11 Signs A Woman Is Unhappy In Her Relationship

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There are enough glaring signs that a woman is unhappy in her relationship but a lot of men are insensitive about the way their woman feels.

They act blind to her emotional needs as well.

Even if she’s not saying a thing, you should be able to know when your woman is not fine.

You should know the point at which she’s no longer enjoying the relationship.

Although she may choose to bottle up all her needs and act fine nevertheless, there are glaring signs you need to watch out for.

In this article, I’ll be highlighting the few signs that a woman is unhappy in her relationship.

Signs A Woman Is Unhappy In Her Relationship

1. She Stops Having Sex Completely

11 signs a woman is unhappy in her relationship

One of the signs that a woman is unhappy in her relationship is that she takes sex from the table.

Sex is an important part of marriage because it has a lot of physical, emotional, and physical benefits to the couple.

 Most men are always ready for sex, nothing stops them from being in the sex mood, but a woman is not like that.

She needs to be fine emotionally, and her husband must be able to bring her to that emotional crest where she is willing to give herself up.

But once things are not going fine in the marriage and she is just trying to push things, she’d naturally be fed up and no longer be interested in sex anymore.

2. The Intimacy Reduces Drastically

When a woman is fed up with her marriage and has gotten to the limit, her intimacy with her husband becomes difficult.

When someone is fed up, inactive, and indifferent about a thing, such a person portrays less energy in action.

In the same vein, a woman who is unhappy in her marriage will find all things less interesting which will affect her intimacy with her husband.

3. She Stops Complaining

signs a woman is unhappy in her relationship

When a woman is unhappy in her marriage and tired of it, she stops complaining completely.

Women are emotional beings, so they put their emotions into whatever they are doing.

Once you notice that she lost her emotions towards all that she’s doing to you and in the marriage, that shows she’s unhappy

 It is normal for a woman to complain when she sees things that are wrong in the marriage.

She does that because she believes you can still change and things can still be better but once she stops, she has totally lost interest and is unhappy.

She might have been complaining about things that she has not been cool with but maybe you didn’t do anything about it.

So she chooses the negative feedback route by withdrawing herself, and she stops saying anything about it.

But the truth is that she is always talking, even if she’s not saying it with her mouth, her countenance, her actions and everything about her is saying a whole lot because she’s a woman.

A woman cannot completely hold on to hurt for so long, they look for another means to express it.

4. She Thinks/Talk About Getting A Divorce

There are many things you would never think about or talk about if you are enjoying your marriage.

This is because your environment affects your thought process.

And a good environment brings good thoughts while a bad and pressurizing environment brings bad thoughts.

When your woman continually talks about divorce or leaving the home to stay alone or be with her family, then she’s unhappy in the marriage.

She can’t take it anymore and she’s looking for a route of escape.

5. She Channels All Her Attention To Her Children

When a woman is happy with her husband and her marriage, her marriage becomes what matters more to her.

She pours out her energy, all of herself, and her love to the marriage.

But, once she’s no longer happy with the marriage, she‘ll pay no attention to you rather, she’ll channel all of her attention to her children. 

When a woman is unhappy in her marriage, she’ll not care about what you want anymore.

Neither will she care if her husband is fine physically, emotionally, or psychologically.

Rather, she’ll focus on her children like a single mother.

6. She Enjoys The Company Of Others

This is a sign of a woman who is unhappy in her marriage.

When a woman is unhappy, she doesn’t pour out her excitement in the home anymore.

She’d rather share it with her friends, her companion in her workplace or even spending time with her phone, laptop, television, magazines, or novels.

She won’t have a conversation with you and she becomes short of words when it comes to you even when you are ready to engage her in a conversation.

It’s worse when you notice that she’s sharing her displeasure with others, like her friends, mum, colleague, ex, and everyone close enough to listen.

When you begin to see that she now enjoys other people’s company more appealing than yours then, she’s unhappy.

7. She Starts To Fall Ill/Look Pale

signs a woman is unhappy in her relationship

Our wellness is not just tied to how we feel in our body but how we feel in our mind.

A cheerful mind is like good medicine they say, but a broken heart dries up the bones.

There is a way that our psychological state affects our physical health.

When your woman is unhappy in the marriage, she starts to fail ill and pale.

She may begin to develop ailments that when checked thoroughly don’t have a direct source but it’s coming from a troubled heart.

Someone said, “When the mind is peaceful, the heart will be happy, and the body will be healthy too.”

So when next you notice your partner is falling ill, sometimes you need to just walk up to her, converse with her, and make her happy.

8. She Seizes Showering Her Husband With Attention

When a woman is in love, she can’t hide it, she shows it all out and one of the major things that makes a marriage thrive is Affection.

Once affection is not there, the marriage is about to be ruined

Affection is key to a happy marriage.

When a woman is happy in her marriage, you’ll see her pour out love through little gestures like kissing, holding hands, and hugging regularly.

Once all of these are missing and she’s no longer affectionate, she might be unhappy in her marriage.

9. She Doesn’t Pay Attention To Her Husband Anymore

In this situation, it’s almost like her husband is a ghost.

She simply acts like she’s the only one in the home and acts like she doesn’t even have a partner she is living with.

 Even when the husband is trying to communicate things to her, she no longer pays attention.

This does not just happen; the woman must have been so frustrated by past events in the marriage that has continually caused her pain and the best way she can help herself is not to pay attention anymore

Once you notice this in your wife, she probably is unhappy in the marriage.

10. She Feels Alone And Neglected In Her Marriage

11 signs a woman is unhappy in her relationship

When people around you don’t understand you, you feel alone in your world and neglected.

The woman might have been communicating her feelings, and her hurt for long but her husband has not been open or ready to even hear her out.

When she notices this consistently, she begins to feel alone in her world. which may even lead to depression.

Depression is an outplay of a life that is alone in a world of deep thoughts even though there are many people around them physically.

When you notice this, she’s unhappy in her marriage.

11. She No Longer Makes Effort

When she no longer makes an effort, that shows she has given up.

The marriage is not yielding, she’s unhappy in it.

Women don’t naturally opt out from things like that, they naturally commit their hearts to relationships and those they love so much.

But once the marriage is no more making them happy, they lose interest in doing anything to help the marriage.

She stops making an effort.

Although it is normal to feel this way when your marriage is not at its best, don’t give up on your marriage.

You are there to make it better.

It won’t get better itself.

You must be willing to let go of your pains and do all you can to save your marriage.


Having an unhappy wife or partner is one frustrating thing because this will limit the happiness and liveness that the relationship needs.

So, once you notice that she’s been unhappy seek ways to make her happy as her man but firstly, speak to her concerning her sudden change.

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