11 Principles For Living Your Best Life

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Welcome on board, as you’ll be getting launched into the principles for living your best life.

Living your best life is simply enjoying life to the fullest and gaining satisfaction from it.

It means being intentional about living a life that makes you happy.

There is a very high possibility that you are living but not living your best life.

You may just be living in the shadow of how you are meant to be and not even close to your best life.

Living your best life comes with so many principles as life itself is governed by principles so, to enjoy your life to the maximum you’ll have to follow the principles of living your life to the best.

Maintaining your best life doesn’t have to start when you clock a particular age or attain a given status.

Living your best life can start now.

This article provides you with all you need to live your best life.

Principles For Living Your Best Life.

1. Live In The Present Moment.

So many people are occupied with living in their past and not in their presence.

Living in your present simply means allowing your past to stay behind you.

And taking one step at a time in a bit to have a fulfilling and wonderful life.

Enjoying life to the full maximum will warrant that you live without worries about your past or what the future holds.

Not only will this make you live your best life it will also crown your little effort by giving you a productive and fruitful existence.

Steps on how to live in the present

  • Smile the more
  • Forgive easily
  • De-clutter people who remind you of your negative past
  • Love genuinely
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Be Intentional About Your Growth.

To live your best life, you’ll have to be intentional about your growth.

In this world of so many distractions, a lot of people find it difficult to put serious and celibate efforts into growing in various areas of their life.

If you truly want to live your best life then you must be bent on your growth.

 It involves growing in every aspect of your life like, taking up new courses, learning a new skill, learning,  unlearning, and relearning.

To do this, you’ll have to come out of your comfort zone; staying glued in your comfort zone may not always provide you with the best life you desire.

So, to live your best life you must cultivate the habit of intentional growth. Trust me, this will require a quite number of discipline and self-control from you.

Nevertheless, when you begin to enjoy the benefits of being intentional about your growth you’ll be happy that you were able to discipline yourself.

2. Don’t Pay Too Much Attention To What People Say About You.

The reason why you’re probably not living life to the fullest maximum is that you take people’s word to heart.

Laughing Out Loud (Lol)

I mean, it is very funny to know that you still care about what people say about you.

To live your best life, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to what people say about you either negatively or positively.

You should learn to live by your decisions and not that of others.

Because the fact is that, people around you will give positive or negative remarks about you so just sieve their opinions, choose which is best for you and move on with your life.

3. De-Clutter Your Mind.

De-cluttering doesn’t always have to be with physical things. Sometimes, to enjoy your best life, you must learn to continually de-clutter your mind.

In de-cluttering your mind, you’ll learn to take things off your mind easily.

When you have too many issues hanging around your mind, it may sometimes lead to some sort of emotional breakdown and if you are not careful it begins to affect your productivity.

Ways to de-clutter your mind

  • Meditate the more
  • Get a journal to write down what matters to you
  • De-clutter your physical environment
  • Don’t multitask too much
  • Worry less.

4. Pursue Your Dream And Passion.

There is a sort of happiness that comes from living the life of your dreams and passion.

And that is why you must make it a goal to always live your life to the maximum irrespective of the many challenges that you may face.

Your dream is what gives you fulfillment.

So, one way to live your best life is to pursue your dream and passion because trust me, your dreams are valid!

5. Build Meaningful Relationship And Friendships.

Not everyone has to be in your circle, all you need is a few people with the same likely mindset toward life.

Growing older, you’ll appreciate the benefits of having a close circle of friends with whom you share things in common.

And that is why you’ll need to build meaningful friendships with a few numbers of people.

6. Be Disciplined And Self-Controlled

Every great man became who they are by being disciplined and embracing self-control.

To be disciplined means to know what you love and doing away with distractions in order to help you achieve it.

There are so many benefits you’ll enjoy as a result of being disciplined with your life and actions. To enjoy our best life, you must learn the act of discipline.

Self-control will make you not react to certain things and as well, put your desires under subjection.

7. Take Good Care Of Yourself

Sometimes, a lot of us barely take good care of ourselves as we are too busy taking care of other people.

For most women, it’s either their thinking of the next clothes to buy for their kids or the next gift to get their husband. This is vice versa for some men as well.

But, you must understand that to live your best life, you must learn to take proper care of yourself.

Take yourself out, give yourself a good treat, invest in some good skincare product, visit the spa as often as you can, and invest in a good dress and outfit as well.

8. Build A Relationship With God

This may not always sound realistic but trust me one way to live your best life is to have a consistent relationship with God.

This is due to the fact that carrying the consciousness that God loves and cares about you strengthens you for whatever thing life brings at you.

Moreover, every single thing that you become is imbibed in God’s plans for your lives.

So, to enjoy the life God has in plan for you, you must learn to trust him and constantly acknowledge him.

9. Build Multiple Streams Of Income.

It is almost impossible to sustain a living with just one source of income.

As a matter of fact, wealth is built with a diverse flow of income.

If you have just one source of income, it will be profitable to build more in other to live your best life because sometimes all your need to enjoy your life to the maximum is money.

10. Forgive Yourself

When you don’t have to think of lack of money all the time then is certain that you are one step away from living your best life and one way you can do it is by having multiple sources that bring in money for you.

So many of us are still angry with ourselves due to some actions we took at a point in time of our lives.

You really can’t continue that way if you want to live your best life.

You’ll have to forget about your past, learn lessons from it, forgive yourself and daily see a changed and better person in you.

Forgive yourself and move on if you want to live your best life.

11. Have A Goal Of What You Want.

Having a goal of what you want makes you accountable to yourself on how you live your life.

This gives you a sense of belonging to your future.

Having a goal starts with something as little as writing your to-do list for the day.

Not only will your goal help you live your best life it will as well make things easier for you to achieve because you already have written documentation of it.

If you’re willing to live your best and fulfilled life then have a goal of what you want to achieve.


There are no rigid principles for living your best life; there are only practical principles to help you live your life.

If you can be disciplined to follow these few principles then you will subsequently see the desired life you want.

I’m hoping that after reading this article you’ll take a bold step to start living your best life.

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