What Boys Needs From Their Mom

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If you’re raising a boy child, you’ll understand that you have every chance to make an incredible difference on the earth’s surface.

This is because, men to a large extent, contribute to the entire world system and policy making.

Thus, raising responsible, loving, and independent boys will make you a proud mother.

So, if you’re privileged to raise a boy child, you shouldn’t take it for granted. The critical role of a mother to a boy child is raising boys who will eventually grow into men.

Providing them with the right training, support, and discipline they need at every point in their life will help them live with integrity, self-awareness, respect, love, and humility and most importantly help them become a role model to other boys even as they grow into men.

In this article, I’ll be pointing out a few things I believe every boy needs from his mom.

What Boys Needs From Their Mom

1. Unconditional love

What Boys Needs From Their Mom

The most important thing every boy needs from their mom at every stage of their life is unconditional and pure love.

Boys may want to act like boys like always picking a fight with their siblings in other to prove stubborn or strong-willed at every decision; nevertheless, he needs his mama’s unconditional love irrespective of how he’s been messing up.

The fact about this is that sometimes, even as mothers, we mess up too but few people around us have chosen to love us irrespective of our mess.

Boys need true and undiluted love from their mother, don’t show it alone, tell it to him also, tell him that you love him, even in your proud moments make him aware that you’re super proud of him and that he’s amazing.

Let his confidence and sense of fulfillment come from you first. When boys get the full assurance of love from their mom it surely boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

2. Patience

Another thing that every boy needs from his mom is her patience. Even as humans, we need patience in our daily work with others. As nurturers, patience is one key to having a great son.

So, instead of getting angry unnecessarily at him or yelling all the time when he does something that you’re not so satisfied with, all you need to do is practice the simple act of patience over the things that he does.

Being patient with him will put you in a more relaxed place.

3. Perseverance

What Boys Needs From Their Mom

Another thing boys need from their moms is their perseverance. As a mom, you must imbibe the act of perseverance.

You need perseverance not to always shout at him even when he won’t stop pissing you off, getting dirt all over his cloth, or won’t stop climbing on everything in sight.

As a matter of fact, you need more perseverance to get to know him the more because you can’t always be offended by each of his acts.

When you do this, he won’t want to share his problems with you, and doing this will only complicate things for him thus making you both lack the mother and son bond.

4. To Be Showered With Affection

Your affection can be shown in various ways to your boy. It could be loads of hugs, kisses, and all of those positive affirmative words.

Giving him all the affection that you have, can make him aware of the importance of the affection between a mother and her son, and with this, he’ll show his wife, children, and everyone around him what it means to be truly affectionate.

5. To Be Told Secrets

Give him the liberty to share his secrets with you either small or big.

He needs to understand that he can always talk to you and share his deepest thoughts and secrets with you and one way you can do this is by sharing little and big secrets with him as well.

He needs you to trust him first.

6. To Dance

This may sound funny but yes, boys also need to see the playful side of you. Dance in the car; call him to come dance with you as well. Have a slow or any kind of dance with him. Dance even when there’s no soundtrack playing.

Doing this with him will make him appreciate every single moment both the small and big ones.

7. To Appreciate Them

What Boys Needs From Their Mom

One of the most profound things boys need from their moms is to be appreciated. Don’t look down on him irrespective of what he’s done or is doing rather, appreciate and tell him beautiful things about his actions.

Am I saying you should pamper his misbehaviors? Of course not, this entirely means that as a mom, your son needs your validation, and one of the ways you can do so is by appreciating him both publicly and privately.

8. To Be Disciplined

Don’t just let his dad be the main disciplinarian, but let him also respect and honor you as a mom because he trusts you to always put him in place whenever he does an inappropriate thing. Disciplining him will make him understand what co-parenting is all about because he’ll someday be involved in it.

9. To Respect Them

He’ll treat other women the way he was allowed to treat you. So one of the things he needs from you is to show him what true respect truly means and let him see that the correct way to speak with women is with respect and dignity.

When you make him understand this, he’ll someday thank you for it.

10. To Comfort Them

What Boys Needs From Their Mom

Boys are emotional beings too, and sometimes they need to reckon and rest their head on someone’s shoulders.

Let that person be you.

Make him understand that sometimes it’s absolutely okay to cry and express his emotions and when he eventually does, show him that you’ll always be there for him irrespective of how difficult things may be.

This will give him some sort of comfort and a place to start healing from when he eventually comes back to his feet.

11. To See His Mum Respects His Dad

Another important thing boys need from their moms is to see their moms show respect to their dad. Show him the exact way a wife should treat her husband, and let him see how to co-parent peacefully, and that parents can live in peace and harmony.

When you do this you’re showing him that he’ll also need a woman that will love and respect him when the time comes.

12. To Get The Sex Talk

When you feel that your son is old enough to begin to learn about sexuality and the way his body works then you shouldn’t be shy to bring up that conversation with him.

Although you can allow his dad to do most of the talking nevertheless, he also needs your perspective about it too.

He needs to be able to ask questions in that regard and also be free to express the way he feels so, you should be available to provide him with this.

13. His Mom To Be His Biggest Fan

An important thing boys need from their moms is a sense of validation.

He needs you to be his biggest fan in whatever positive thing he partakes in.

 Always be his greatest support system. It could be in any sports he engages in, his academics, skills, or the career of his choice.

The world is waiting to tell him how he’s not the best at what he does and that’s the exact reason he needs you to let him know that he is indeed the best at it.

Always encourage and make him understand how perfect he is at what he does

14. Listening Ears

What Boys Needs From Their Mom

Boys need to talk and even the most gentle among them also need to express the way they feel.

As a mom, you should be available to give your son the listening ears that he desires and needs from you.

Get them in a place where it’s just the both of you and allow them to express themselves in the best way they can.

Although you’ll need to create an awesome relationship with him beforehand or else, he might find it difficult to open up to you.

Let him see that you’re okay with every topic he brings up for you

15. Direction

Your son needs you to give him direction and guidance. Although he may act like he doesn’t need it, he does.

Try to keep it as brief and relevant as possible.

 You’ve sure experienced life before him so; he needs those experiences and wise words from you in other to get it right.

16. Freedom

Another paramount thing every boy needs from their mom is a sense of freedom.

Freedom to discover who he truly is, the type of clothes to wear, what he wants in his future, the career of his choice, and many other things.

This is where the place of guidance comes in. You can only guide and counsel him but never force your decision on him against his own wish.

This is the time where he wants to explore and what he needs from you is your genuine love, concern and support all through it all.

What Boys Needs From Their Mom

Wrapping Up

If you’re a mom, having read this post to this point, you’ll understand that you’re a nurturer and as one your boy needs your physical presence and availability to become the best in life.

Being a mother to a boy may not be as difficult as you think, all you need is to know the best way to treat and train them.

Knowing this will give you the ultimate leverage as a mother and also make you an incredible mom to an outstanding boy.

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