11 Sweet Secret For Making Your Man Feel Loved

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A successful and healthy relationship is guaranteed by a quite number of things and one of them is knowing some sweet secret for making your man feel loved.

Making your man feel loved may sometimes be difficult as you will consistently need to prove your love to him and make him attracted to you as well.

Allowing your man to feel loved is important as it gives you a surreal and successful relationship.

With this, it becomes easier for him to reciprocate the love back to you even in a more better and beautiful way.

The idea that women need to be loved more than men in every romantic relationship is getting archaic as the two partners will need to invest so much into making themselves feel loved and special for each other.

That is, a woman is meant to equally make major steps and actions to make her man feel loved.

Apparently, every guy wants to feel loved, he wants to be shown a touch of care and sincere affection by his woman.

Here are a few tips for making your man feel loved by you.

secret for making your man feel loved

Sweet Secret For Making Your Man Feel Loved

1. Make Him Feel Special

Making a guy feel special means making a deliberate effort into making sure that he feels good whenever he is around you.

Every man for sure wants to feel special and this feeling becomes more alluring when it’s coming from a lady that he loves.

The rudiments for making your man feel special means taking your time to find out what he loves and what he doesn’t.

You can do this by engaging in conversations with him, telling him sweet things that he loves to hear, volunteering to take him out on night dates, getting him his best gifts, and complimenting his looks.

If your man is someone who craves for public display of love then don’t hesitate to show it to him.

All these are simple and practical ways to make your man feel loved every now and then.

2. Speak To Him In His Love Language.

Every guy has their unique love language and to boost the flow of love from him as a lady then you’ll have to understand his love language and learn how best to use it.

There are five major types of love languages which I’ll be listing out.

Word of affirmation

Quality time

Physical touch

Acts of service


Identify his peculiar love language and always seek to satisfy him with it.

Doing this makes him sure that you love him and not just it as well makes him intentional about igniting your love in him as well.

3. Compliments His Looks.

A quite number of times, a lot of women complain about the dress sense of their man.

Unfortunately, some women only complain about this and make little or no effort in helping him change and improve his dress sense.

So, instead of always complaining about his dress pattern try your best to compliment him.

If he dresses fine this is even an added advantage.

Tell him that his clothes look nice on him, and compliment his deodorants and smell.

Although, you may need to put in extra effort to see that you make him dress up to your taste.

Nevertheless, this is even one of the most beautiful ways to show him that you truly love him.

Not only do ladies love to be complimented on their looks men also do!

Hence, do this to your man to make him feel special as this is one very sweet secret to make your man feel loved.

4. Support His Dreams

You cannot support the dream and vision of a guy whom you don’t even believe in his vision.

So, I’ll start by saying that you’ll need to believe in the dream and aspirations of your man.

Men love to be with women who are not just aware of their dreams and aspirations but as well actively involve themselves in their activation of it.

One sweet secret to making your man feel loved is to support his dreams.

This is much easier if you both share likely dreams and that is why it is important to be in a relationship with someone with whom you have the same dreams in common.

This makes it easier for you to support them as well.

Don’t just say you love him, but make him feel loved by sharing in his aspirations as well.

5. Be Emotionally Stable

I’m almost laughing as I write this because I understand how emotionally unstable a lot of women can be.  I have been there before.

A man will always choose an emotionally stable woman over that who isn’t.

This is due to the fact that an emotionally mature and stable woman saves her man a quite number of stress and as well understands the emotional needs of her man and satisfies him with them.

An emotional woman isn’t always flying her emotions everywhere thereby intimidating her man with it.

One way to make your man feel loved is to become the emotionally stable woman that he desires as this is one of the sweet secret-for-making-your-man-feel-loved

6. Don’t Nag At Him

Men don’t love it when their women nag at them. It almost makes them lose their mind.

I’m not disputing the fact that you both won’t have your moment of disagreement but trust me nagging back at him isn’t the best way to resolve issues.

So, instead of nagging all the time, kindly opt for another sweet alternative to calm your nerves and his nerves as well.

  1. Talk to him about the issue
  2. Don’t bring it up when you both are still angry at each other.

If there is something you need him to change on then talk to him about it.

In order to make your man feel loved, don’t make nagging an option in your relationship.

7. Trust Him.

For sure, it isn’t easy to cast your trust in someone as walking through that path may seem difficult.

But, if you truly want to show your man that he is exceptional and make him feel loved then you’ll certainly have to trust him.

Although, he’ll have to prove with time that he is worthy of your trust, and once he is able to prove that, do not hesitate to trust him.

Trusting your man may come in different ways, it may mean trusting him in decision-making, trusting him with certain issues about your life, or certain steps that you’re about to take.

Once a responsible man sees that you trust him, not only will he trust you back but he will as well make your love secure in his heart.

8. Make Him Feel Safe Around You

A relationship is one place where you can cast your worries and feel safe with each other.

To make your man feel loved then you’ll have to make him safe around you.

He has to be safe so as to share certain things with you.

If you constantly showcase the habit of not validating the emotions and feelings of your man then you are not making him feel loved in any way.

To make your man feel loved you’ll have to make him feel safe around you by validating his feelings.

9. Show Him Off On Social Media

If you happen to be in love with a man who loves social media then one way to make him feel loved is to flaunt him on social media as much as you can.

This necessary doesn’t mean posting his pictures endlessly all the time.

Even if it’s just once in a while or some special occasion you can always make it a goal to post him on social media and insert some lovely captions to make him feel loved alongside, this is one sure thing you can do to make your man feel loved.

10. Communicate With Him.

It is one common habit of most ladies to conceal their feelings whenever they are in a romantic relationship.

And most of the time, some of these ladies even get angry whenever their partner can’t decipher what is wrong with them or pays less attention to them.

One way to make your man feel loved is to communicate how you feel to him and not conceal your emotions.

Relationship in itself is built on effective and consistent communication.

Consequently, to make your man feel loved, you’ll have to learn how to communicate how you feel to him.

Communication as little as how you spent your day, the people you meet, your expectations for the next day, and all that. This single act makes your man feel loved as these are the little things that spice up a relationship.

So, always make an effort to communicate your feelings to your man, it makes him know more about you and what you’re passing through therefore giving him more access to you and knowing how best to relate with your emotional needs.

11. Always Make Time For Him

Making time for your man involves a lot of things.

Quality time involves taking a break from your phone and every activity around you just to spend time with your man.

Spending quality time with your man will definitely mean a lot to him.

This will make him feel loved because, at that point in time, you’ve made him a priority.


Feeling loved in a relationship isn’t meant for a party alone but for both parties who are actively involved in it.

So, as a lady, there are beautiful things and sweet secrets to making your man feel loved and one beautiful thing about this is that you’ll certainly get loved by him in return.

I hope you’ve been able to gain some sweet secrets for making your man feel loved. Let’s know what you feel in the comment section.

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