8 Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

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It is easy to notice the obvious signs that you are the one chasing him but, you might just be so clouded with emotions that you don’t seem to notice.

Every healthy relationship is a mutual reciprocation of compassion, commitment, and effort.

So, if as a lady you’re the only one giving all the commitment then you’re putting yourself in a serious emotional garbage.

This is because, in the long run, the outcome may not really the favorable

Although, sometimes, you may not realize that you’re the only one doing the chasing because you’re clouded with emotions.

If you occasionally feel like you’re doing too much and it seems like you’re the one chasing him then you may appear desperate.

As a lady, you should be careful to read the obvious signs that you’re the one chasing him and he’s not ready for commitment.

And that is why in this article, I’ll be highlighting the few signs that you’re the one chasing him.

Signs You Are The One Chasing Him

1. You Initiate Most Of The Conversation

One glaring sign that you’re the one chasing him and that he isn’t really interested in you is that you are the one who initiates most of the conversations.

If he doesn’t make an attempt to chat or text you then he isn’t ready for commitment.

When a guy is truly interested in you, he’ll be eager to hear from you and get updates from you as well.

One of the ways to attain this is by initiating conversations with you and asking core questions about things that matter to you.

He should be able to fix the date, invite you for dinner or take you on a hangout.

But if it is the other way round, trust me; he may not be interested in you as much as you think.

2. You Put In More Effort

Another sign that you are the one chasing him is that you put in more effort to see that things work out between both of you.

If he always acts nonchalant about the things that concern both of you then he may not be interested in you.

A man who wants you in his life would always put in the effort to see that things work out between both of you;

It could be his time, resources, words, or basically his care and attention.

But when a man doesn’t do all these, you are not doing yourself well by still hanging around him.

Because you may begin to look desperate trying to chase him.

Even with the fact that some men actually loved to be chased.

This doesn’t mean he shouldn’t make an effort to chase you back as well.

3. You Always Buy The Gifts

Another sign that you’re the one chasing him is that you are the one who buys gifts for him all the time.

As much as exchange and buying of gift isn’t wrong between each other.

It should be a matter of concern if he doesn’t reciprocate by getting you gifts as well.

However, your aim for getting him gifts may not be because you want something in return.

Nevertheless, men love to spend on the women who they love.

So, if he has never gotten you a gift but you do to him then. This is a great sign that you’re the one doing all the chasing.

Buying him gifts all the time and not getting any in return might just be evidence that you don’t mean so much to him.

4. You Consistently Ask Him Who You Are In His Life

When a man wants to be with a woman, he has a mental picture of the both of them being together already.

For this reason, he makes his intentions known to her all the time.

But if he always hangs around the corner and doesn’t open up about his feelings towards you but acts it then you should be careful.

And when you ask him about who you are in his life he doesn’t give a straight answer.

This might just be one of the signs that you’re the one chasing him.

You shouldn’t allow him to enjoy the benefits of a romantic partner while he has yet to make his intention known to you.

So, if you see these signs you should be careful enough until he professes his intentions towards you.

5. You Accept And Tolerate His Excesses

One of the signs that you are the one chasing him is that you accept and tolerate his excesses.

For any relationship or friendship to work, you both might have to tolerate each other excesses

But it should become a matter of concern when you begin to tolerate unhealthy excesses.

If you constantly accept and tolerate his excess without bolting out about how you feel. Then he may use this privilege to continually throw them at you.

Because he knows that you won’t speak up about it.

Although, you don’t have to make a fuss about it because you can open up to him in an understanding manner.

But if you don’t do this, this means that you’re willing to accept whatever his excesses are.

Accepting his excesses may also make you look desperate for his love and attention.

6. He Doesn’t Compliment But You Always Do

Another sign that you are the one chasing him is that you do all the complimenting but don’t receive any from him.

On the days when he looks good, you’ll tell him or compliment his nice pictures.

You also act as his cheerleader and support system.

But he doesn’t do all these back to you then, it is obvious that you’re simply chasing him.

7. He Never Makes Attempt To Meet Your Friends Or Family

If you’re the only one who makes an effort to meet his family and friends. But doesn’t retain the same energy as you then you’re obviously chasing him.

A man who truly wants you in his life will be eager to allow you meet to those that matter to him and vice versa.

When you notice that you’re the only one making an effort to meet with his family and friends,

Then you should be carefree enough not to be emotionally attached to him until he is ready to commit to what you both share in common.

8. You Feel Emotionally Drained

signs you're the one chasing him

Another great sign that you’re the one doing all the chasing is that you’ll gradually begin to be emotionally drained.

This is as a result of giving so much effort and getting little or nothing in turn.

When you begin to feel this way then your emotional status is at risk here.

Because, when you chase a guy to the level by which you begin to feel emotionally drained.

Then you’re gradually beginning to neglect your personal life, value, and self-worth.

Thus, if the person has proven himself to be worth it, he should as well make the commitment to chasing you as well as not vice versa.

Not paying attention to your emotional state will do you no good in the long run.

9. He Isn’t Open To Commitment

A man who is sure of what he wants in a woman wouldn’t be scared of committing to her.

Commitment includes sacrifice, putting effort, and working towards the growth of what you both have in common.

If he doesn’t call, texts, or ignores your calls and claims that he is busy all the time then he isn’t ready to accept responsibility.

And, at that same time, you also have to remind him to be committed. Then, you’re simply chasing him and you may appear in great need of a relationship.

What To Do Instead Of Chasing Him

signs you're the one chasing him

As much as we live in a world that believes that you should always go for what you want.

Sometimes, you should be very mindful and also know where to draw the line.

So, instead of chasing a man who doesn’t seemly look interested in you can spend that time building yourself into becoming a high-quality lady.

This means, giving yourself space from him and allowing him to truly act his love towards you.

For that reason, any man who claims to be interested in you would definitely chase you.

If you claim to be a secure woman then you shouldn’t be desperately seeking attention, care, and love from your potential partner.

When you don’t act desperate, it makes him put in more effort.

With this, he’ll step up his game and realize that you have a high standard which he should be able to see clearly through your actions.

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