How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

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It is easy to notice the obvious signs that you are the one chasing him but, you might just be so clouded with emotions that you don’t seem to notice.

Every healthy relationship is a mutual reciprocation of compassion, commitment, and effort.

There are a lot of ways to make a guy regret ghosting you.

Ghosting someone is a silent way to put an end to a relationship or friendship.

Trust me, ghosting comes with a lot of mixed feelings from those who are being ghosted because they might not know the reason for the sudden silent moment.

You may even begin to ask yourself questions like what I have done wrong, could it be that I spoke to him in a wrong manner, all these and various other thoughts may bother you.

However, you must understand that sometimes, being ghosted by someone may necessarily not be your fault and that’s why you do not need to brood or worry too much about it.

What To Do When A Guy Suddenly Ghosts You

When a guy suddenly ghosts you, you may begin to have self-doubt or blame yourself for a lot of things that didn’t even happen.

Anyways, it’s fine.

However, you should know that if you continue to bask in self-doubt, it will do you no good.

Because, when a guy ghosts you, the major problem may be from him and not you because for the reason that you deserve some form of explanation and not total silence from his side.

As a matter of fact, ghosting someone close to you without explanation is a form of immaturity.

This shows that the ghoster may lack communication skills.

The most ideal thing to do when a guy ghosts you is to look for a practical solution to it.

You may decide to have a sincere conversation with them or go ahead to ghost them as well if you feel that that is the best thing to do.

Signs To Know That A Guy Wants You Back After Ghosting You

  1. They begin to seek your attention again.
  2. They seek means to communicate with you.
  3. They send you gifts.
  4. They send an apology text.
  5. They ask about you from mutual friends.
  6. They are active on all your social media platforms.

When a guy does all these then, he regrets ghosting you and wants you back in his life.

But are you ready to accept him back?

In this article, we’ll be highlighting practical ways to make a guy regret ghosting you.

How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You

how to make a guy regret ghosting you

1. Become Successful

There is a popular saying that goes; thus, “Success is the best form of revenge”, This can be true as sometimes, all you need to catch the attention of those who never took you seriously is to become successful at the things that you do.

Although this doesn’t mean that you’re trying to prove a point to him, it only makes you strive for excellence.

2. Ignore Him When He Reaches Out To You

When someone ghosts you, the feeling that comes with it is quite heartbreaking and if care is not taken, it might lead to some sort of emotional damage.

Therefore, even after your guy realizes the bad he had done to you by ghosting you, let him know that what he did was wrong and uncalled for.

So, when he reaches out to you ignore him totally and act like you don’t care about him.

3. Ignore Him As Well

Another beautiful way to make a ghoster regret ghosting you is by ghosting him back as well.

If he was petty enough to walk away from you without due explanation, then you should be able to do so to him too.

If he blocked you on all social media platforms, don’t hesitate to block him as well.

He probably might be expecting you to reach out to him but do not and let him know that his leaving doesn’t affect you.

4. Focus On Self-Care

how to make a guy regret ghosting you

Self-care is self-love, no doubt about that, and one of the ways you can make your guy regret ghosting you is to focus on taking good care of yourself.

Do not allow the worries of the sudden ghosting to get into you, get yourself new hair, eat out regularly if you need to, buy yourself and classy clothes as well.

Doing this makes you feel good and confident in yourself.

5. Don’t Confront Him

That guy who ghosted you is definitely waiting for you to approach him to seek consolation over what happened.

But trust me, that’s the last thing you want to do.

Pretend like you never notice that he ghosted you and absolutely move on with your life.

6. Get Over Him

how to make a guy regret ghosting you

This may sound impossible, but it is absolutely possible.

He may have been the perfect guy for you or a great friend and partner.

Nevertheless, you should know that the earlier you move on the better it is for you.

Because a guy who could ghost you for no reason isn’t meant to be with you in the first place, this shows that he isn’t the perfect guy for you.

And for this reason, move on from whatever companion or relationship you both had beforehand.

Now you know.

7. Flaunt New Friend Or Lover

Another way to make your guy regret ghosting you is to make him see that you flaunt your new friend or lover on social media.

Let him see that you’ve made new people in your life and that you’re genuinely happy, when he sees this, he’ll know that you’ve moved on with your life,

8. Examine Yourself

As much as we’ve agreed that the guy who ghosted you is the one with the problem.

Sometimes, it would be nice if you do some sort of self-examination in other to know where the exact problem came from and to be sure that you’re not the cause of the problem.

Have you done something which he had told you over time not to or do you have any toxic trait which makes him feel uncomfortable?

Asking yourself these questions is because, people’s reactions to issues are different, and sometimes, ghosting you might be his best form of reaction.

9. Step Out

how to make a guy regret ghosting you

If you want to make a guy regret ghosting you then go out the more, don’t just be grounded indoors, get some fresh air outside your space.

Doing this will open you up to meeting new people, build a network of like-minded people, and help you mediate and keep your thoughts on track.

10. Act Normally When You Meet

You might still meet in an enclosed place or in the same city.

However, one of the things you can do is to act normally and not freak out in other to avoid an awkward moment,

Greet him casually and if he doesn’t walk up to you go ask him how his fairing.

Trust me, when you do this, he’ll be confused.

11. Make Your Social Media Fun

Another way to make him regret ghosting you is to make your social media place fun; you shouldn’t be boring on social media.

Because he left you unaware without due explanation, so social media is the best place for you to give him some highlights of the positive things happening in your life.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it, so it doesn’t look like you’re doing it on purpose

12. Don’t Rush To Date

Rushing into another relationship after you got ghosted by the other guy is not the best method to move on after being ghosted by your guy.

So, do not go into a relationship when you’re not ready, and don’t try to make him jealous for whatever reason.

13. Don’t Make Yourself Available

One way to make him feel bad for ghosting you is by giving him no attention when he calls for it.

Tell him that you have a lot of tasks on your table to cover and you can’t meet up with him.

Don’t pick up his calls nor reply to his texts.

This isn’t in any way trying to play hard to get rather you’re making him regret his actions.

Now he has a feeling of what it means to be ghosted.

14. Invest So Much In Yourself

Earlier in this post, I made mention of success being the best form of revenge.

One of the ways by which you can attain success is to be intentional about your growth.

This starts by investing in yourself, investing in knowledge, and daily becoming the better version of yourself.

When you do this, your growth becomes obvious to the world to behold.

And when you become successful in whatever thing you do either career, studies, business, or any field of influence.

Trust me, that guy will regret ghosting you and run back to you with trembling.

So, first things first, do what it takes to attract his attention back.


People might not know the value of what they have until they lose it, and this might be the case with the guy who ghosted you.

After he leaves you, he’ll begin to see reasons why he should get back in touch with you.

Anyway, it’s not that easy to get back to you.

I mean, you should as well make him regret ghosting you by not making yourself available.

Although, if you decide to let him back into your life, it’s then left to you but before then, let him realize that ghosting a high-class lady like you isn’t ideal.

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