wounds. Deficiency in vitamin V is one of the rapid causes of aging.

Another sign of deficiency in vitamin C is quick bruising, poor irons, and constant bleeding of gums. Kale provides you with this vitamin especially when you consume it in its rawness.

7). High in Calcium

Other amazing health benefits of kale include its richness in calcium. Calcium is required in the body for healthy and stronger bones and teeth.

We all need to build strong bones, hence the regular consumption of kale.

Maintaining healthy bones and teeth is needed to function actively in your daily activities and longevity.

8). Enhances Healthy Liver

The liver cannot function actively and healthily when it is full of toxins. The fiber and sulfur contained in kale are super-effective for assisting the body to detoxify toxins that affect the liver and help it stay healthy.

9). Immune Booster

The health benefits of kale are numerous, including nutritional values that can boost the immune system.

The immune system must consistently remain healthy, else the cells will be affected, leading to the breakdown of the health.

Kale has the potential to boost your immunity levels because of the high levels of vitamin C and folate this vegetable contains.

It is generally said that when you see the leaves of kale and they appear darker, worry not because the darker, the more antioxidants in the vegetable.

10). Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

Are you considering burning the calories you piled up during the Christmas season? Look no further, kale is the answer.

For a weight loser, you don’t need excess calories, that is why kale does just that for you.

The dietary fiber contained in kale will prevent you from overeating and unnecessary food cravings or junk.

You can achieve this when you include some freshly chopped kale leaves in your dishes regularly and also yogurt but ensure it is plain Greek to avoid extra calories you don’t want.

11). Improves Healthy Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman at every stage of their trimester requires healthy blood vessels which kale gives because of vitamin K in it.

Another amazing health benefit of kale you should know as a pregnant woman is the ability it has to ensure the baby develops healthy bones and teeth.

This is mostly possible with the nutrient of calcium also present in kale.

These amazing health benefits of kale are very essential and required for our daily healthy living.

There are several ways you can enjoy it, not only for weight loss but also for healthy living.

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