15 Spiritual Signs He Will Come Back To You

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There are spiritual signs to watch out for that he will come back to you.

The most difficult part after every breakup is the uncertainty of ending up with your ex again.

Although, the break up may come with a lot of mixed emotions and feelings.

But after the breakup, you might realize that if you’ve taken your time to sort things out, you both might just be perfect for each other.

But alas, it’s too late because your ex is already gone.

if you still have an iota of hope that you both are meant for each other, the universe might just bring you both back together.

And that is why I’ll be highlighting a few spiritual signs that he will come back to you.

So, irrespective of the situation around the breakup or what happened your ex might still have a thing for you.

Spiritual Signs He Will Come Back To You

1. He Frequently Appears In Your Dreams

Dreams are often time reflections of our actions. It is also the gateway to our subconscious mind.

It reflects our desires, wants, and some spiritual activity going on in our lives.

When you constantly see your ex in your dream it means either of these two things; either you miss him or he misses you.

You may begin to have dreams about him holding your hands, talking to you, or the both of you being in an atmosphere that you used to love.

Then this is one of the spiritual signs that he will come back to you.

2. Meeting Him Coincidentally

Sometimes meeting your ex coincidentally may mean nothing.

But when it becomes a constant experience then this is one of the spiritual signs that he will come back to you.

However, running across him after the breakup may seem awkward.

it may even open you up to a quite number of things that happened during the relationship.

your heart may begin to beat faster or you’ll begin to have sweaty palms.

But if any of these does not happen then this is a sign that he’ll definitely come back to you.

3. He Texts You When You’re About To Text Him

You might just want to send your ex a random text telling him about something but his text comes in when you’re about to do so.

This is a great sign.

This means that you both have each other in mind and you can’t wait to have him back to you.

4. You Find Yourself Constantly Reminiscing Over Good Memories

Your relationship with your ex might have been nearly perfect.

So after the breakup, you find yourself ruminating over the good memories you both had together.

You miss their touch, the way they laugh, and the way they make your day better.

But you went ahead to leave them because you focused on their negativity rather than the positivity in them.

Alas, you find yourself constantly ruminating over these memories, this is a sign that he might just come back to you.

5. You See A Pink Feather

Pink is the symbolic color of love and the pink feather means passion, rekindling of love, and getting together of lost love.

So if a pink feather constantly crosses your path, it is one of the strongest signs that he will come back to you.

6. You Find Any Of His Belonging Around You

Even after the breakup you still see his belongings around you.

It could be one of the letters he wrote to you, his clothes, or his personal belongings.

Even if you did away with them after the breakup and you’re still coming across them then you both might just be meant for each other.

7. He Talks About You With Your Friend

When your friends make mention of your ex during a conversation then your ex might just be conversing with them about getting back to you.

 Besides, if your ex didn’t want you back, he wouldn’t have cared to talk about you with anyone.

Neither will he bring you up in a conversation with your friends. He knows this conversation will reach you.

 That’s why he is talking about you with them. 

This is a sign that he might just come back to you.

8. You Begin To Sneeze Or Get Hiccups

Sneezing or getting hiccups is absolutely normal.

But when you constantly get them, especially at odd hours it is considered a strong sign your soul mate is thinking about you. 

If you’re constantly sneezing without any prior sickness then this is a great sign that your ex will get back to you.

9. You Have Dreams Where You See Him Asking You To Come Back To Him

Dreams are symbolic, no doubt about this.

After your breakup with your ex if you repeatedly see them in your dream asking or begging you to come back to him then he is thinking about you.

He regrets the breakup and wants you back in his life.

10. The Universe Gives You Signs That He Will Return

There is a way around some situations that happen in our lives that we know the end from the beginning.

First, you made up your mind that nothing will ever take you back to your ex again but suddenly you find yourself calling and texting him.

Secondly, you have a strong desire to cut off all means of communication with him.

But, deep down in your heart you just know that you both are meant for each other.

This is the universe telling you that you both are meant for each other.

11. You Have An Overwhelming Sense Of Peace

Another spiritual sign that he will come back to you is that you feel some sort of peace whenever you think about the both of you.

Such that you’re no longer worried or disturbed about the past rather you’re expectant about the good things that the future holds.

12. You Feel More Secured When You’re With Him

Whenever you meet with your ex, you just feel this feeling of security and not trouble.

You’ll also find out that you’re free with him.

you also feel calm and peaceful around him, as though nothing else in your life matters other than being with him.

13. You Catch Yourself Singing His Favourite Song

If you’re probably used to your ex’s favorite songs and artists.

So, after the breakup, you just find yourself unconsciously singing his favorite song or listening to music from his favorite artist.

Then you smile to yourself when that song plays because you remember the good times you two had together back then.

this may just be a s sign that he’ll come back to you someday.

14. He’ll Randomly Begin To Send You A Text

Somehow you’ll notice that your ex wants to start up a conversation with you but doesn’t just know how to go about it.

So, you’ll begin to see his text randomly, it may come in the form of a greeting.

When this happens this is a subtle sign that he wants you back in his life.

15. You’ll Always Want To Be Around Him

This is one of the greatest signs that your ex might just get back to you.

You just want to be around him all the time and when he is around,

In fact, you can feel the strong presence and aura of peace.

This feeling gives you some sort of joy and hope that the future holds something promising for both of you.


The desire to be with the one who has been destined for you is a strong one.

Even at that, many obstacles could be hindering it.

One of them is losing your ex if he was intended to be your soul mate.

Nevertheless, there is an aura of hope if you can see the spiritual signs that your ex will eventually come back to you.

If you can see these signs, trust your instinct to guide you well.

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